CU*BASE Network and Hardware Specifications


These guidelines are designed for new credit unions who are converting to the CU*BASE platform with CU*Answers. The standards and guidelines outlined below should be used in the planning process for upgrading existing equipment, for the purchase of software and new equipment, and for preparation of the training site in anticipation of the conversion.


The guidelines are intended to help make the transition smoother and eliminate unnecessary complications and problems that come from untested or incompatible equipment and software. A successful conversion depends on many factors; network configuration, network security, and hardware compatibility are critical components in making sure your staff can reap the benefits of your CU*BASE investment from day one.

CU*Answers and CU*BASE Networking and Hardware minimum specifications are subject to periodic change. Please check with the Network Services team for the most current information prior to investment in new hardware, network-related equipment, or software.

Network Guidelines – LAN

  1. Functional peer-to-peer workgroup or domain network infrastructure
  2. Category 5e or greater cabling
  3. One GUAPPLE appliance per branch office
  4. If utilizing an eDOC ASP solution, one iSweep appliance per branch office
  5. PCs and printers connected via Ethernet
  6. Routing requirements in this AnswerBook article must be met
  7. DNS requirements in this AnswerBook article must be met

Network Guidelines – Branch Communications

  1. All branches must have network connectivity back to office where CU*Answers data connection is installed
  2. Routing requirements in this AnswerBook article must be met

Network Guidelines – Connectivity to CU*Answers

All clients must utilize a CU*Answers configured/managed Cisco 4331-series router with Advanced Security IOS


128K MPLS data connection to CU*Answers with VPN failover


T1 MPLS data connection to CU*Answers with VPN failover


T1 or Fiber MPLS connection paired with high speed internet VPN backup

Workstation Guidelines – Software

CU*BASE requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System to operate.

Each workstation also requires the following software:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (Provided by Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributables (Provided by Microsoft)
  • Rocket LegaSuite Windows Client (Provided through CU*Answers)
  • IBM I Access Client Solutions (Provided through CU*Answers)
  • itextsharp.dll (Optional for PDF exports from the dashboard. Provided through CU*Answers)
  • Microsoft Excel 2013+ (Provided by Microsoft)


Windows 11 Professional 64-bit

NOTE: Sale of Windows 10 workstations will end on April 29, 2022. Support for Windows 10 will end on October 14, 2025. Legacy hardware that was compatible with Windows 10 is no longer supported.

As of January 2022, we have reviewed Windows 11 for compatibility with CU*BASE, Imaging Solutions tools, and other network hardware and software. Read more about Windows 11 System Requirements on the Microsoft website.

Before upgrading to Windows 11, we recommend using the PC Health Check tool to determine if your workstation is compatible with Windows 11. How to use the PC Health Check app.

Please contact the Network Services help desk at 800-327-3478 (option 3) for any additional questions about choosing the right operating system.


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Workstation Guidelines – Hardware

  1. Monitor capable of 1024×768 resolution or greater
  2. 100/1000 Network Interface Card
  3. Available USB ports if signature pad, scanner, or USB printer will be used

Minimum Recommended

Dual core, 2Ghz or greater (9th Generation and newer)
Windows 11 supported Intel processors
8 GB or greater
Hard Drive:
At least 100 GB
Solid State drive


Quad core, 3.6Ghz or greater
16 GB or greater
Hard Drive:
At least 250 GB
Solid State drive

CU*Answers Network Services can provide your credit union with fully configured systems. CNS is a Dell Tier One Service Provider and can provide you with new Dell computer systems fully configured right out of the box. CNS computers arrive configured for your network with IBM Client Access, Legasuite, and CU*BASE GOLD. This combined CU*Answers/Dell partnership will drastically reduce your installation and configuration time while ensuring correct, stable, and complete software installations.


February 11, 2022