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Laura Welch-VilkerA Note From the VP of Education

It looks like 2021 is going to be another very full year of education! You’ll see some changes to this year’s catalog and the offerings available to your teams.

Our Imaging Solutions Team is now offering their course 11.02 Working with Your Members Remotely once per quarter. We will also be offering 2.00 CU*BASE Employee Security more this year – you’ll see this on the schedule six times. Additionally, we have modified time of some of the classes based on last year, adding additional time to some of them to cover more material.

Last year we introduced a new offering, Teller/Member Service Training Day. It was such a hit that we’re switching it up a bit by breaking it down into two courses, one for Teller Training and one for Member Service Training. This allows us to cover more material in each class, and both are being offered six times this year. We found this to be of great benefit not only for new employees, but also as a refresh for existing tellers and MSRs.

You’ll also notice a nice addition to the calendar, starting on Page 37. Although we continue to offer the “Training Scheduled by Category” section, we have modified it to a calendar view to make it easier to use.

We continue to offer our Education Express and Learning Café every month. Watch for the content, dates and times that are announced in the monthly Education Newsletter. And speaking of newsletters, beginning in January we’ll begin offering a Client Services Newsletter as well.

We will also continue the popular Asterisk Intelligence Week that features special training events and courses dedicated to guiding credit unions through the data-analytics and data-warehousing solutions that CU*Answers offers.

Learn about these training offerings and more in the 2021 Education Catalog, brought to you by
the CU*Answers Client Services & Education team and the CU*Answers Writing Team!


Laura Welch-Vilker
Vice President of Client Services and Education

January 4, 2021