TCD/TCR Survey

As you may be aware, at the end of 2017, CU*Answers announced that sales of the Lutzwolf TCD/TCR Middleware would be discontinued. The middleware is no longer compatible with new versions of firmware that Glory is shipping with new machines. Additionally, CU*Answers will be ending all support for the existing Lutzwolf middleware solution by 4/30/2019.

In the meantime, credit unions with the existing middleware solution should review their deployments and develop a plan to migrate off of Lutzwolf before April of 2019. Presently, the best option for credit unions wishing to migrate off the Lutzwolf product is to contact DynaCash, which is currently our only supported solution. View the announcement for the discontinuation for Lutzwolf TCD/TCR middleware in our recent news.

With this in mind, CU*Answers is continuing to evaluate other options for a fully integrated solution. One important part of that process is to understand which investments you have already made. Are you using TCDs or TCRs? Are you evaluating other options? How are you looking to have CU*Answers assist? Tell us more by completing the survey below.

  • Please provide the total number of machines currently in use; enter 0 if none:
  • Please provide the total number of workstations where interfaces are in use:
July 13, 2018

Imaging Solutions 2.1 Release Training

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Jul 6, 2015

Imaging Solutions Drawing Winner

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Announcing the Winner of the Imaging Solutions Drawing Held at the Leadership Conference on June 17: AAC Credit Union Grand Rapids, Michigan AAC Credit Union has won a $500 CollabRebate off the setup fees for full-service Release Control of their in-house Imaging Solution! If you wish to get started… Read more »

Jun 23, 2015

Join us at eDOCMomentum 2015!

Join CU*Answers Imaging Solutions this month as they partner with eDOC Innovations for eDOCMomentum 2015, an Annual Leadership Meeting & Strategy Session! This event, which takes place May 19th-20th in Grand Rapids, MI at the CU*Answers campus and the beautiful Watermark Country club, provides eDOC Innovations owners and peers the opportunity to network, as well… Read more »

May 5, 2015

Rolling Out Migration to New CU*Spy Hardware March 23 – 26

Transition Plan: In response to the issues we experienced last month-end with our CU*Spy servers, which resulted in difficulty accessing statements and reports, we have installed brand new, high-end servers for CU*Spy. Previously, we had one server chain to handle access to CU*Spy applications. With this change, we will be running separate server chains; one… Read more »

Mar 12, 2015

My Virtual StrongBox: Unlimited Opportunity

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Don’t miss this FREE webinar – My Virtual StrongBox: Unlimited Opportunity, scheduled for Wednesday, March 18 from 2-3 PM ET. Register Hosted by Ron Daly, President/CEO of My Virtual StrongBox, this webinar will show you the unlimited opportunities that come from offering your members a safe and secure place… Read more »

Mar 10, 2015