Digital Card Issuance (DCI) and Push Provisioning

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Digital Card Issuance (DCI) is the latest card technology that provides virtual access to a newly issued credit or debit card, allowing the member to have immediate access to funds. Members can request a new card online at any time, day or night. No more waiting for the new card to arrive in the mail before it can be used to make purchases.

Provisioning to Digital Wallet, or “push provisioning,” refers to the ability for credit unions to “push” the newly issued card # to a mobile wallet provider, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, so it is available for immediate use by the member.

Building a platform that supports both Digital Card Issuance and Push Provisioning will enhance the full card experience for members.  The two processes together allow the member to request a new card via online banking, then start to use their new card right away via the supported mobile wallet. 

Supported Features

  • New Card Issue (create a brand-new card #)
  • Card Replacement for lost/stolen/damaged* card (block the old card # and issue a new one)

*NOTE: Although CO-OP offers a separate option for Reissue/Damaged Card Replacement (which would provide immediate access to a replacement but with the same card #), we are electing to simplify this by only allowing DCI when the member gets a new card # that we can then issue digitally.

Digital Card Issuance must be coordinated between the card vendor and core online banking provider. We’re starting with CO-OP, but will be building the structure as generically as possible to work with other vendors as well. Each vendor will be a separate project, and it’s not clear yet exactly how much additional work will be required for each additional vendor we add.

Attacking the Project

In order to manage the development and deployment processes, we will be breaking up the development project into multiple, inter-dependent projects, tackling them in roughly this order. The first three projects cover the CU*BASE components, EFT components, and basic mobile app components, respectively, and are interdependent:

After that will come future projects to allow members to place card orders online, the ability to digitally issue cards as part of accepting a 1Click credit card offer, and automated push provisioning via our mobile app.

As we get further along in the design process, more details will be posted on this Kitchen page, so stay tuned!

Status as of August 2022:  PS# 58388 is in development. This project covers only the portion related to CU*BASE vendor and BIN configuration changes as well as changes to the CU*BASE card ordering screens. Project #58485 is also in development for our EFT development team for the new interactive card maintenance routines and related changes to daily batch card maintenance. 


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August 10, 2022

2 Responses to “Digital Card Issuance (DCI) and Push Provisioning”

  1. Hollie Britton

    Do we also need to be signed up with our card processor to use this feature? We use COOP. They have digitization available. Do we need to complete a project with them to be able to use this with CU*A?

    • Dawn Moore

      Thanks for the question! It’s a little early to say one way or the other, as we’re still writing the design specs. I believe our first interface for this will be with CO-OP, and it’s also possible that some vendors might not support the process at all. Expect to hear a lot more about it later in the year as we get further along.


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