Social Media Integration

One of our simplest forms of social media integration is our custom developed RSS to Twitter integration. This application takes new posts on WordPress with Sitecontrol sites and feeds them to Twitter as new tweets.

Why do I want this?

Different visitors have different ways they want to stay updated with the content on your website. And with our WordPress offerings, we have several different ways that a visitor can remain updated.

rss_optFirst, they could just regularly visit your website. Many visitors take this simple approach.

Second, on some sites we offer a subscribe via email option. This setting will email the subscribers every time there is a new post on your site. Email is a simple method that everyone understands.

Third, WordPress has built in RSS. RSS is thoroughly baked into the core structure of WordPress. That means that visitors can simply subscribe to your posts via RSS. How they actually do it is up to them, since there are countless ways to consume RSS. For more information on RSS check out

Finally, Twitter. Some people understand Twitter and some just don’t get it. Twitter is a simple way to broadcast small messages to people who are following you. One way we use Twitter is through this RSS to Twitter feed. Using RSS and our custom application we take each new post and tweet it on your account. This provides a mechanism to automatically announce new information on your WordPress powered website and then have it broadcasted to your Twitter followers.

How It Works

Our custom application has to be registered with your Twitter account. We can help you with this, or we can do it for you. We also will need your Twitter credentials to set up in our application. The application is set to only tweet once an hour. First, this stops your new tweets from flooding the Twitter stream, but also spreads your marketing message out over time.

How to Sign Up

If you are on our WordPress hosting platform, and have, or want to have a Twitter account, Contact Us. We can add this service to your website for only $5.00/month.

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