On The Inside

There are any number of ways to convey who CU*Answers is, but none would have the impact or tell the truth with such transparency as having our employees speak for themselves.

Each link on this page introduces you to a CU*Answers department.  We’ve asked each manager to use a page of the internal portal as an opportunity to welcome employees to their department and express the objectives of their team within the organization.  As an open company, the best way to describe who we are is to let you look in on the same dialog that takes place within our walls.

Randy KarnesOffice of the CEO
By Randy Karnes, CEO
Bob FrizzleOffice of the CFO
By Bob Frizzle, CFO
Jody KarnesOffice of the CIO
By Jody Karnes, CIO
Martha Anderson-FordConversions
By Martha Anderson, Vice President of Delivery Services
Pauline VanZalenClient Services
By Pauline VanZalen, Manager of Application Client Services
Laura Welch-VilkerEducation
By Laura Welch, VP of Client Services and Education
Dave-WordhouseInternal Networks
By Dave Wordhouse, Vice President of Network Technologies
Karen ChesbroItem Processing
By Karen Chesbro, Vice President, Item Processing
Jeff MillerOperations
By Jeff Miller, Operations Manager
Jack CarpenterProgramming
By Jack Carpenter, VP of Programming
Mary VanAntwerpQuality Control
By Mary VanAntwerp, Manager of Quality Control
Scott PageSales
By Scott Page, Executive Vice President of Sales
September 25, 2014