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Cooperative Marketing services from CU*Answers. Using the power of the network, CU*Answers offers low cost marketing solutions through collaborative pricing. Working together, we bring the order quantities up, so that the prices come down. Truly a benefit of a being a member of the cooperative.

The Cooperative Campaign, Contests, Quarterly Newsletters and every marketing we’ve ever created for your use. Your destination for all CU*Answers Marketing materials!

The Cooperative Campaign

CU*Answers’ new Cooperative Campaign is a low maintenance, inexpensive, professional digital marketing solution built for our credit union partners. Whether your goal is to increase your membership or simply let your members know about your products and services, the Cooperative Campaign offers you up to a full year of digital marketing material to help grab members’ attention.


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Brochures and Marketing Campaigns

Need It’s Me 247 Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Text Banking, EasyPay or CU*Talk brochures? Order them online. Just need a marketing campaign to use? All our past campaigns are online and available for any client to use. Need a custom campaign, ask us, we may be able to help.


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Quarterly Newsletters

Reach your members with timely information every quarter! Our newsletters are created with the intention of being a low-cost and low-maintenance service allowing you to quickly and effectively reach your members with timely information. Newsletters are designed, printed, and shipped quarterly to your member base.


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Quarterly Contests

Engage your members by running a contest! Contests are run quarterly for two consecutive months and have a full collateral package available.


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Pre-Conversion Marketing

Our Conversion Team has been gathering pieces created by other credit unions that they used to communicate with their membership pre-conversion. Every credit union is different, so use these examples for inspiration to create your own.


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March 28, 2024