17.07C Reporting Up and Delegating Down: Building Trust with Your Team and Your Board

CEO School


This course offers a working session for business leaders, managers, and supervisors to hone their skills at building teams and getting things done. Everyone is reporting to someone and delegating to others and not just when it’s a formal organizational-chart thing. In this session, participants will spend time brainstorming on how to move the ball, improve performance, and earn more from their activities as leaders.


Credit union CEOs: This class is designed for credit union and CUSO executives/business designers with the intent to execute at higher levels, and get more out of teamwork with staff, peers, and their credit union/CUSO boards.


union/CUSO boards.
By the completion of this course, participants will have:
• Explored the 8:1:1 ratio for delegation and these questions: “Does it make sense? What’s the best way for a leader to track the effectiveness of delegation?”
• Explored the 6:2:2 ratio for reporting up when responsible for carrying out the task being delegated
• Explored this question: “How do the people who work with you know they’re your people, that you trust them, you count on them, and that they are getting a chance to lead through your delegation?”
• Explored how leaders build positive track records with the people to whom they report and considered this question: “Do those reports build trust that you get things done, that you do what you say you’re going to do, and that you’re leading, not being told what to do?”


This course covers the following topics:
• Winning with your direct reports
• Winning with your board
• Winning with your shareholders
• Winning with the marketplace

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.