1.01W Member Services: Inquiry and Phone Operator

Teller / Member Service


Both an introduction and a refresher for CU*BASE users, this class concentrates on the tools that allow the user to be prepared to answer member inquiries of any type.  Users are taught how entering new accounts, working with existing accounts, and closing accounts relates to the CU*BASE centralized database.  If you are being stumped by members or auditors, or just having basic research problems on your member database, this class is a must.  Communication is the key.


This class is designed for all credit union employees.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

  • Discussed when to use Member Inquiry and when to use Phone Inquiry
  • Used both Inquiry features to view membership and account data
  • Opened new memberships and accounts
  • Closed memberships and accounts
  • Processed general member requests such as stop pays, comments, and transfers


  • Inquiry structure
    • Available features
    • Viewing account suffixes
  • Phone inquiry structure
    • Available features
    • Using action codes
  • Closed account inquiry
  • Opening memberships/accounts (including multi-corporation)
  • Closing memberships/accounts
  • Accessing features from teller, member services, lending and via speed sequences
  • Database structure for required and optional fields