Asterisk Intelligence Week

Join us in 2021 for Query, Dashboard, and Data Analytics Training!

Spring April 26 – 29
Summer July 26 – 29
Fall September 13 – 16
Winter December 6 – 9

Hosted by the CU*Answers Asterisk Intelligence team, the events held during this week cover data analytics, data management, and data warehousing solutions. The 4-day series of training and strategy sessions include a mix of in person and online web-based options.

Sign up for individual sessions, or the entire week, the choice is up to you!

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Sessions in this event are offered as a mix of Classrooms at CU*Answers and Online Webinar Courses.

Please check carefully to identify the location of the session you are interested in before you register. Many of these sessions are in Grand Rapids, MI at CU*Answers headquarters and will require travel.

Classroom session will be at the CU*Answers corporate office: 6000 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI. No accompanying webinar session is available for classroom sessions. The event is free but travel and transportation costs are the responsibility of the participant credit union.

Online webinar sessions will be held via Zoom and will not have an accompanying classroom session. You can attend these remotely from your credit union!

Event Sessions – Register Here!

Each Asterisk Intelligence Week agenda includes a variety of sessions on the topics of data analytics, database management, data warehousing. Some will focus on tactical skills instruction while others involve strategy discussion and training.

Sessions at CU*Answers

Building an Audience for Data with Analysis

Explore the range of analytical resources CU*BASE users have at-the-ready with Dashboards, Visual Analytics Tools (VAT), Analytics Booth, and more. – It’s simple to get in the game of data analysis with built-in data summaries and visualizations. This day’s agenda covers the most popular tools and resources, a few of the AI Team’s personal favorites, and a sneak peek at what’s in the development queue scheduled to arrive in the next couple of software releases.

The concepts covered include the ASAP strategy (Ask. See. Act. Profit.) and using graphs and charts to share useful and eye-catching information with all audiences at your credit union. Any role and any person can use data to inform themselves or others. This class covers simple solutions and strategies that are relevant to both a non-technical person and an analyst.

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Report Builder Skills Session

Morning – Working with Computer-Stored Data

CU*BASE Report Builder uses the IBM program called Query, a powerful, flexible tool for mining data from your CU*BASE member data. This class will establish a foundation of knowledge to understand and identify data structure and storage concepts, as well as outline the steps to create a very simple custom report.

The concepts covered are used in many CU*BASE products, from teller auditing to cash management to general member inquiries.

Afternoon – Essentials of Building a Report

In the afternoon we build on the foundation learned in the morning session and will cover all features that are commonly used with Report Builder feature (Tool 100). Example reports and optional practice time help to build skills with this technical tool that, when properly used, can be used to customize many reports and take control of one of your most valuable assets — data.

The concepts covered in this class include all aspects of Report Builder that are necessary to build most simple reports and some intermediate-level reports. Advanced query skills are not covered in this course. Please reach out to if interested in advanced query resources and training.

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Prove It with Data: Strategies and Solutions

Join a discussion and hear from your peers – Strategies for data-thinkers who are looking for useful and actionable data to guide decisions, build knowledge, and make (or save) money. What is your data strategy and what do you study most often? Do you ask for data to support proposals and decisions? Have you been surprised by specific data about your credit union lately?

The day’s agenda looks beyond the tools and focuses on the planning and strategy involved with designing useful and valuable analysis. There are thousands of facts available about your credit union, with helpful tools and simple strategies to find them. This year, use data to PROVE that analysis is worth your time and investment.

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Sessions via Web Conference

Hot Topics in Database Management

This web conference class goes deep into a specific topic or resource for database administrators and analysts. Topics vary with each AI Week – see below for this year’s picks and register for as many as you like!

Self-Directed Data Floods
Unique Data Management (UDM) Custom Fields
Query Management Strategies – Automation and Database Changes
Optics Data Sets – Collecting and Using the Data

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Data Warehouse Tools & Strategies

This course will introduce participants to the data storage and data management tools that CU*Answers offers. It will show participants how to gain optimal results through the careful use and management of a data warehouse and data governance strategies. Additionally, participants will learn about opportunities available through the implementation of an external data warehouse strategy.

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Introduction to Analytics Booth

This web conference class introduces participants to the Analytics Booth data analytics software which receives and trends your data on a daily basis for analytics or monitoring. Stay up to date on the latest data about your credit union with Analytics Booth and use this session to learn about its capabilities and usefulness across many roles at your credit union. Participants will learn how data is captured, how tables and graphs can be customized, how to incorporate peer data, how to set up email alerts on specific data points, and how to bring the value of Analytics Booth to other credit union roles interested in easy access to data for analysis.
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TruChoice Credit Union

Having recently switched roles, in my CU, from member-facing to a data driven position as a systems analyst, AI Week has assisted in my transition a great deal. While I did spend some time prior to AI week learning the basics of Query and some of the dashboards, AI Week gave context to what I had found on my own, as well as vastly expanded my skill set in report writing. This conference had something for all skill and experience levels with Gold’s analytical features, and will add value to anybody who stays engaged throughout the week.

Conor Lane

Partnership Financial Credit Union

Annalyn and Thomas made Queries fun! I feel confident to be able to go back to our credit union and when asked be able to say “I can run a query for that!”

Theresa Guerriero

Forest Area Federal Credit Union

The AI team does a wonderful job of instructing attendees during lectures. Each question asked is considered with patience and understanding to provide the most insightful answer. Truly a valuable resource for anyone who seeks to increase their knowledge of CU Base.

Kyle Zemsta

Metro North Federal Credit Union

The AI week was amazing. The small classroom size assisted in allowing for a very open forum. All questions were answered in depth and the instructors were happy to ensure a complete grasp of the tools. They took time to answer our specific needs and I came out of the situation with many queries that I needed already built. It was very educational.

Deanna Koen

Affinity Credit Union

If I could describe Asterisk Intelligence Week with one word, it would be data. As we continue to push into the digital age and beyond as an industry, understanding our members by using the data at our fingertips is vital for not only our survival but our flourishment! With this data, we begin to understand our members and can target them with products and services that would be beneficial to them. Furthermore, the data will help us streamline our costs, identify weak points, and provide us insights that would otherwise be lost.


The Asterisk Intelligence team provides a solid foundation to build on by working through various dashboards and explaining not only how to use them, but why. As the week progresses, you’ll be introduced to Query/Report Building, where you can harness just about any data point within CU*Base and put it into a report for review. With a restricted class size combined with all-day training, your questions will be answered and real-life examples created. Discussion and workshop times are built into the sessions, so your time is well-utilized. Data is here to stay – embrace the Asterisk Intelligence Week and dive in!

Joey Czellar

Delta County Credit Union

AI Week was phenomenal. Being a beginner in query, they were still able to teach me more than enough to let me be able to understand how it works and how I can better utilize this tool to dig for data. Also, going over all the dashboards opened my eyes to different ways we can use those to better suite our needs and our member’s needs. If you want to get a better understanding about query or dashboards, I highly recommend attending!

Nathan Nastoff

VacationLand Federal Credit Union

We were very pleased with the material covered in the query build and dashboard sessions. The expertise of the Asterisk Intelligence team helped us to create reports, and understand how to leverage many of the dashboards for data mining. All of this is helping us to streamline, and automate manual processes; therefore helping us to better serve or members.

Derek Callin

Service 1 Federal Credit Union

This was one of the best on-site trainings CU*Answers has ever offered. The instructors were knowledgeable, organized, and helpful.
I highly recommend every credit union employee involved with data mining take this course.

Sara Redeker
April 6, 2021

Design Your Own Database Solutions with Unique Data Management!

Design Your Own Database Solutions with Unique Data Management!

Unique Data Management (UDM) custom fields is a design-your-own-database solution for customized data points!  Use UDM fields to expand the collection of information you and your staff know about a member and the products they use.  Want to learn best practices for configuring custom fields in CU*BASE, or looking for tips on generating and custom field… Read more »

Feb 19, 2019

The AB_19.02 Analytics Booth Release is Coming!

The AB_19.02 Analytics Booth Release is Coming!

New dashboards, Power Lines, and CU*BASE Integration  The Asterisk Intelligence Team is excited to present the AB_19.02 Analytics Booth Release, arriving to online client Analytics Booth subscribers on Monday, February 25! This release introduces the first of many in a line of web-view dashboards, Power Line integration from CU*BASE to Analytics Booth, and brand new… Read more »

Feb 11, 2019

Join Us for Asterisk Intelligence Week!

Join Us for Asterisk Intelligence Week!

Join the Asterisk Intelligence team for a week of in-person educational events, February 18-20 in Grand Rapids, MI!  Not able to join us in Grand Rapids?  Sign up for online webinar courses held on February 21!  These events are designed for credit union management, marketing staff, and database administrators. A few days of query training… Read more »

Feb 11, 2019

Learn About the Latest Updates Coming to Analytics Booth!

Learn About the Latest Updates Coming to Analytics Booth!

Learn about the latest updates coming to Analytics Booth! The 19.02 Release of Analytics Booth arrives on Monday, February 25!  Learn about all of the new items that will be implemented with this release by joining us for a release review.  We will discuss new dashboards, feature enhancements, and CU*BASE integrations.  Learn how these features… Read more »

Feb 6, 2019

Join Us This Year for Query, Dashboards, and Data Analytics

Join Us This Year for Query, Dashboards, and Data Analytics

In 2019, the Asterisk Intelligence team will be hosting Asterisk Intelligence Week, a quarterly training and strategy event for anyone looking to learn tools and strategies for Data Analysis and Data Warehousing. These 4-day events are designed for credit union management, marketing staff, and database administrators, and will include a mix of in-person and web-based… Read more »

Feb 6, 2019