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CU*BASE Operator Edition

Operator Edition is the first specialized module from CU*Answers built specifically for the CU*Answers data center community, geared for production center, and built for operations by production staff. It is an integral part of the CU*Answers application suite and a central interface for daily operations. It is the primary component of the Production Center Offering.

Think of CU*BASE GOLD as the CU*BASE application for the front office; then picture a version of GOLD for your data center operations. Opeator Edition is a new look, a new focus, and a new brand that puts your data center at the center!


The Toolbox is an integrated part of Operator Edition. This important addition to the GOLD application sets up menu access to command line entry. The interface is easy and intuitive to use and great for users unfamiliar with IBM i command line utility.

Provide your data center staff with a familiar work interface, gain greater control over commands and secure access to you command line. Build in safety, separation of work functions, and audit your work. Make the ToolBox an integral part of your daily work!

OpsEngine Automation Suite (powered by HelpSystems/Robot)

We provide optimized End-of-Day/Beginning-of-Day processing that lets you end your day on time and lets your system do the work of nightly processing. Leverage your system to so the recurring work so you are free to handle more important tasks.

System message and resource monitoring will catch issues as they arise and e-mail alerts will keep your team on top of the system even when you are away from your desk – or your office.

DefenseMD powered by Townsend Security Alliance Encryption

Your system may be secure, but what happens when sensitive data gets moved off of your system and onto media? Let us provide you with the tools you need to encrypt your storage media (tape backup data). DefenseMD will help ensure privacy and security of sensitive data off-system.

DefenseDB (powered by Linoma Crypto Complete)

In today’s business environment, it is just as important to protect sensitive data that is on your core system. We can provide you with tools to encrypt sensitive and private data at rest (on disk). Do you need to meets PCI compliance requirements? This will help you do that. Ensure privacy and security of PANs and other data that needs to be secured, even for employees.

Read on for more details: DefenseDB Setup Guide 

i-Shield Security (powered by SeaSoft Firewall )

We’ve all heard stories about data walking out the door on a thumb drive. Now you can make sure that you have the controls for uploads and downloads of data from your core system. Receive daily and monthly activity reports for use by your internal and external auditors.

Stay in charge of who can move your crucial data. We can help you prevent system intrusion and data theft.

OPER Audit (powered by SeaSoft iSecurity Audit)

OPER Audit can initiates responses to potential threat. Speed up your response to potential system issues caused by inappropriate actions on your system.

Take advantage of this tool which provides real-time monitoring of system-related activities. Catch incidents as they happen, such as repeated failed sign-on attempts and system value changes (for example, password controls or system date/time values).

Performance Management Toolkit (powered by MPG)

Part of good data center practice is keeping a close eye on what your system is doing at a base operating level. The Performance Management Toolkit will analyze system function and provide trending for your core system to help you track performance and to plan for system capacity and longevity.

Enhanced Member Notice Printing Service

The CU*Answers Production Team is excited to partner with Sage Direct, Inc. to offer you a new and improved service to handle the production of your daily member notices. Sage Direct, Inc. is the same trusted partner we’ve worked with for years for statement processing and tax form production.

Now, our Production Center will create and securely transmit a data file of your daily member notices to Sage Direct, Inc. who will professionally print, sort, and mail them the same day. Instead of  printing, inserting, and posting notices, your credit union staff will be free of this time consuming task and have more time to focus on members!

Complete details: Member Notice Printing

Automated RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) Posting

OpsEngine, the CU*Answers operations business, now posts RDC deposit transaction fi­les up to four times a day, seven days a week. Are you tired of hand-keying RDC deposit transactions? Let us  pick up and post your RDC fi­les for you. You pick the times and which days you would like us to process on, and we will pick up and post your NACHA-format RDC deposit transactions.

Get the whole scoop: RDC Deposit Posting

September 15, 2016

We’re Here When You Need Us – OpsEngine

We’re Here When You Need Us – OpsEngine

Even as headlines change and new information is delivered frequently, CU*Answers is here to support our clients.  We are committed to keeping our daily operations running smooth as usual. OpsEngine is the CU*Answers brand for the composite of expert skills, cutting edge tools and professional services provided by the production division of CU*Answers.  OpsEngine performs the following, day-in and day-out,… Read more »

Jun 24, 2020

RDC-IQ, the near-real-time remote check deposit service, sees rapid adoption

Cooperative CUSOs CU*Answers and eDOC Innovations recently partnered to provide credit union members with an RDC solution that allows them to make deposits via smart phone with almost immediate deposit completion, RDC-IQ. OpsEngine, the production center for CU*Answers, recently reported rapid adoption of RDC-IQ. The new interactive RDC posting system released in April 2019 has […]

Jun 25, 2019