16.10W CU*BASE Management Tools: Leadership Dashboards

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This course gives credit union leadership a practical look into how they can observe trends, track activities, review profitability, and audit key factors driving their business.  Through investigation of multiple CU*BASE tools, participants learn techniques to monitor member activity, understand the importance of internal controls, discover deficiencies they may have in their current practices, and maintain a satisfactory standard of operation.


This course is designed for top-level management staff but can be helpful for any credit union leader, from supervisor to vice president.


By the completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• List the tools that collectively form the suite of leadership dashboards
• Set goals based on results found by reviewing CU*BASE dashboards
• Identify methods used in analyzing dashboard data
• Use dashboard data to improve credit union operations
• Create a plan to track information and use it to increase profitability


This course covers the following topics:

  • Member spending trends
  • Internal controls
  • Benchmarking activity
  • Understanding member activity
  • Understanding member preferences
  • Understanding your membership
  • Auditing and mining activity
  • Key management tool categories:
    • 5300 Call Report Tools
    • Configuration Functions
    • Collections Tools
    • General Ledger Inquiry & Posting Tools
    • Teller & Cash Analysis Tools
    • Lending/Loan Account Tools
    • Know Your Member Analysis Tools
    • Management Analysis Dashboards & Inquiries
    • Active Beta Development
    • Management Forecasting Tools & Reports
    • Marketing Processing & Analysis Tools
    • File Maintenance Tools & Monitoring

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CU*BASE Management Tools: Leadership Dashboards