AI.3 Report Builder Skills Session

Asterisk Intelligence


Morning: Working with Computer-Stored Data

CU*BASE Report Builder uses the IBM program called Query, a powerful, flexible tool for mining data from your CU*BASE member data. This class will establish a foundation of knowledge to understand and identify data structure and storage concepts, as well as outline the steps to create a very simple custom report.

The concepts covered are used in many CU*BASE products, from teller auditing to cash management to general member inquiries.

Afternoon: Essentials of Building a Report

In the afternoon we build on the foundation learned in the morning session and will cover all features that are commonly used with Report Builder feature (Tool 100). Example reports and optional practice time help to build skills with this technical tool that, when properly used, can be used to customize many reports and take control of one of your most valuable assets — data.

The concepts covered in this class include all aspects of Report Builder that are necessary to build most simple reports and some intermediate-level reports. Advanced query skills are not covered in this course. Please reach out to if interested in advanced query resources and training.

This day's training is on-site at CU*Answers and all participants should bring a laptop capable of a CU*BASE connection.


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