16.05W Report Builder 2: Building Custom Reports

Marketing / Sales


This class builds on the basics learned in Report Builder 1, and will cover all features that are commonly used with the CU*BASE database structure.  The Report Builder gives you the power to take control of one of your most valuable assets ” data ” and get exactly the analysis you need from your CU*BASE data files.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

  • Reviewed generating custom reports and inquiries using Report Builder and CU*BASE data.
  • Discussed class samples and designed a custom report based on class input.
  • Created their own custom report or inquiry.


  • Designing Custom Reports and Inquiries
  • Joining Multiple Files
  • Selecting Records
  • Summary and Calculation Options
  • Formatting and Layout Options
  • Creating data files using Query
  • The role of Report Builder in file downloads