Support, training, education and planning opportunities for your data center


With i-Plan you will receive a comprehensive support plan for your IBM-i core system. Stay up to date on OS upgrades and PTFs. Let us be your partner and help you handle system maintenance. We can even take over data replication monitoring and management. Make sure your system is in top shape to handle your daily business – contact us about i-Plan today!

Automation Support

Even when you automate processes, you can’t just set it and forget it – you need to make changes from time to time and make sure that your automated processes are in tune with your daily work plan. We can provide all the “under-the-hood” support and upkeep for your automation suite.

Let us handle configuration changes and application updates, job and resource monitor maintenance, and upkeep on calendars, date objects, license updates, and all the support tasks that will keep your automation running smoothly and effectively.

Production Programming Services

Sometimes you just have to do things your own way; that’s where customized process programming comes in. Adapt CU*BASE GOLD processes and other custom jobs to automation, change a process to fit your environment, or respond quickly to program issues caused by changes in your operating environment.

Processing Audit / Workflow Review

Have you ever wondered if you are working as effectively as you should be? What standards and best practices should you be using?

Engage our experts – we’ll review your processes and data center operation and look at process, security, recovery strategy, and perform a policy review. We can help you dial in and document your data center.

Backup Assessment

If you had to recreate your entire system form backups, could you do it? Replication systems are an important part of your business continuity strategy; but remember that errors can be replicated instantly as well. When that happens, or when there is a disaster, you  need to be able to get your business back!

We can do a complete review of your backup and data recovery processes, review your documentation, and make media cycle recommendations. Get with us today and make sure you are set to go when you most need to be.

OpsEngine Training

The OpsEngine, the Production Center at CU*Answers, is available to provide onsite or online Operator training – get your operator schooled by our production center professionals. Draw on years of experience, broad expertise, and knowledge of production center best practices.

  • Automation training – how your jobs run, best practices and standards, what’s under the hood
  • ISO Environment Operations
  • CU*BASE Operator Edition training
  • Special Requests
February 18, 2016

Tax processing season underway at CU*Answers

As a core data processor for nearly 300 credit unions, this time of year is tax processing season at CU*Answers. On the heels of year-end processing, teams begin the carefully planned and orchestrated process of generating the data files necessary to create all of the statements and reports required by the federal government. Coordinating the […]

Jan 22, 2021

CU*Answers business continuity testing completed

OpsEngine, the CU*Answers data center, working in tandem with Yankton, SD partner Site-Four, a data center servicing multiple credit union service organizations, has completed a business continuity test.  The test, the second performed for Site-Four this year, ran from October 11th through October 18th. These events are a part of an active and robust business […]

Oct 23, 2020

CU*Answers Business Continuity testing completed

OpsEngine, the CU*Answers data center, in cooperation with numerous teams at CU*Answers and partner companies, has completed a business continuity test. The test, the second performed this year, ran from September 13th through September 20th. The event included a high availability rollover of the CU*BASE GOLD core data processing platform as well as a continuity […]

Sep 28, 2020

CU*Answers completes CPI process automation project

CU*Answers continues to improve and enhance data center processing and has just completed the rollout of new systems for processing Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) files for its clients. “This is a scheduled and cyclical process that has been slowly growing over time,” says Todd Underhill, Operations Manager. “As the overhead from this work began to […]

Sep 24, 2020

Changes in CU*BASE architecture paves the way for new application development options

CU*Answers’ data center group, OpsEngine, has started a new project that will make significant changes in the architecture of CU*BASE, allowing capabilities that were previously limited. Jeffrey Miller, OpsEngine business development manager explains, “One of the great strengths of CU*Answers is its foundation in a collaborative partnership with its owners and other network partners, such […]

Sep 24, 2020

We’re Here When You Need Us – OpsEngine

We’re Here When You Need Us – OpsEngine

Even as headlines change and new information is delivered frequently, CU*Answers is here to support our clients.  We are committed to keeping our daily operations running smooth as usual. OpsEngine is the CU*Answers brand for the composite of expert skills, cutting edge tools and professional services provided by the production division of CU*Answers.  OpsEngine performs the following, day-in and day-out,… Read more »

Jun 24, 2020