CFS Integration

An Integration Between CU*BASE and CFS (CUSO Financial Services, L.P.)

CFS_logoIn late 2012 CU*Answers launched an aggressive set of projects to lay a solid foundation for all network participants to enter the member investment services arena on one or multiple levels. We will do so by integrating and promoting CFS web and online support programs for both credit union members and credit union brokerage employees (either direct or as part of an Xtend Shared service offering). We will support the following CU strategies:

  1. Introduce the intent of CU to be in the Investment Services/Member Education arena. (Links from OBC to the CFS Financial Management Center website.)
    Status: Completed
  2. Introduce a baseline service for those self-service first movers amongst CU memberships. (SSO from It’s Me 247 to the CFS eVision online trading system.)
    Status: Completed
  3. Introduce Investment/Insurance aggregation into It’s Me 247 and CU*BASE network channels – invest with the CU, see your investments at the CU, value your CU at the center of your financial lifestyle.  (SSO to the CFS product My Portfolio View.)
    Status: Completed
  4. Support it all with Data Competency and our network’s investment in innovating these services throughout all of our offerings where possible. (Integration with the CFS DataVISION product as well as new CU*BASE analysis dashboards showing member participation with CSF products.)
    Status: In Process
  5. Enhance the display of CFS/Investment records in It’s Me 247 by summarizing by type of account and displaying the combined balances of all funds for each type. Also, add the ability to drill down on individual funds tied to the account. Status: Awaiting Programming

Both CFS and CU*Answers see these as projects to redefine how to reach a whole marketplace of credit unions yet to become off-balance sheet service intensive.  And we plan to do so by offering these services at very disruptive prices with low entry/exit barrier project costs. It is our intent to set a foundation for both credit unions and Xtend to leverage to create new models for including every CU in our network as investment service active.

Current Integrations

Following is a list of clients who have already gotten started with member investment services via CFS. (List is subject to change;contact Earnings Edge for more details. Items marked “TBD” mean implementation is currently in process and specific decisions are still being made.)

Credit Union Brokerage Type SSO Enabled? Self- Service Trading Badge?
AAC Credit Union Self-Service TBD TBD
Alpena Alcona Area CU Broker TBD TBD
ATL Credit Union Self-Service Yes Yes
Community CU Broker TBD TBD
Day Air CU Broker Yes Yes
Element FCU Self-Service Yes Yes
Horizon Utah FCU Broker Yes Yes
Meijer Credit Union Self-Service TBD TBD
Pathways Financial CU Broker TBD TBD
Sioux Empire FCU Ind. Broker TBD TBD
TBA Credit Union Broker Yes TBD
United Advantage NW FCU Self-Service TBD TBD
West Michigan CU Self-Service TBD TBD
Western Districts Members CU Self-Service Yes Yes
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Maintain and Monitor Your Credit Union’s Budget – Order Your Custom Consulting Engagement Today!

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