5.81W Introduction to the Loan Fulfillment Center by Accenture



The Loan Fulfillment Center is an outline mortgage origination and processing tool available through CU*Answers.  in this session we will provide an overview of the Accenture Mortgage Cadence-Loan Fulfillment Center platform for originating and processing mortgage application.  as a provider of the platform, we are able to offer a well rounded solution to our clients for accepting mortgage applications online, manage the application pipeline and take the file through processing and closing within the same tool.


Lending managers and supervisors; Mortgage Department staff


By the completion of this course, students will have:

  • Observed an introduction to the platform and its components
  • Reviewed the member experience of obtaining information and applying online
  • Learned, through explanation the electronic delivery of initial mortgage disclosures
  • Seen how lenders manage the loan pipeline, with tools and reports to maximize the mortgage opportunity.
  • Viewed a demonstration of the platform's easy navigation used in processing a mortgage loan and generating a complete closing package-including custom integration to CU*BASE
  • Explored options to order items electronically, and create an electronic mortgage file


  • What is Accenture Mortgage Cadence-Loan Fulfillment Center?
  • Web-based mortgage origination
  • Mortgage application process
  • Pipeline Management
  • Electronic mortgage file
  • Mortgage document compliance

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Introduction to the Loan Fulfillment Center by Accenture
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