November 1, 2016

Client News

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CU*Answers University

A Note From the VP of Education It looks like 2021 is going to be another very full year of education! You’ll see some changes to this year’s catalog and the offerings available to your teams. Our Imaging Solutions Team is now offering their course 11.02 Working with Your Members Remotely once per quarter. We… Read more »


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Cybersecurity Resources

Cybersecurity and resilience are serious economic concerns rapidly spreading throughout the credit union industry as the risk of data breach and fraud continues to expand.  As an engaged and committed CUSO, CU*Answers has the professional resources available to learn about cybersecurity requirements and help credit unions design and build the infrastructure needed to continually monitor… Read more »

Internet Retailer Support Center

The Internet Retailer Support Center (IRSC) is a CU*Answers online store for credit union virtual channel project managers. It brings together several digital strategy products into one cohesive location and a single point of contact—no more searching across CU*Answers’ websites!

Building the Factory!

CU*Answers wants our clients to be successful. Not only do we say it, but we’re walking the talk as well. Announcing, Building the Factory! This series of documents backs up our desire for your credit union to thrive and get the most out of your partnership with CU*Answers and the powerful toolset we provide. The… Read more »

Maintenance Period Scheduled for September 18 & 19, During Upcoming HA Rollover

Maintenance Period Scheduled for September 18 & 19, During Upcoming HA Rollover

As previously announced, CU*Answers will be performing our next high-availability (HA) rollover from Sunday, September 12th to Sunday, September 26th.  A two-week HA rollover has been scheduled so that network maintenance can be performed at the primary data center without impacting CU*BASE. *Please note that Custom Training Edition (CTE) services will not be available during… Read more »

Sep 9, 2021

Pull Up a Seat for a Learning Café Session

Pull Up a Seat for a Learning Café Session

Account-to-Account (A2A) transfers allow for transfers between credit union accounts and accounts at other institutions.  Your members can initiate transfers from It’s Me 247 online banking or credit union employees can use CU*BASE Phone Operator to assist with this. During our upcoming Learning Café session, Client Services Account Executives will discuss the configuration of the… Read more »

Sep 9, 2021

Now Available: Online Credit Card Scorecard

Now Available: Online Credit Card Scorecard

Your Online Credit Card Portfolio can generate substantial value to your credit union – everything from interest and interchange income to increased member engagement and retention.  Your online credit card portfolio not only helps to keep the credit union at the top of members’ wallets but is also an extremely visible differentiator, separating the pricing… Read more »

Sep 8, 2021

Summer is Slipping Away! Have You Completed the LegaSuite Upgrade?

Summer is Slipping Away!  Have You Completed the LegaSuite Upgrade?

If you have not yet completed the LegaSuite Client upgrade on all of your workstations, please do so soon.  Currently, we are running on version 8.2.2 and will be moving to version 8.5.4. Online and Site-Four credit unions will now need to complete the upgrade by October 3, while Self-Processing credit unions will need to… Read more »

Sep 14, 2021