Network Services

Network Services has specialists on staff with years of individual experience and certification with many versions of Microsoft, Unix, SonicWall, CISCO, and other mainstream products. Our consultants are well known for their expertise in security and networking. Their experience, talent, and knowledge will facilitate the integration of your network assets; they’ll “make it all work.”

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EBN – Extended Business Network

We think that it is important to still mention our Extended Business Network though it has become a standard practice for safe communication in the business world. Our Extended Business Network, or as we like to refer to it as EBN, is how we communicate and protect the data that we receive from your Credit Union safely. It’s an extension of routers, servers, and encryption that will protect this data as it is transferred in seconds between your location and ours. The security and protection of this data is vital to our business and that of our members. We have the utmost concern that our data will never be compromised.


GUAPPLE is a new appliance designed by the Network Services team in order to streamline your internal process for managing CU*BASE software updates. In addition to many security benefits, GUAPPLE will eliminate the need for your staff to monitor and manually download and extract GOLD updates. Using GUAPPLE should relieve many of the staff frustrations and resource requirements for receiving and distributing software updates.


Managing E-Commerce Risk

Best Practices

CU*Answers Best Practices are intended to facilitate accurate, efficient, and secure communications, and ensure compatibility in technology and software for both CU*Answers clients and our vendor partners.

Third Party Integration

CU*Answers’ Third Party Integration guidelines are designed to assist credit unions who would like to link CU*BASE GOLD to third-party applications. These links can be designed to start third-party applications or to pass information from a CU*BASE GOLD screen to another application.



  • Operating Systems / PTFs


  • iSeries Backups
    • Data file/libraries CU*BASE
    • System backups
  • Run Sheets
  • Vendor logs (if my printer breaks, is it on maintenance, who do I call, when was it last serviced?)
  • Performance and tuning and monitoring
  • Disaster Planning Why Have A Plan?

High Availability and Production Redundancy

Since 2002, CU*Answers has been investing significantly in hardware and other resources in order to create an environment where redundancy is part of production-a constant state of readiness to replace our primary operating resources with stand-in and backup resources.

More information is available on our high availability page.

Device Naming Conventions

Building / Refreshing Training Files

System Values

Helpful Links

iTera – iTera’s Echo2 High Availability is remarkably efficient, reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable, which is why it has become one of the fastest selling high availability solutions in the iSeries world.

IBM – IBM’s home page with products, services, and solutions.

PGP – recognized Worldwide as the expert in Encryption Technology.

December 2, 2014