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As part of CU*Answers Management Services, SettleMINT EFT is your one stop location for all EFT related information including ATM/debit & credit cards, instant issue cards, bill pay, compromised card support, and shared branching. We also provide consulting to help you maximize your investment in EFT products and features and provide for enhanced member service experiences.

credit cardThe SettleMINT EFT Team can handle all of your plastic processing needs! From online ATM/debit and credit to instant card issue and compromised card processing. You can also review the EFT programming implementations as well as the status of vendor mandates using the quick links below.

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May 22, 2020

A Note from SettleMINT: A Reminder About Card Number Update Projects

A Note from SettleMINT: A Reminder About Card Number Update Projects

In June of this year, we sent out a notification that we were working on a mandate for Visa Account Updater/Account Billing Updater. Visa Account Updater (VAU) is a service that facilitates and encourages customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty, by exchanging updated account information between participating merchants and Visa card issuers.  Serving as an automated,… Read more »

Nov 6, 2020

Protect Your Members with PayWatch Fraud Monitoring

Protect Your Members with PayWatch Fraud Monitoring

Fraud and scam activity can happen to anyone, anywhere and often starts with electronic payments.  Help protect your credit union members from fraud with Payveris’ PayWatch service. When launching the PayWatch Fraud Monitoring service, the SettleMINT team will review the PayWatch rules and customize them for your credit union. Once your credit union is live,… Read more »

Oct 23, 2020