CU*BASE GOLD Feature List

CU*BASE is an independent and wholly-owned data processing software product, supported and maintained by CU*Answers. CU*BASE operates using the IBM i® server platform with TCP/IP connectivity, supporting a variety of LAN/WAN networking solutions.



  • Comprehensive education, online help and reference tools direct to the employee’s desktop via the CU*Answers network
  • Integrated shared branching options for disaster recovery and expanding member service without brick and mortar
  • Flexible, robust configuration options for savings, certificates and loans
  • Laser printing options including a complete line of user-defined laser forms: certificate forms, member notices, TIC disclosures and other new account forms, loan and member service denial notices, loan application and officer worksheet, available custom forms programming
  • CU control of employee access to Tools

Member Services / Front Line


  • Teller Cash Dispenser/Recycler integration (individual_accountsupported TCDs/TCRs)
  • Automated funds transfer and check transfers
  • Phone software with configurable phone transfer fees
  • “New Member” alert comments
  • Savings bond redemption tracking
  • Safe deposit box tracking
  • Laser-printed member starter checks
  • IRA beneficiary and payout tracking; automated payout transfers



  • Online credit reports retrieval and storagework-view_application_status
  • Participation loans tracking
  • Complete centralized underwriting system
  • Risk-based loan pricing and delinquency analysis tools
  • Tools to streamline the loan application process: auto-populated loan applications from the Household database, debt information from on-line credit reports
  • Tiered rates based on loan balance
  • Collateral title and property tax tracking
  • Configurable collections parameters and delinquency analysis tools; online collections monitoring system
  • Flexible interest and payment calculation options for business loans, mortgage loans, interest payment only; variable rate and indexed controls
  • Lease loan tools
  • Indirect (dealer) lending tracking
  • Pre-membership loan applications
  • LOC disbursement checks
  • Online tracking of written-off loans

Accounting / Back Office


  • CU*Spy online retrieval of reports (90 days) and statements (12 months); CU*Spy CD-ROM archival of reports and statements
  • Online inquires for easy accrual verification, daily G/L balancing
  • Integrated OTB system for online tracking of “off-trial balance” credit cards, loans and savings accounts; automated uploads/downloads with third-party vendors
  • CASS certification of member addresses
  • Regulatory compliance tools: AIRES downloads, FIDM and OFAC data match systems
  • Investment and subsidiary (fixed assets, prepaids, accrued expenses) tracking systems
  • Budget creation, analysis and tracking
  • Automated check reconciliation
  • Loan classification tracking for planning reserves
  • Accounts payable tracking
  • Streamlined back office monitoring tools: ACH, payroll, share drafts, ATM/debit cards, etc.
  • Configurable Reg. D tracking parameters
  • Dormancy and escheat monitoring

Marketing and Management Review


  • Help Desk inquiry for monitoring CU calls to CU*Answers Client Services
  • Online member survey tracking and analysis
  • Cross-sales tracking system, including online marketing tips and product sales procedures
  • Telemarketing leads follow-up system
  • Tiered Service Levels: automated rewards for member participation
  • Marketing Clubs: demographic clubs with automated status tracking, fee waivers and rate benefits
  • “Push Marketing” tools including messages via It’s Me 247 Online Banking and CU*Talk Audio Response, email marketing, selective inserts for member statements, and CU-defined statement messages
  • Fully-integrated non-member database for non-member relationship tracking and potential member data mining
  • Household database and statistical analysis by household and member
  • Extensive membership and member participation analysis tools
  • Rate forecasting and pricing analysis tools
  • Flexible configuration for over-the-counter fees, self-service fees and periodic service charges and rebates: “Relationship Fees”
  • ALM downloads
  • Membership and new account “reason codes” tracking
  • Full line of inquiry tools for comprehensive “window” into CU operations
  • Member follow-up ticklers
  • SEG/sponsor tracking
  • Electronic deposit holds, including the “Member In Good Standing” system for controlling deposit hold settings
March 27, 2017

CU*BASE Release 22.05 is Arriving Soon!

CU*BASE Release 22.05 is Arriving Soon!

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Apr 25, 2022

Join Us for CU*BASE 22.05 Release Training!

Join Us for CU*BASE 22.05 Release Training!

CU*BASE 22.05 is coming soon – join one of our upcoming release training sessions! The 22.05 release of CU*BASE will be arriving on May 15th for Online and Site-Four clients, and on May 22nd for Self-Processing credit unions.  CU*Answers will be hosting two separate training sessions for the upcoming release on the following dates: Thursday,… Read more »

Apr 22, 2022

Reminder: Review Important Information Regarding Your 1st Quarter Call Report

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS 5300 Call Report: 1st Quarter Update Before you start working on your 1st quarter Call Report in CU*BASE, be sure to check out the changes made since last quarter.  Don’t forget – as of April 1st, you can start working on your Q122 Call Report at any time, as… Read more »

Apr 21, 2022

March Owner’s View Monthly Recap

March Owner’s View Monthly Recap

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Our projects hatch from your input! Check out recent programming changes in the March 2022 edition of the Owner’s View Monthly Recap! March 2022 Owner’s View Monthly Recap The Owner’s View Monthly Recap is designed to keep you informed of feature improvements, vendor enhancements, and other changes to CU*BASE… Read more »

Apr 5, 2022

[The Pulse] Item Processing Services 2022 Recovery Test: Report Now Available

[The Pulse] Item Processing Services 2022 Recovery Test: Report Now Available

Item Processing Services 2022 Recovery Test: Report Now Available   For those credit unions who currently use CU*Answers for Electronic Check Processing (ECP), this report is for you.  During the week of March 7th, 2022, teams at CU*Answers completed the annual recovery test by restoring the CheckLogic environment and performing daily check processing operations from… Read more »

Mar 29, 2022