9.65W How to Develop and Test your Business Continuity Plan



In a constantly changing and increasingly complex business and IT environment, unplanned disruptions can be costly, resulting in financial losses, member dissatisfaction, and regulatory compliance issues.  Countering these risks and creating the resilience a business must have to remain competitive requires more than a stand-alone recovery plan.

This course has been developed to provide an overview of business continuity planning and the five-phased approach from start to finish for the development and implementation of a business continuity management (BCM) program based on industry guidelines and best practices.


This course is geared toward credit union professionals responsible for the development and maintenance of their organizations disaster recovery plans.


By the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine and plan for the scenarios that threaten to disrupt business operations
  • Describe the steps necessary to develop, implement, and test a Business Continuity Plan
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of an effective Business Recovery Team
  • Know how to prioritize and recover critical business functions
  • Improve staffs preparedness level through awareness training
  • Become familiar with services and resources available from CU*Answers designed to assist


This course covers the following topics:

  • Business Continuity an introduction and value statement
  • Conducting a Business Impact Assessment
  • Determining appropriate continuity and recovery strategies
  • Staff training and awareness
  • How and when to update your plan
  • Recovery testing and reporting
  • Tips for an effective Business Continuity Program