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Whether you are looking to begin offering a new product to your membership or offer a new benefit to your membership, the Earnings Edge team has a sole purpose to improve your credit union’s operations. The team will work with you to strategize, configure, and implement the tools needed to increase the efficiencies of your team. We will provide the consulting needed to keep your credit union on top of the technology that is at your fingertips through CU*BASE. Partnering with the Earnings Edge team will give you the edge you need to be seen as number one in the eyes of your members and your peers.

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March 3, 2015

CU*Answers Unveils “Building the Factory” Series

CU*Answers, data processor to nearly 200 credit unions nationwide, recently unveiled its Building the Factory series of how-to manuals designed to help its clients take advantage of revenue-generating and expense-mitigating opportunities within CU*BASE®, the data processor’s core processing software. The series of 30 instructional guides show clients how to use CU*BASE to complete marketing and […]

Budget Update

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: As promised, this email is the final follow-up to the Budget Figures on Financial Statements alert posted earlier this month. We have provided instructions for how budget figures for asset and liability G/Ls must be handled in order to print correctly on CU*BASE financial statements. If you have questions about… Read more »

iPay Awareness Email Campaign

ATTENTION CREDIT UNIONS THAT USE IPAY FOR ONLINE BILL PAY: Gather More Online Bill Pay Members This Holiday Season! As part of the iPay Awareness Email Campaign, iPay will send a set of three emails to your online banking members to encourage them to sign up for EasyPay online bill pay. Each email will highlight… Read more »