2.00W CU*BASE Employee Security

Supervisory / Management


This class concentrates on the ability to control credit union employee access to the CU*BASE processing system.  Topics covered include how to set up a new employee, how to maintain an existing employee, how to block an employee from viewing sensitive data or from working with their own accounts.  This class is a must to be prepared for an EDP audit.

CU*BASE Security is designed to protect both the credit union and the employee. By limiting an employee's access to certain areas, errors are curtailed and credit union leaders are reassured that their employees are above suspicion.

This course is also available to be viewed anytime as a recorded webinar.  Click here to view the webinar.


This class was designed specifically for the staff member who has been designated as the credit unions CU*BASE Security Officer.  It may also be helpful for top-level managers who would like to develop an overall strategy for staff access to CU*BASE features.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Examined the development of a credit union security policy 
  • Examined the implementation of CU*BASE compliance tools
  • Reviewed CU*BASE job category tools and credit union job descriptions and documentation
  • Discussed how CU*BASE security can lead employees in their daily functions through multiple entry points.


  •  Auto security
  • Job Description / Classifications
  • Employee Profiles
  • Menu Security
  •  Speed Sequences
  • Special security
  • Copy Functions
  • Password Management
  • Controlling Key Member Functions by Member Account Type
  • Inquiry Options
  • Member Phone Options 
  •  Inquiry vs. Posting vs. Maintenance
  • Using employee security Report Options
  • Data Center Employee Security
  • CU*Answers Password Reset Policy
  • Auditing employee activity
  • User ID information and history