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The BizLink team is your credit union’s resource for everything related to Business Member Programs.

Pete Winninger

Pete Winninger

Pete Winninger is our Vice President of Professional Services and leads our Lender*VP team. Pete and his team are part of CU*Answers Management Services. Pete and Lender*VP delivers a team of experienced lending professionals that assist you in driving the success of your loan department. The Lender*VP team has years of on-the-street credit union lending experience, combined with an intimate knowledge of CU*BASE tools. They are the CU*BASE lending experts in the areas of direct and indirect consumer lending, real estate lending, business and commercial lending, collections and all forms programmed into CU*BASE.

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Keegan Daniel

Keegan Daniel

Beginning his career at CU*Answers in 2007 as a Client Service Representative, Keegan’s quick and thorough understanding of the credit union environment soon saw him promoted to a managerial position within the department. By 2012, his critical business skills and ability to perform at a high level led him to the CU*Answers Management Services team, as the leader of the newly minted Earnings Edge brand. Since its inception, Keegan has led the Earnings Edge team to drive growth and efficiencies for credit union customers and owners. Keegan is known for his all-around expertise, experience, and level of organization that helps credit unions reach their goals of becoming high-performing cooperatives.

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Charlie Dean

Charlie Dean

Charlie started at CU*Answers in 2017 as a Client Service and Education Team member. As a Client Service Representative he learned worked with clients daily to assist with questions about CU*BASE, developing a well-rounded knowledge of the system. After two years with the Client Service Team, Charlie sought out a new opportunity with the Lender*VP Team to become an Loan Origination System (LOS) Coordinator. The role of the LOS Coordinator is to manage and oversee any requests with a third party integration as it relates to loan origination.

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February 1, 2021

BizLink Advisory Board holds quarterly meeting to discuss business servicing initiatives

The BizLink team, a division of cooperative CUSO CU*Answers, is dedicated to working with credit unions to provide services to their business/commercial members. In August, the BizLink Advisory Board, a group composed of BizLink staff and credit union personnel, conducted their quarterly meeting to discuss updates on projects implemented in 2020, projects that are currently […]

Sep 1, 2020

Interested in Joining the BizLink Advisory Board?

Interested in Joining the BizLink Advisory Board?

CU*Answers is excited to announce our BizLink advisory board for 2019 and 2020!  This board will consist of six CU*Answers credit unions, and will place emphasis on designing the Commercial/Business Member platform and services within CU*BASE. This advisory board will be tasked with documenting native tactics, integration tactics, referral tactics and market intelligence accumulation –… Read more »

Sep 10, 2019