Gividends wants you to know

. . . that CU*Answers is offering a special promotion from now until October 1, 2012, for the FREE implementation of our integrated Instant Card Issue feature. This offer can save you up to $5,000.00! The CU*BASE EFT platform allows your credit union to give members a fully functional ATM or debit card with immediate… Read more »

Apr 10, 2012

Gividends Wants You to Know

. . . that now is an especially good time to review Gividends Compromised Card Services. These services can assist both credit unions and members in recovering from situations such as the one of which your credit union was recently notified by VISA/MasterCard or your EFT network fraud management teams. There are pending updates about… Read more »

Apr 3, 2012

Join the VPN Beta Test Pool!

We’re making a splash and trying out a VPN Internet connection to CU*BASE! For more information about the Beta Test Pool: Read the Flyer Sign Up 

Apr 3, 2012

You’re Invited to 2012 Ohio Regional Training Event!

Get away for a full day of timely CU*BASE education and peer interactions brought to you by Geoff Johnson, EVP of Client Interactions, and Jim Vilker, NCCO, VP Professional Services. The attached announcement lists the courses being offered and the information you need to make arrangements for this day. Join CU*Answers on Wednesday, May 23rd… Read more »

Apr 3, 2012

Self-Processor Summit April 25, 2012

Please join us on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 for the annual Self-Processor Summit. Read the invitation with all the details. We ask that you register by contacting Kathleen Kenney or Scott Collins no later than April 18. We hope to see you all in April!

Apr 3, 2012

Results Posted from February HA Rollover Exercise

The results of February’s High Availability (HA) rollover exercise have been posted for your review. During this exercise we test our HA core processing redundancy processes by rolling production to our HA datacenter in Muskegon and operating from our redundant host for a specified period of days before rolling back. This exercise is performed twice… Read more »

Apr 3, 2012

Year-End Tasks

With Tax Day just around the corner, your year-end tax-related duties are almost done! Just one deadline remaining for April! Refer to your copy of the Year-End Processing Guide for details. Between April 16 and April 20 – verify and make last-minute modifications to contribution (5498) data in the IRA and HSA Balance files, in… Read more »

Apr 3, 2012

Over 80 credit union CEOs are on OfCourse! Are you?

If you have not registered an account on, now is the time to do so! Over 80 credit union CEOs have joined the site and are using it to share policies and ideas, ask questions, and brainstorm new ways to run their business. Registration is restricted to credit union CEOs only, so you get… Read more »

Apr 3, 2012


We are happy to announce that the collaborative Email Address Collection Contest added a whopping 10,373 new email addresses during the 2 month contest period of January and February with an overall increase of 57% when compared to the 2 months prior to the contest. Kathleen Sitzman, a member of Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union… Read more »

Apr 3, 2012