Network Availability

The key link responsible for connecting and delivering CU*BASE/GOLD to all of the 200+ in-network credit unions nation-wide is the CU*Answers private Wide Area Network (WAN) consisting of redundant technology paths traversing multiple service providers. By combining both MPLS and Internet VPN technologies with auto-failover capabilities, data communication disruptions are minimized with the added benefit of performance at a reasonable cost.  Orchestrating a complex, highly available data communications network requires cooperation and coordination between the CUSO, credit union IT departments, and multiple third party service providers.

Network availability


Network availability is managed and monitored by CU*Answers Network Services at both the primary and secondary datacenters.

Data Encryption

Keeping member data secure is our highest priority. Not only is network traffic encrypted between networks over a secure router-to-router tunnel, data for each GOLD session is also encryption end-to-end, from the client all the way to the host.

Contact your CU*Answers Network Services associate for more information regarding CU*BASE data encryption.

Third Party EFT Vendor Network

The term “third party” implies that there is a third point of communications required to complete the B2B service transaction (credit union to CUSO to vendor). For critical services that client credit unions depend on for daily operations, it is in their best interest that they become familiar with the continuity and recovery plans for each party involved. Knowing what to expect in the event of a service disruption helps credit unions to plan accordingly.

CU*Answers has partnered with several EFT service providers (i.e. shared branching and ATM/Debit/Credit card processing) to enhance the availability of the EFT network at both the primary and secondary production datacenters through redundant data communication lines with auto-failover capabilities. CU*Answers is committed to network availability and will continue to pursue similar projects with all remaining vendors who to date have opted not to invest in redundant communication capabilities. Recovery procedures for these EFT vendors include client credit unions operating according to their “stand-in” processing arrangements until vendor connectivity is restored.

Contact your CU*Answers Network Services associate for more information regarding third-party EFT vendor networks.

For the Credit Union

Depending on the number of physical sites within your credit union, the amount of network traffic (bandwidth) required, and technology options available at each branch, multiple configurations for connectivity exist that help reduce the dependency on the main office by each branch location.  We recommend that network configurations with redundant lines are tested (failover) regularly to ensure connectivity during a service disruption.

For more information, see the Resilient Credit Union

Next Steps

CU*Answers offers professional and managed services to help you meet and exceed your recovery objectives. Contact a CU*Answers Continuity Consultant today to discover in-network solutions that best meet your business objectives.



Professional Services available include:

  • Business Continuity Planning and Resilience Testing
  • Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive Information Security Program (CISP)
  • Staff Security Training
  • IT Examination and Audit Preparation
  • IT Strategy Consulting
CU*Answers Network Services

Managed Services available include:

  • Network Management and Monitoring
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) including off-site data storage
  • Virtual Branch / Virtual Office
August 7, 2015

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[The Pulse] 2020 Business Continuity Plan (mid-year revision) Now Available

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Jun 4, 2020

CU*Answers publishes gap analysis report for spring high-availability rollover test

On April 7, 2020, CU*Answers published and announced the gap analysis report detailing the results of the spring high-availability rollover test performed from March 8th through March 15th. During the rollover event, live production for CU*BASE is redirected from systems at the primary data center in Grand Rapids, MI, to identical systems at the secondary […]

Apr 14, 2020

[The Pulse] HA Rollover Results Now Available

[The Pulse] HA Rollover Results Now Available

HA Rollover Results Now Available Rollover: March 8 – 15 Now available for your review is a summary of the recent HA (high-availability) rollover event, performed March 8 – 15.  In the report, you will find details about the exercise, including challenges observed, lessons learned, and recommendations for improving the rollover process. HA Rollover Results… Read more »

Apr 7, 2020

Is Your Staff Ready for the Next Disruption or Security Incident? We Can Help.

Is Your Staff Ready for the Next Disruption or Security Incident?  We Can Help.

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Mar 3, 2020

Last Chance to Test Connectivity Before this Weekend’s Scheduled HA Rollover

Last Chance to Test Connectivity Before this Weekend’s Scheduled HA Rollover

ATTENTION ONLINE CREDIT UNIONS Perform your connectivity test before this weekend! Don’t forget: the next scheduled HA rollover will begin this coming Sunday, March 8, at 3:00 AM ET.  At that time, CU*BASE core-processing will be redirected from our primary production data center to systems at our high-availability (HA) data center.  We will continue providing… Read more »

Mar 2, 2020

A Note from CU*Answers Regarding Our Large-Scale Pandemic Plan

A Note from CU*Answers Regarding Our Large-Scale Pandemic Plan

With media escalating awareness of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, several credit unions have reached out to CU*Answers asking about our large-scale pandemic plans. Our team would like to share our response with the CU*BASE credit union network. Planning and preparing for disruptive events, whether the result of a natural, man-made, or technology incident, is the… Read more »

Apr 20, 2020