CU*BASE GOLD Feature List

CU*BASE is an independent and wholly-owned data processing software product, supported and maintained by CU*Answers. CU*BASE operates using the IBM i® server platform with TCP/IP connectivity, supporting a variety of LAN/WAN networking solutions.



  • Comprehensive education, online help and reference tools direct to the employee’s desktop via the CU*Answers network
  • Integrated shared branching options for disaster recovery and expanding member service without brick and mortar
  • Flexible, robust configuration options for savings, certificates and loans
  • Laser printing options including a complete line of user-defined laser forms: certificate forms, member notices, TIC disclosures and other new account forms, loan and member service denial notices, loan application and officer worksheet, available custom forms programming
  • CU control of employee access to Tools

Member Services / Front Line


  • Teller Cash Dispenser/Recycler integration (individual_accountsupported TCDs/TCRs)
  • Automated funds transfer and check transfers
  • Phone software with configurable phone transfer fees
  • “New Member” alert comments
  • Savings bond redemption tracking
  • Safe deposit box tracking
  • Laser-printed member starter checks
  • IRA beneficiary and payout tracking; automated payout transfers



  • Online credit reports retrieval and storagework-view_application_status
  • Participation loans tracking
  • Complete centralized underwriting system
  • Risk-based loan pricing and delinquency analysis tools
  • Tools to streamline the loan application process: auto-populated loan applications from the Household database, debt information from on-line credit reports
  • Tiered rates based on loan balance
  • Collateral title and property tax tracking
  • Configurable collections parameters and delinquency analysis tools; online collections monitoring system
  • Flexible interest and payment calculation options for business loans, mortgage loans, interest payment only; variable rate and indexed controls
  • Lease loan tools
  • Indirect (dealer) lending tracking
  • Pre-membership loan applications
  • LOC disbursement checks
  • Online tracking of written-off loans

Accounting / Back Office


  • CU*Spy online retrieval of reports (90 days) and statements (12 months); CU*Spy CD-ROM archival of reports and statements
  • Online inquires for easy accrual verification, daily G/L balancing
  • Integrated OTB system for online tracking of “off-trial balance” credit cards, loans and savings accounts; automated uploads/downloads with third-party vendors
  • CASS certification of member addresses
  • Regulatory compliance tools: AIRES downloads, FIDM and OFAC data match systems
  • Investment and subsidiary (fixed assets, prepaids, accrued expenses) tracking systems
  • Budget creation, analysis and tracking
  • Automated check reconciliation
  • Loan classification tracking for planning reserves
  • Accounts payable tracking
  • Streamlined back office monitoring tools: ACH, payroll, share drafts, ATM/debit cards, etc.
  • Configurable Reg. D tracking parameters
  • Dormancy and escheat monitoring

Marketing and Management Review


  • Help Desk inquiry for monitoring CU calls to CU*Answers Client Services
  • Online member survey tracking and analysis
  • Cross-sales tracking system, including online marketing tips and product sales procedures
  • Telemarketing leads follow-up system
  • Tiered Service Levels: automated rewards for member participation
  • Marketing Clubs: demographic clubs with automated status tracking, fee waivers and rate benefits
  • “Push Marketing” tools including messages via It’s Me 247 Online Banking and CU*Talk Audio Response, email marketing, selective inserts for member statements, and CU-defined statement messages
  • Fully-integrated non-member database for non-member relationship tracking and potential member data mining
  • Household database and statistical analysis by household and member
  • Extensive membership and member participation analysis tools
  • Rate forecasting and pricing analysis tools
  • Flexible configuration for over-the-counter fees, self-service fees and periodic service charges and rebates: “Relationship Fees”
  • ALM downloads
  • Membership and new account “reason codes” tracking
  • Full line of inquiry tools for comprehensive “window” into CU operations
  • Member follow-up ticklers
  • SEG/sponsor tracking
  • Electronic deposit holds, including the “Member In Good Standing” system for controlling deposit hold settings
March 27, 2017