Online Imaging Strategy

Online imaging strategy icon Our online strategy is a hosted solution that does not require a server at your location. Other names for this type of solution are Service Bureau, SaaS, ASP, and Cloud.

With the online solution we take ownership of:

  • Server Maintenance patches and upgrades.
  • Physical security.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Security from electronic threat.
  • Routine audits for unreadable documents.
  • Daily monitoring of system log files.
  • Software application upgrades.
  • Purging data and archival to DVD.
  • Integration with your CU*BASE system.
  • Integration with It’s Me 247 online banking.

With the online solution you take ownership of:

  • Verifying data is making it to the vault properly.
  • Creating contingency plans in the case the vault data should become unavailable in the short term or indefinitely.
  • Auditing data as it is archived to make sure indexes are correct, images are readable, signatures are where they are needed and the right documents and pages are archived as desired.
  • Subscribing to data archival DVDs where your retention schedule dictates or to mitigate Disaster Recovery risks as you deem necessary.
October 6, 2016