Request for Proposal

Performing Due Diligence and Completing an RFP

Whether you are a Board Director learning about the RFP process, an industry consultant completing an RFP or a Credit Union doing some preliminary due diligence on CU*Answers, this is the resource you need.

  • Evaluating CU*Answers Guide to Performing Due Diligence.
  • Frequently Asked Questions during the RFP Process.
  • Feature Demo of our Software.

Evaluating CU*Answers

Searching for a data processing partner can be a daunting task. For many credit unions, it may have been 5, 10 or even 15 years since the last time they performed such a search. And with dozens of core processing solutions to choose from, how does one go about searching out the unique features and benefits of one organization versus another?

Performing Due Diligence

Perhaps even more basic is determining how a credit union can quickly gain an understanding of the overall processing environment and decide what operational strategy best suits its style for performing business. How does one effectively compare ASP to in-house or possibly a third party? What new technologies and products are available? What unique product features and services separate one vendor from another? Who can provide staff the best ongoing support? How could staff benefit from education?

For help completing an RFP, download the Due Diligence Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

CU*Answers maintains a knowledge database of questions frequently asked in RFPs. You can view hundreds of our frequently-asked questions in the AnswerBook.

Response to NCUA’s Basics of Data Processing Contracts

View a Sample RFP

The purpose of this sample Request for Proposal (RFP) is to help credit unions identify the core processing system and vendor/partner that will best meet their needs. This document specifically provides information typically requested of a core data processing vendor when performing the RFP and evaluation process. Please note that this document is meant to provide a snapshot of the CU*BASE system and CU*Answers as of the date of this document’s publication and may not include the newest features added or any changes made within the software or organization since that time. For the latest information and news on CU*Answers, please visit our website,

Open the sample RFP.

August 6, 2018