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By Request
Classes offered "By Request" are not offered on our regular schedule either because the topics are usually covered during new client conversion training, or because the topics are not in high demand for CU*Answers University training.  However, these sessions are still available to your credit union by request.  If you would like training in any of the following areas, contact the Education Team to schedule one-on-one or special group training.
These classes are ideally suited for a hands-on workshop environment where participants bring actual credit union projects to be worked on with instructor assistance.  If you are interested in a workshop where your credit union can complete related configuration or processing tasks, contact the Education Team.
These classes are taught both through pre- and post-conversion staff classes as well as through the management pre-site and checklist processes during the conversion.  All of these classes are recommended as a follow-up within the first six to twelve months as staff members become more familiar with CU*BASE. 
1st Year Client
These classes are especially useful for clients just starting out with CU*BASE, to introduce you to key features and configuration options that will help you make the most of the CU*BASE software right from the start.
New Employee
These courses are basic classes, but depending on the level and the job responsibilities of the employee, credit unions will need to use their best judgment as to the applicability of other classes.
These classes are conceptual in nature and designed to encourage your credit union to consider the possibilities of not only the software but key credit union management concepts.
Online Course
Equivalent courses available through CU*Answers Online University.
Classroom Sessions
Focus Group
Special Events
Regional Training
Web Conference Attendance
Many group training sessions as well as individual training sessions will be offered via Web Conference this year. Registration is required in advance for ALL web conference sessions. Register online under the Education section of See the Web Conferences Page for more details.
Class Locations
The CU*Answers University main training site is located at 6000 28th Street, S.E., Suite 100 in Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546(east of Kraft).
If you need to cancel, please call a week in advance of your scheduled class date so that someone else may take your place. Substitutions can be made at any time. Due to limited class sizes, there will be a charge of $25.00 per class for late cancellations or no-shows. The fee will be waived for late cancellations due to an emergency.

When you register for a class via our website, as described above, you will receive an automated reply confirming your attendance.

Because one of the key values of the CU*Answers University class format is the interaction between credit union peers, we reserve the right to cancel classes where fewer than two credit unions are participating.

Courses held on site at CU*Answers are offered at no charge to our clients. Courses offered via web conferencing are billed at $40.00 per hour per PC signed in to cover the cost of the service.