BizLink – Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do you develop business member approach for your credit union?
A great starting point would be to look within your existing membership and identify existing or potentially existing business memberships you may actually already have. These could be coded as and treated as consumer accounts but there could be an opportunity to treat these members differently and deepen the relationship. If you are curious as to how you would start with an analysis of your membership, contact the BizLink team and we
would be happy to guide you through the process or do the work for you.
Q. What sort of lending products would I want to market to business members?
A line of credit (LOC) or a credit card is always a great starting point for business loans. Just like for consumer loans, this gives your member the flexibility to use the funds as they needs access and use in the future as balances are paid down. Are you aware of specialty products CU*BASE offer that can work perfectly with business offerings like – Switch LOC or Stepdown LOC. Contact the BizLink team to learn more about how you can utilize the full value of the CU*BASE toolset.

Business Accounts in CU*BASE

February 1, 2021