11.02W Working with Your Members Remotely

Imaging Solutions


In this course, participants learn the ins and outs of imaging options designed to allow credit unions to work with members remotely. Participants learn how to begin implementing eSignatures, Virtual Strongbox, and Enhanced Online Vault and how these tools can help them significantly increase their value among members.


This course is designed for credit union staff that are interested in options that allow them to work with members remotely.


By the end of the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe eSignature implementation and costs
  • List the tools involved in using eSignatures
  • Describe Virtual Strongbox implementation and costs
  • List core features of Enhanced Online Vault
  • Describe key differences between CU*Spy Online Vault and Enhanced Online Vault


This course covers the following topics:

  • eSignature tools
  • eSignature implementation process
  • eSignature costs
  • Virtual StrongBox implementation process
  • Virtual StrongBox costs
  • Virtual StrongBox standard and premium versions
  • Enhanced Online Vault implementation process
  • Enhanced Online Vault costs
  • Enhanced Online Vault features
  • Differences between Enhanced Online Vault and CU*Spy Online Vault