17.02C Understanding the CU*Answers SDLC and Promoting Projects

CEO School


This course offers a presentation of the software development life cycle (SDLC) policy and procedure used by CU*Answers in developing solutions for credit unions.  Participants learn how to get more out of the solutions credit unions want, need, and request from our CUSO. Knowing how the sausage is made is the first step in adding your value to the process and getting more from your CU*Answers relationship.


Credit union CEOs: This class is designed for credit union and CUSO executives/business designers who have the intent to maximize their relationship with our network’s solution developers and drive more value into our community’s toolkits.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:
• Examined the CU*Answers SDLC as a policy and as a process for developing software
• Reviewed how CUSO participants can participate in the development of projects and solutions
• Debated how the SDLC guarantees a credit union the influence it needs as a participant in the CU*BASE user community
• Met the Product Team leaders who drive the day‐to‐day SDLC processes and discussed ways to work together more closely


This course covers the following topics:
• The software development life cycle (SDLC)
• Product Team resources and the “factory floor”
• Tactics for credit unions to participate with the Product Team
• Owner’s Voice
• Owner’s View

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.