Overview of SnapShot

Imagine you could take a picture of every data point in your database just before you roll into the next business day –  A snapshot in time to preserve a copy of how yesterday ended. What would you do with it that picture?

SnapShot is a new environment in CU*BASE which stores a rolling copy of the complete FILExx processing data at every end-of-day (EOD). As an Asterisk Intelligence initiative, SnapShot (FILExxSS) was built with enhanced support for custom data transfers in mind, but we recognize that database managers and data analysts will want access to see and use the data on their own for research and reporting.

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High Level – What Does It Do?

Snapshot Processing Window

Standardizes time-of-capture for data sets which need to be consistent and static for further use. This is valuable especially for 3rd party vendor data transfers, custom query reports, and other external software using CU*BASE data (Analytics Booth!). SnapShot data is captured at the same time every day, for all credit unions.

Enhances back-end operations for data transfer products. SnapShot is available outside of the standard End-of-Day/Beginning-of-Day (EOD/BOD) processing window with blows wide open the available time to send data to your vendors or your external data warehouses. Now, data transfers have a 20-hour window, increased from 5 hours.

For you – a FREE copy of yesterday’s backup to query and research. Did you know we make backups of your member and transaction processing data (FILExx) every day? Now you can see and use the most recent backup at any time via Query. The window of availability is short – SnapShot refreshes every night – but some of your departments may find value in comparing today to yesterday, or the ability to research a new time slice of data.

Request Access to Query SnapShot

Asterisk Intelligence logoEvery credit union using the CU*BASE® core automatically has a SnapShot (FILExxSS) environment already. In other words, it’s FREE.

No management or customization required, it’s an instant solution for a static, consistent, copy of processing data as of the last end-of-day processing cycle.

To request access to the data via Query, place an order through Asterisk Intelligence’s Store Page

Order SnapShot Access


Live Core Processing
SnapShot (EOD Copy)
EOM Archive
Purpose daily processing copy of yesterday’s FILExx copy of last month’s FILExx
Timing dynamic static – updates daily static – updates monthly
Retention instant changes 1 day 6 months
Contains all processing tables all processing tables partial set of processing tables
Example Table MASTER MASTER EMSmmyy

Top 5 Reasons to Love Snapshot

  1. Every Piece of Data, Literally!
    No corners are cut here. Every single table, row, and column that you find in the daily processing database has a corresponding record in SnapShot.
  2. Latest Possible Moment
    The picture is developed within normal end-of-day (EOD) processing so you consistently capture the final values for any given day.
  3. New Time Slice for Analysts
    Comparing current day data to yesterday’s data aids in member support research, research of financials, and other queries where timing is important.
  4. Quadrupled Processing Window
    Data transfers to vendors or your own teams can be larger and more flexible as they are moved outside the Operations cycle (a 3-5 hour window) and are now run from the SnapShot data (available 20 hours).
  5. Smoooooth Operating
    Testing of the transition to run vendor data transfers off SnapShot has been seamless and many custom data transfers already use it! Development continues to identify and prepare additional custom programs to utilize SnapShot.

One of the Family

SnapShot is native to CU*BASE® and becomes the third operational* warehouse of data in CU*BASE:

  • FILExx (core production for transaction processing)
  • FILExxE (selective set of 6 end-of-month records)
  • FILExxSS (rolling copy of FILExx at last end-of-day)

Live data, End-of-Month data, and now End-of-Day data – This new time-slice fills the need for consistent daily data capture for analysts and database administrators.

*an operational warehouse is one which supports the core system processing functions.

Learn More – Resources

Download a copy of the SnapShot overview to print or share:

Snapshot Overview

Read more technical details about how SnapShot fits into the family of data warehouses for both processing and analytics, plus some of the technical details related to timing and management of SnapShot:

Data Warehouses Booklet

Read more about how to access SnapShot (FILExxSS) data via the Report Builder (Query) tool in CU*BASE. Remember, this means you must be authorized to access to the tool. If you don’t have tool authority for Report Builder (Query), contact your internal Security Officer to request it:

How To Query SnapShot

If you manage your own analytics Data Warehouse – you may also be interested in our Custom DEX packages. DEX – Data EXchange, and the packages include copies of the most popular CU*BASE data transferred to you daily for use in your external Data Warehouse.

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May 2, 2018