CU*BASE Network and Hardware Specifications

Imaging Devices

Signature Pads:

  • Topaz SignatureGem 1×5 T-L462
  • Topaz Backlit SignatureGem 1×5 T-LBK462
  • Topaz Letter ClipGem Signature Pad T-C912-HSB-R (USB Only)
  • Topaz Legal ClipGem Signature Pad T-C916-HSB-R (USB Only)
  • Topaz SigLite T-LBK460-HSB-R


  • EcoScan i6s License Scanner
  • EcoScan i4s Full-Page Scanner
  • Canon P-215II Scan-tini Scanner
  • Canon DR-C225 Document Scanner
  • Canon CR-80 Sheetfed Scanner – Check Scanner

Additional Peripherals for an In-House Imaging Solution:

  • Topaz Backlit SignatureGem 4×5 T-LBK766SE-BHSB-R
  • Canon P-215II Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner
  • Canon DR-C225 Office Document Scanner
  • Canon DR-6010C Production Scanner

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Legacy Imaging Devices Guidelines


  • Canon DR-3010C Sheetfed Scanner
  • Canon DR-C130 Document Scanner

Training Sites

Preparation Timeframe

  • Training site must be in place six weeks in advance of conversion. If you are taking advantage of the CU*Expert program, the training site must be in place eleven weeks in advance of conversion. Larger converting Credit Unions may require additional weeks of training; contact your conversion coordinator to confirm required training time.

Network Requirements for Training

The following network components must be in place before training can begin.

  • An MPLS connection to CU*Answers must be established. CU*Answers will oversee the installation of this connection. Generally, sixty days must be allowed for the line to go in – this is prior to the training site being used for training.
  • The training site must have high-speed Internet connection access to all workstations being used for training.
  • There must be sufficient high-speed Internet connection bandwidth to support training activities:
    • 384kbps minimum
    • Greater bandwidth required if you plan to have more than three staff-members using website training simultaneously. A 1.5mpbs connection is recommended.
  • The training site must have a properly configured firewall.
  • Users must have access to the following sites:
  • All training site workstations must have current anti-virus software installed on all computers and virus definitions must be up to date.
  • You may also visit Microsoft’s Windows Update site at select Product Updates and then Root Certificate Update.
  • All training site workstations must have Adobe Flash or newer installed. This is freely available at: Adobe Flash Player Download

Email Domain

For email communications sent to your members by CU*BASE on your behalf (eStatement notifications, eAlerts, Member Connect email messages, etc.), you will need to use your own domain for email. We cannot reliably send using a bulk email address such as (or Yahoo, or Gmail, etc.), as that will result in an increased number of bounce-backs.  Contact CU*Answers Web Services if you would like information about using our website and email hosting services, or visit us in the Store.


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Self Processor iSeries

See our page devoted to self processor iSeries guidelines.

February 11, 2022