Client Education Venues

CU*Answers recognizes the versatility within learning styles, and we are proud to offer different venues to accommodate the educational preferences of our clients. We continue to provide five full weeks of classes in a combination of classroom training and web conferences. Other university classes are integrated into our education schedule throughout the year. Other supplemental education is provided during the year in the form of focus groups, special events, and workshops. Some are scheduled in advance as part of CU*Answers University and are found listed in this education catalog. Classes in these venues cover industry-specific topics, regulation and compliance, marketing channels, collections, and your lending factory, just to name a few.

Web Conferences

Web conferences have become a primary training venue.  Whether out of state or around the block, CU*Answers clients can attend any class we offer via web conference if they have access to the Internet and a phone.   There is a nominal fee for attendance, but it’s a cost advantage when considering that multiple members of your staff can attend at one time, all without travel.

Web conferences have become a primary training venue. Whether out of state or around the block, CU*Answers clients can attend any class we offer via web conference if they have access to the Internet and a phone. Web conferences are now free! Multiple members of your staff can attend at one time, all without travel.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • PC with high-speed Internet access is required (dial-up will not work)
  • Phone (with a speaker if a group will be sharing) or a Computer with speakers/headphones

CU*Answers University classes are only one segment of our training opportunities.  Web conferences are heavily used for single-session training, coaching, product demonstrations, and for sharing information across our network, which now spans the contiguous United States.

Are your facilities set up to accommodate group web-conference events for your staff?  All you need is a projector, a PC, a telephone with speaker, and a high-speed Internet connection.  If you would like assistance in setting up a facility for web conferencing, our Network Services team ( will be happy to assist you.

Classroom Training

Classroom training was originally developed simply to educate our clients using CU*BASE software, but over the years it has evolved into much more.  These sessions are designed to encourage client interaction, gather ideas for new software development, and give our clients an opportunity to discuss the industry and best practices with their peers.
NOTE: We separate our classroom sessions from web conference training. We do this to assure the best learning environment and experience for everyone.


For those who learn best by doing, hands-on workshops can enhance the learning experience and turn theory into knowledge. Workshops can fulfill various objectives based on client request such as configuring a new program or feature in which a client may be interested.

Following are some examples of great workshop topics:

  • Tired Service Programs
  • Marketing Campaigns: Mail, Telemarketing, Face-To-Face Sales
  • New Account Forms (TIS) and CD Forms Configuration
  • It’s Me 247 Virtual Member Services (VMS) Configuration
  • Planning for Electronic Lending and Using the Household Database
  • Marketing Clubs and Tiered Services Configuration
  • Subsidiary Processing: Fixed Assets, Prepaids and Accrued Expenses
  • Subsidiary Processing: Investments
  • Collection Processing
  • CU Financial Report Configuration
  • CU Budgets and ALM Planning
  • CU Designed Reports and Inquiries

To request a custom workshop, email the CU*Answers Client Services and Education team at

Individual Training

Training specially tailored to your credit union is still in style.  There are times when your team needs trainingconcentrated on your unique education needs and special processes.  When this is true, we encourage on-site training based on a timeframe that’s convenient for you.  If you want more extensive training than the training schedule indicates, a special training session on your timetable could be just what you’re looking for. Depending on the situation, there may be a fee for travel and out-of-pocket expenses for your assigned instructor.  The actual time in class is part of your CU*Answers maintenance fees and comes at no additional charge to your credit union.  Email to schedule individualized training.

Focus Groups

Collaboration feeds innovation and as a CUSO, CU*Answers thrives when clients are involved in the development of our products and services.  Focus Groups bring together credit union professionals from various disciplines:  lending, collections, marketing, web design, and more.

Historically, focus groups have covered a lot of territory and garnered support for projects through the incubation period.  They have also served to introduce ideas and create that innovative spark of insight.   Focus groups are dynamic in nature and require participation to be effective.  These groups collectively interact with experts from CU*Answers whose intent is to build enhanced business solutions.

Participate in a focus group!  Your contributions are valuable to the entire process, which starts with sharing ideas and discussing industry needs to create the tools you use today!  (Invitations will be emailed separately to your creditunion as focus groups are scheduled throughout the year.)

OnDemand – CU*Answers

The CU*Answers OnDemand site is a growing library of CU*BASE training, special events, and multi-media presentations provided at no charge. To access the OnDemand site, go to  No registration or special login is required.   Over 100 items are posted on the site, ranging from CU*BASE training to informative regulatory-compliance reviews. The OnDemand site has hours of instruction available anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Education Express Newsletter

Launched as adjunct training to raise awareness of significant topics in the industry, the monthly complimentary Education Express has proven to be a success.  So get ready for more top-of-mind topics to be presented in 20- to 30-minute segments each month to keep you informed with “what you need to know.”  These short sessions will be concise and to the point, focused on upcoming events, software upgrades, hot topics, and much more!  Watch for the Education Report Newsletter where the date and time is announced.

Subscribe to the Education Report Newsletter.  Here’s how:  Go to > I am a Client >  Docs & Information > Newsletters  then select the link: Subscribe to CEO Ticklers, The Education Report, & Did You Know?  Follow the on-screen steps to complete your subscription.

Board Financial Literacy Series

CU*Answers believes financial literacy is more than just book learning. It comes from the interactions board members have with each other and with credit union teams. It comes with the confidence you gain from experience, education, and perseverance as a volunteer.Our education series, Board Financial Literacy Series, available in printed, online, and mailed DVD formats, offers classes that each have three sections. The first section begins with a presentation by our panel. This is followed by a summary of the terms or ideas in the presentation and concludes with the test and answers.

The tests are not designed to be a comprehensive list of everything you need to know as a board director, but they will help reinforce things you already know and give you ideas for new things to add to your board discussions…and maybe you’ll even learn something brand new. To learn more about our Board Financial Literacy Series, visit

Bedrock Community Credit Union

Welcome to Bedrock Community Credit Union, where your teams can practice using CU*BASE features in an environment that emulates a real credit union.  The operating software uses a library that is set up similar to an authentic credit union to support realistic training for new and existing employees.  Basic features of the Bedrock Community Credit Union training library include:

  • Scope – Activity can be performed in the following areas:
    • Member services (opening memberships/accounts, teller posting, account adjustments, etc.)
    • Loan processing (including all loan application functions)
    • Member Inquiry, Phone Inquiry, and update functions
    • Does not include Back office, G/L, management, reports, or  configuration
  • Features – Keep these things in mind when deciding how you will use Bedrock Community Credit Union in your training efforts:
    • Shared library ‐ The same training library is shared by all online credit unions; any accounts your credit union sets up will be visible to other credit unions. Please do not use names, Social Security Numbers, addresses, phone numbers, or other data that could identify a real person. You may choose to use a unique naming convention or reference number to help identify your own accounts if you wish.
    • Generic product configuration ‐ Because the library can be used by everyone, share, certificate, and loan products are set up to mirror typical configurations; they may not exactly match your own credit union’s product offerings.
    • Printing directly to OUTQ ‐ To avoid problems with hardware device and printer setup, all printed output will be sent directly to a temporary OUTQ that is automatically cleared at the end of each day.
    • BOD/EOD/EOM ‐ Just as with our live credit union files, normal daily and monthly processes will be run on the Bedrock Community Credit Union files.
  • Security ‐ Access will be controlled through the use of special CU*BASE user profiles assigned to your credit union upon your request. IDs will have limited access; no configuration settings or other parameters can be changed.

Exercises for Success Workbooks

Designed for use with Bedrock Community Credit Union, this workbook series provides additional practice for performing common CU*BASE functions and is a great way to reinforce CU*BASE training among new staff. For more information on our Exercises for Success workbooks, visit

CU*Answers Online University

We are excited to present a new online campus this year. CU Training Inc. was our first choice of vendors offering online campuses as they not only offer the same type of soft-skills content that we’ve always enjoyed, but they also offer a learning-management system with more credit union-specific controls. You’ll find fresh, new content developed by industry experts, plus you’ll be able to track your staff’s progress, award them certificates of completion, and design individual development plans. All courses are available to any employee of your credit union, from any CU*BASE terminal, at no charge.

To access the CU*Answers online university campus:

  • Log on to CU*BASE and click the Network Links button.
  • Click the CU*Answers University link (the CU*Answers Online University main screen will appear).
  • Click on All Courses on the left-hand panel.
  • Choose a category from the drop-down list in the upper right-hand corner, or simply scroll through the pages of classes. Then click on the title of the course. NOTE: Internet access is required to log into the online campus.

If you are ready to go to the next step and track individual employee activity on the campus, contact a Client Service Representative to get set up with your own administrative password. We’ll show you how to create individual login IDs for your employees and set up training plans. Read this flyer for more information about getting individual logins.

Your Own Online University

Want even more training for your staff?  If your staff gravitates toward online learning, you might benefit from an expanded campus tailored for your credit union. Our partnership with CU Training Inc. means that you can purchase your own campus that includes:

  • CU*BASE courses as offered in the CU*Answers online campus
  • The full course catalog that includes additional credit union-specific courses
  • Product information customized for your own staff
  • Comprehensive learning management system (LMS) with tools to let you track individual student activity
  • Individual development plans that allow supervisors to define what their own employees need to learn
  • Testing and certification features including management-reporting and analysis tools

To learn more, email

Read this flyer for more information about purchasing your own online campus.


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Join Us for a FREE Education Express Webinar!

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