4.40W CU*Statements

Marketing / Sales


The number-one communication piece mailed to a member is the periodic statement. This course concentrates on the available configuration features within CU*BASE and how changes affect statement creation.

This course will help participants understand the statement insert process and the key deadlines that need to be met to ensure accurate and timely statement production.


This course is designed for marketing personnel and credit union leaders.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Explored user-configured features of CU*BASE statements
  • Discussed key deadlines for timely statement production
  • Reviewed insert specification and vendor mailing instructions
  • Reviewed vendor insert deadlines
  • Developed a comprehensive understanding of the statement process by discussing
    reference materials available
  • Developed an understanding of the statement timeline


  • Statement configurations
    • Monthly statements
    • Quarterly statements
    • Annual Statements
  • Statement audits
    • Notification of Audit
    • Coordination with CU*Answers
    • Coordination with Statement Vendor
  • Credit union deadlines
    • Message/insert screens
    • CU*Answers deadlines
    • Vendor deadlines
    • Missed deadlines
  • Email Reminders