Special Interest Publications

These publications cover topics beyond the CU*BASE software and are especially good for credit union leaders and key personnel to help you “pull it all together” and make the most of your relationship with CU*Answers.

A2A Transfer Services

What do you have to do to make A2A Services available to your members? We have resources that direct you through the process from sign-up to implementation. While you may contact a CSR for help, you may also want to review the documentation first. Here is a link to the booklet. The forms needed to sign up are in the appendix of the booklet.

Credit Union Networking

Networking Credit Unions for Growth
A discussion of CU*BASE Multi-Corporate Processing and Other CU Networking Options
Network Community Controls
Tools that let you define access controls for groups of CU*BASE users according to which clients they serve. We call these groups of clients and employees Network Communities, and they can play a key role in your strategy to collaborate and share resources with your peers across the network.
Do We Have the Right Blueprint for Designing Collaborative Technology?
A discussion prepared for the Filene Research Institute Large-Scale Collaboration Colloquium in August 2007.
Partnering With You On the Road to a New Future
Collaborative tactics to grow our network acquiring CU*Answers credit union partners. Introduced at the CEO Strategies Roundtable event in December 2006.
A Million Member Perspective
Modeling a Peer-To-Peer Opportunity Network.

CU*Archives Services

CU*CD Data Archival Services
CU*Answers’ own in-house solution for archiving CU*BASE reports and member statements on CD-ROM. Open the CU*CD User Guide.
Request a Copy of a Statement from Microfiche
Submit this form to our CU*Archives team if you need to obtain a printed copy of a member statement from microfiche.

e-Documents: Imaging Strategies and Solution

CheckLogic Manager – Charge Backs
This document will walk you through the steps in using the CheckLogic Manager to manage your credit union charge backs. This guide has steps to process rejected and redeposited items, as well as printing and reprinting IRD documents.
Promise Deposits – Electronic Check Deposits via It’s Me 247 Online Banking
Promise Deposits are an It’s Me 247 “honor system” feature that allows members to make remote deposits of checks via online banking tools. Members receive immediate credit into their accounts, in exchange for a promise to mail the checks to the credit union within a certain time frame for final processing. As a solution that can be used even by members who don’t have a mobile device, Promise Deposits can be a powerful component of the remote deposit capture tools you offer to your members. This manual explains how to configure and set up this program in CU*BASE as well as what the member views in online banking.
Posting Your Remote Deposits
This document will show you how to post your remote deposit transactions that were made via an eDOC Innovations CheckLogic product into CU*BASE.
Choosing Document Solutions (available soon)
You know you want to go green, but how do you get started? It all begins with a vault choice. This brochure will explain not only what a vault is, but what choices are available to you as a credit union that is a part of the cuasterisk.com network. So you can decide what solution is right for you.
Your Day-to-Day Electronic Forms Experience
You’re considering implementing e-Forms at your credit union and want to learn more about the process. This booklet covers the hardware needed, changes to your processes, and how you will access your archived forms. Ready to get going? This booklet will also tell you who to contact to get started.
Going Green – Best Practices for Eliminating Paper
Maybe you are considering using e-Document technology solutions to eliminate or lessen the paper you retain at your credit union. This document answers many frequently asked questions to help you “GO GREEN.”
Electronic Receipts User Guide
Read more to learn about our e-Receipt system.
Electronic Photo ID Capture User Guide
Read more to learn about our Photo ID Capture system.
e-Receipts and Photo ID Capture Quick Reference
Use this handy Quick Reference for use with the e-Receipts and Photo ID Capture system.

Lending Products and Services

Introducing 247 Lender
Saying “yes” is a 24 by 7 requirement with today’s credit union member. 247 Lender is a CUSO-owned decision model that lets you give automated approvals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Credit Reporting for Members: It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Use this form to specify how your data should be reported to the national credit bureaus. Save $$ if you report to three or more bureaus each month!
More Lending Services through Lender*VP
Visit the Lender*VP Website to learn more about Retailer Direct, Lender on the Road, Lender*RE, and more.
Importing Credit Scores Into Your CU*BASE Member Database
Custom programming services available from CU*Answers and Lender*VP to update your member credit scores using a file from your credit bureau.

Online Credit Bureau Access

Other CU*Answers Services

CU*Answers Web Services
A full line of CU*Answers Web Services, including web page design and development, web site marketing, web statistical reports and ongoing web site support services.
iPad Fundamentals
This document and the associated workshop is to establish a base aptitude for effectively using your iPad. This document is not meant to be all inclusive or comprehensive and with most things in the technology world, there is usually more than one way to do something. The tips and steps in this document are merely one way. You should discover tips and procedures that work best for you.
Planning for Your CU*BASE Credit Union Merger
If your credit union is thinking about a merger with another credit union, start your planning here. This packet of materials contains information critical to your success. In addition to pricing information, included are questionnaires with key information our Merger Specialist  and Programming staff needs in order to plan for merging your member data, as well as to coordinate interactions with third-party vendors and other resources. The following files are in PDF format. Dated 9/7/16

MOVEit Secure File Transfer Services
MOVEit is an Internet-based application that provides a secure and convenient method for CU*Answers clients and staff to exchange sensitive files via the Internet or WAN networks.

Text Layout and Design Services
Have you been thinking of new ways your credit union could use the configurable laser print features CU*BASE has to offer, but find you just don’t have the time? Learning the configurations, laying out the text, lining things up, and testing everything can be time-consuming. Let our Client Service Staff help!

Tasks & Notifications

Memo Sent to Credit Unions Nov. 7, 2013
Read the memo regarding the need to submit the Certification of Move Update Compliance PS form 6014 annually.
Sample PSForm
Use this form as an example of how to complete PS form 6014.
Blank PS Form
You may complete this blank form PS form 6014 and send it to your mail vendor.


Client Support Security Policy
For online credit unions. A discussion of how CU*Answers Client Service Representatives and other support staff work with your credit union data. Includes a generic CU*BASE Access Security Policy form your credit union can use.
Sample Credit Union Security Policies
Sample security policies a credit union can edit and adopt, related to controlling access by CU*Answers to member and accounting files.
CU*BASE Access Security Policy SAMPLE for use by online credit unions
CU*BASE Access Security Policy SAMPLE for use by self-processing credit unions
Credit Union Security Authorization Request
Credit Union Security Officers should use this form to request access for credit union employees to log in to CU*BASE. It includes special authorizations for Security Officer-level users as well as User IDs for other employees who access CU*BASE in their day-to-day work.
iShield Security Access Request for CU*BASE Downloads
Credit Union Security Officers should use this form to request access for a credit union employee to transfer files from CU*BASE to a local workstation.
iShield Security Access Request for CU*BASE Uploads
Credit Union Security Officers should use this form to request access for a credit union employee to transfer files from a local workstation to CU*BASE.
Sample Form for CU Employees to Request Tool Access
This helpful form was developed by AuditLink for its clients, to be used by credit union employees requesting tool access from their internal security administrator.  (A Word version of this form is also available upon request to AuditLink.)
CU*Answers Disaster Recovery and Contingency Plan
CU*Answers comprehensive disaster recovery plan, including a sample credit union disaster recovery guide.
Call for more Information.
Managing E-Commerce Risk
A “template” for addressing NCUA Letter 00-CU-07:NCUA’s Information Systems & Technology Examination Program
This document contains CU*Answers internal policies regarding the NCUA letter, and can be used by credit unions in developing their own response and policy.
Call for more Information.

Service Response Model

The CU*Answers Service Response Model is designed to give a documented description of incoming client contact issues with a related Level of Support.

Download the CU*Answers Service Response Model.

Special Services for Self Processing Credit Unions

Splash Page Manager for Self Processors
Splash Page Manager is a web-based tool to display alert messages to your members, for when you are running daily or month-end processing or performing maintenance on your iSeries. These messages are managed by the credit union and turned on and off by a credit union representative.
Defense DB: Database Encryption for Self-Processors
Defense DB provides encryption of the ATM/debit card and credit card data that is stored in your CU*BASE database files.
Defense MD: Encrypted Tape Backups for Self-Processors
Defense MD allows you to securely encrypt data that you are currently putting on magnetic tape. (Open the instructional document.)
I-Plan: A comprehensive support plan for our In-house processing partners
I-Plan is a comprehensive support plan that combines the automated analysis resources available on the iSeries with the technical expertise of our CUSO staff.
Statement Processing & Verification Tasks
For CU*BASE Data Centers and Self-Processing Credit Union Partners – This booklet was designed as a Partner Guide to assist Client Service Representatives at cuasterisk.com data centers in understanding the steps of monthly member statement processing from an internal perspective. Although the instructions are directed specifically at employees of a data center serving multiple credit union clients, the tasks and responsibilities are useful for our self-processing credit union partners as well.
Production Redundancy Checklist
Thinking about Production Redundancy? Things to Consider On Your Path to True Production Redundancy. This document is intended for clients who currently use CU*Answers Data Replication Services and are starting to think about their natural evolutionary path to implementing true Production Redundancy capabilities.
Replication vs. Redundancy
Understanding the difference between data replication and true production redundancy…and thinking about your next step.
Setting up and Maintaining a Training Library
This document explains how to set up a separate set of member files that your staff can use when they are learning CU*BASE, with a copy of your actual accounts so that staff can learn without risk to your live member data.

QualiFile (ChexSystems) Risk Assessment Scans

A discussion about the interface between CU*BASE and the QualiFile Risk Assessment feature provided by ChexSystems (FIS). (Available starting with the 11.6 Release.) Contact Lender*VP for more details.

Organizational Development – Building Teams

CU*Answers brings businesses of every size and growth potential a timesaving, cost-efficient and hassle-free payroll processing option.

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