“The Data Boot Camp allows you to collaborate with CUs of varying size and scope, and provides attendees with open and thoughtful discussions that stimulate and provide immediate opportunities to implement and achieve direct results.”

– Brian Sprang, Quest FCU

“The experience of attending the data boot camp is like no other conference or training session I have attended in the past.”

– Mary Dlugokinski, Viriva Community CU

Over the course of a year, participants spent a total of 8 days working with CUSO insiders to gain a perspective on how we design and build products and solutions, and the processes that govern our approach. The Building Solutions as a Co-Op Executive Boot Camp focused on…

Brainstorming with CU*Answers data architects and credit union peers around the concepts that turn ideas into working technical solutions.

Work as a group to understand the creative and day-to-day work processes that yield solutions for our network.

Create a foundation for all CUs in the cuasterisk.com network to ensure a long future from the investments we make to get things done.

Wrapping Up the 2016 Boot Camp

Congratulations to all graduates of the 2016 Solutions Boot Camp! As part of their graduation requirements, participants were tasked with designing a system for increased credit union input in the software development process at CU*Answers, a task that will be continued in 2017 as the next boot camp group arrives.

Boot Camp Particulars

  • 12 students to be selected from applicants
    • 1 representative per CU
  •  Four 2-day sessions (8 days total)
    • 1 session per quarter
  • CU*Answers to pay overnight lodging and food
    • Travel is at your expense
  • Work-study program (there will be homework!)
  • Must attend all 8 days to graduate

Scheduled Classes

  1. December 2-3, 2015
  2. March 2-3, 2016
  3. May 25-26, 2016
  4. August 31, 2016 – September 1, 2016
November 21, 2016