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The Internet Retailer Support Center (IRSC) is a  CU*Answers online store for credit union virtual channel project managers. It brings together several digital strategy products into one cohesive location and a single point of contact—no more searching across CU*Answers’ websites! Credit unions looking to expand their virtual channel marketplace will be able to shop and explore the offerings online as well as check project development status.

The IRSC focuses on the free Mobile Wrapper App provided by CU*Answers. IRSC Account Executives work with CU*Answers clients to fulfill the necessary prerequisites to launch these mobile apps to the appropriate app stores for mobile devices.

Additionally IRSC has launched a new online member application process and has taken over project management for established virtual channel products such as CU*Answers’ self-service channel custom branding options.

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IRSC Testimonial

IRSC Testimonial

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March 5, 2021

CU*Answers evaluating expanded ID verification technology

CU*Answers is evaluating the use of ID verification technology provided by DAON’s IdentityX platform, to enable a member to digitally verify their identity by uploading pictures of an identity document (driver’s license, passport, state ID, etc.) and a photo of themselves. This technology could be used in a variety of different products ranging from online […]

Sep 10, 2020

CU*Answers scaling up and out for their MACO authentication

Adoption of CU*Answers’ Multiple Authentication Convenience Options (MACO) mobile banking authentication product has been remarkable, and the increased number of users across client credit unions has pushed the existing environment to the edge of capacity. Through MACO, credit unions can offer up to four additional authentication options to the mobile app beyond traditional username and […]

Sep 10, 2020

MACO Offers 4 Convenient Authentication Options for Mobile Apps!

MACO Offers 4 Convenient Authentication Options for Mobile Apps!

With MACO, your credit union can offer convenience to your members when they sign into their Apple or Android mobile apps.  MACO allows for up to 4 different authentication options for members on both Apple & Android devices, including voice recognition, face recognition, PIN and fingerprint. There are two billing options available for this product… Read more »

Apr 20, 2020

We’re Waiving Setup Fees for New Remote Deposit Capture Signups!

We’re Waiving Setup Fees for New Remote Deposit Capture Signups!

We are excited to announce a special promotion for credit unions using the CU*Answers mobile app – for those credit unions who do not yet use Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), we are currently waiving the setup fee for RDC! CU*Answers recently launched a credit union who was looking to get started with RDC within just… Read more »

Apr 15, 2020