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Updated on Friday, June 2, 2023

Project NumberProject TypeCreated OnStatusSummaryChampionCompletion Date
34408Software Enhancement8/29/2013Waiting for Quality Control ResourceCard Status Phase II - Support FIS / Credit Cards
35789Software Enhancement5/8/2014In QC TestingReimplement Purge Process for ATM Debit and Credit Cards for JHA/Pemco
40609Program Modification10/26/2015In DevelopmentCreate maintenance screens and cleanup on text banking records when a members account is closed
44000Program Modification1/5/2017Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd persistent origin tracking (created by) to all data created by the Integrations APIs so we know who originated each record on Integrations systems (Integrations)
44318Software Enhancement2/9/2017In DevelopmentAdd Receive and Possible Duplicates Dashboard to Payveris like IPAY process has
47663Architectural changes3/23/2018In DevelopmentComplete architectural changes required to bring UCI and the Integrations API to Python 3.x compatibility
48043Software Enhancement4/27/2018In QC TestingAdd the ability to export ItsMe Optics data for use in external systems
48044Software Enhancement4/30/2018In DevelopmentAdd a retention management process to ItsMe Optics
48219Software Enhancement5/23/2018In DevelopmentPIB: User Interface Update
42424Software Enhancement6/17/2016CompleteImplement database level encryption for UCI and API systems (Integrations)5/1/2023
42667Program Modification7/15/2016Waiting for Quality Control ResourceThe AFT program is using undefined transaction type codes of 00, 15, 60 with transaction code of 42 (CD deposits/credits). Update to TRTYPE = 29
45107Software Enhancement5/18/2017In DevelopmentPrototype Building a PHP application using data directly from the IBMi with an access point from Gold
47552Software Enhancement3/14/2018Awaiting ImplementationMandate: CO-OP Visa Account Updater (VAU) and Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) Card Maintenance Support Enhancements
47664Architectural changes3/23/2018In DevelopmentComplete architectural changes to bring Lenderhub up to Python 3.0 compatibility
48401Software Enhancement6/13/2018In DevelopmentCreate an API for Scheduled Transfers
49951Custom Forms12/14/2018In Custom QC TestingUpdate custom forms to accommodate changes stemming from the phone expansion project
48583Software Enhancement7/3/2018In Custom QC TestingMobile Apps: Loan or credit card payment app for indirect or disengaged members
50421Software Enhancement2/12/2019CompleteAdd splash page functionality to Integrations systemsN/A3/23/2023
51419Custom Request6/11/2019CompleteTBA Credit Union looking to create a digital refer a friend within their mobile appTBA Credit Union (TB/190)3/23/2023
51735Program Modification7/24/2019CompleteRequire Account Number when sending a document from ProDOC to Virtual StrongboxN/A3/23/2023
52354Program Modification10/11/2019In DevelopmentChange tape backup encryption software from Townsend to Crypto CompleteN/A
52740Custom Request12/2/2019Awaiting ImplementationMichigan Legacy Credit Union is looking to add an integration with Popio into their credit union mobile appMichigan Legacy CU (AX/148)
53521Program Modification3/2/2020Waiting for Programming ResourceModify single sign-on URL in the main view for AlliedN/A
53801Architectural changes4/3/2020In Custom QC TestingBring OLLE up to current PHP versioning in preparation for Ubuntu 18.04 migrationN/A
54606Program Modification8/6/2020In DevelopmentModify CU*Spy end of transmission file nameN/A
54643Program Modification8/11/2020In QC TestingBuild purge process on the API to clear records created in FILEWU by automated monitoring processes in productionN/A
54741Program Modification8/28/2020In DevelopmentMove source and objects from WESCOSUPP2 library to CUBASE so WESCOSUPP2 can be deleted.N/A
54824Generic Forms9/15/2020Pending Client FeedbackLTV missing on LOWS when printed after loan creationLenco Credit Union (LE/157)
55004Custom Internet Application10/15/2020Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate integration with Dealertrack for Ravalli County FCUN/A
55039Program Modification10/23/2020Waiting for Programming ResourceAB: Perform Name change for some of the Alerts and Trends Data Markers.N/A
55184Program Modification11/11/2020Waiting for Programming ResourceModify API to Ignore Credit Union Available Flag for CUs that are in Conversion for Testing and Training R2B and R2L ProductsN/A
55258Software Enhancement11/23/2020In QC TestingISO File Utilization - Allow Card Activity Rebates by MCC GroupN/A
55260Software Enhancement11/23/2020In QC TestingISO File Utilization - Credit Card Promotions Based on MCC GroupN/A
55383Feasibility Research12/11/2020Waiting for Programming ResourceImaging Member Storage Application ResearchN/A
55403Software Enhancement12/15/2020Awaiting ImplementationEnhancements to ACH Posting ControlsN/A
55428Program Modification12/18/2020CompleteFraud / Blocklist API ModificationN/A5/26/2023
55521Software Enhancement1/8/2021In DevelopmentModify FIDM process to account for multiple Group Providers on a single systemN/A
55546Custom Internet Application1/13/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceTBA requesting FUEL Decision ModelTBA Credit Union (TB/190)
55588Program Modification1/18/2021In DevelopmentChange Payveris enrollment data to reflect business product codesN/A
55597Software Enhancement1/19/2021CompleteNew Tool for Expensing Credit Card Payments to Accounts Payable VendorsN/A5/7/2023
55602Software Enhancement1/19/2021In Custom QC TestingCreate Phone Optics PREMIUM Dashboard/AnalysisN/A
55656Software Enhancement1/29/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceReplace Current Integration to ITSME247 to new Webchat providerXtend
55727Software Enhancement2/9/2021CompleteNew Bill Pay/P2P Vendor G/L ConfigurationN/A5/7/2023
55868Program Modification3/4/2021CompleteMandate: FISB/Transfund Visa Account Updater (VAU) and Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) Card Maintenance Support EnhancementsN/A5/2/2023
56039Software Enhancement3/30/2021CompleteCredit Card Cash Back Expense EstimatorN/A5/7/2023
56109Program Modification4/6/2021In DevelopmentUpdate Analytics Booth Budget Group Configurations when Budget Group Changes are made in CU*BASEN/A
56122MTG Mobile Deployment4/8/2021CompleteMTG Mobile 5 Deployment: LA Electrical Workers Credit Union (962)N/A5/12/2023
56230Custom Request4/22/2021In DevelopmentAn Ascensus (vendor) request to integrate their IRA Direct Express offering to CU*BASEAscensus (vendor)
56251Program Modification4/26/2021CompleteAdd an edit for Account 2 Account Auto Funds Transfers set up in Online Banking to check for a valid end date.Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)5/7/2023
56327Program Modification5/6/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceEvaluate and implement performance enhancements to the account detail stored procedures utilized in OLBN/A
56340Custom Internet Application5/7/2021CompleteCreate iQQ Integration for Compass CUCompass Credit Union (RR/125)3/27/2023
56341Warranty Adjustment5/7/2021In QC TestingEnsure Disability Premium Calculates Properly when Loan Payment is skipped using Skip a Pay ProgramFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)
56342Program Modification5/9/2021In QC TestingEnhance generic posting program TGENPST to process different loan payment scenariosN/A
56440Custom Internet Application5/19/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate FUEL interface for IBEW Iron WorkersIBEW and United Workers FCU (ZH/3926)
56452Program Modification5/20/2021In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Correct the visual appearance of Powerlines.N/A
56829Custom Request7/9/2021In DevelopmentVacationland Federal Credit Union would like to implement Instant Issue with Entrust Datacard (cloud offering ) for their debit cards.VacationLand FCU (VA/197)
56835Software Enhancement7/12/2021In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Upgrade Laravel software from version 5.3 to 5.6.N/A
57142MTG Mobile Deployment8/25/2021CompleteMTG Mobile 5 Deployment: Local 265 IBEW Federal Credit Union (886)N/A5/12/2023
57250MTG Mobile Deployment9/13/2021CompleteMTG Mobile 5 Annual Update: Local 520 UA Federal Credit Union (433)N/A5/12/2023
57356Custom Request9/27/2021With Expert for ResearchGreenwood Municipal FCU would like to implement a CPI extract file with a new vendor, Evan Simpson.Greenwood Municipal (GM/334)
57370Card Conversions9/28/2021CompleteRipco Credit Union is moving their credit card processing from batch PSCU to online credit cards with COOP.Ripco (RP/3225)5/12/2023
57449Custom Internet Application10/11/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceRedirect ItsMe247 Loan Applications to Sync1 for UnisionUnison Credit Union (KA/93)
57511General Research10/19/2021Research OnlyResearch Only: Payroll Deposit Transfer transaction added a negative sign to the amount when posting to an Escrow account causing issues with online bankingN/A
57690Software Enhancement11/12/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceDevelop a process for distributing ISO Card Optics Data to the data warehouseN/A
57753Software Enhancement11/19/2021CompleteTool to Temporarily Raise a Member's Debit Card LimitN/A5/7/2023
57771Custom Request11/22/2021CompletePlymouth County Teachers Federal Credit Union is requesting to move to First Data Omaha platform for OTB CC processing.PCT Federal CU (PD/292)4/14/2023
57772Custom Request11/22/2021Pending Vendor FeedbackChippewa County Credit Union is requesting to move to First Data Omaha platform for OTB CC processing.Chippewa County Credit Union (CB/331)
57788Software Enhancement11/24/2021In DevelopmentDevelop Online Debit Card processing with COOP on the FISERV Omaha Platform.Advantage Credit Union (AV/219)
57790Custom Request11/24/2021CompleteSantee Cooper CU would like to launch instant issue for their debit cards with Entrust DataCard ( Cloud Offering ).Santee Cooper Credit Union (SN/317)4/18/2023
57800Custom Request11/26/2021CompleteChange custom vendor file programs to pull phone number from Enhanced Member Phone fileN/A4/10/2023
57948Warranty Adjustment12/17/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceAnalytics Booth: Miscellaneous modifications to the 'Change over time' option in the Loan Portfolio product.N/A
58001Card Conversions12/24/2021CompleteNotre Dame Federal Credit Union is requesting to deconvert their business credit cards from being in house.Notre Dame FCU (ND/254)5/2/2023
58012Software Enhancement12/28/2021In QC TestingMarketing Club EnhancementsN/A
58021Software Enhancement12/29/2021In QC TestingEnhancement to Loan Modifications to Limit # of Flex Loans within Specified PeriodN/A
58023Software Enhancement12/29/2021In Custom QC TestingBuild API support for the MISMO 3.4 format to accommodate import from a third-party mortgage LOSN/A
58064Program Modification1/6/2022In DevelopmentSearch Engine 3.0 - further refinements for the name searchN/A
58071Software Enhancement1/6/2022In QC TestingNew Internal Tool Used to Post a Batch of Account AdjustmentsN/A
58075Software Enhancement1/6/2022In DevelopmentAdd Separate Card Order Address Captured and Stored with the Card OrderN/A
58113Software Enhancement1/11/2022In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Correct issue where daily Alerts are not being sent out (in some cases).N/A
58118Software Enhancement1/11/2022In QC TestingAdd Ability to Run Credit Report and Risk Assessment for Non-MembersN/A
58128Software Enhancement1/12/2022In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Add "From - To" to date picker on the portfolio dashboard when graphing a data-point from the table.N/A
58129Software Enhancement1/13/2022CompleteEnhancements to Savings/Checking Acct Opening (mktg club enrollment, acct suffix override, display MICR)N/A5/7/2023
58298Software Enhancement2/7/2022Awaiting ImplementationNew Features to Run Membership or Batch of Accounts Through CLR Path ProgramN/A
58306Program Modification2/7/2022In DevelopmentNeed to make sure all member transactions appear on consecutive statement runs so none are missingCommStar CU (CZ/171);First Financial CU (FL/185)
58310Custom Request2/8/2022CompleteRiver Valley CU request for integration with Interface.aiRiver Valley Credit Union - OH (RI/303)5/6/2023
58311Program Modification2/8/2022CompleteAdd P2P Enrollment Status to Online Banking Window (via PITT Screens)N/A5/7/2023
58314Software Enhancement2/8/2022CompleteNew Smart Link to Request a Document from Loan Application ScreensN/A5/7/2023
58328Software Enhancement2/9/2022CompleteExpand National Co-op Shared Branching Holds for Other Check TypesN/A5/7/2023
58331Software Enhancement2/9/2022CompleteNew Wire Transfer Copy FeatureN/A5/7/2023
58485Software Enhancement3/4/2022In DevelopmentDigital Issuance/Push Provisioning - CO-OP Real Time Card Add MessagingN/A
58498Software Enhancement3/7/2022CompleteCreation of CheckLogic Biz SSON/A4/11/2023
58510Custom Request3/8/2022CompleteScienaptic has requested additional data fields to be included in values currently being exchanged with loan / member dataScienaptic - Vendor4/11/2023
58515Software Enhancement3/9/2022In QC TestingOnline LOS Improvements Part 2: New Online Loan AppN/A
58535Custom Internet Application3/11/2022CompleteCreate Sync1 LOS Integration for Arize FCUArize Federal Credit Union (SJ/275)4/30/2023
58580Custom Request3/18/2022In DevelopmentMyUSA Credit Union is wanting to move to the Score Card Earnings file type 6 with their monthly rewards file from FIS.MyUSA Credit Union (MD/235)
58584Card Conversions3/18/2022In DevelopmentColumbus United Federal Credit Union would like to move atm/debit card processing from PSCU.Columbus United FCU (CN/332)
58586Feasibility Research3/21/2022In DevelopmentSet up Operations to process ACH for Horizon CU with automated posting as final objective.N/A
58588MTG Mobile Deployment3/21/2022CompleteMTG Mobile 5 Annual Update: North Districts Credit Union (422)N/A5/12/2023
58591Program Modification3/21/2022CompleteExpand share-secured loans via online banking to SD (checking) productsN/A5/7/2023
58592Program Modification3/21/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd a toggle to Payveris bill pay names to switch between the actual name and the nicknameN/A
58612Custom Request3/24/2022In Custom QC TestingHonor Credit Union would like to integrate FISERV CardHub into mobile app.Honor Credit Union (BT/200)
58637MTG Mobile Deployment3/29/2022CompleteMTG Mobile 5 Annual Update: Miami University Community Federal Credit Union (344)N/A5/12/2023
58655Program Modification3/31/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceFannie Mae and MPF file format expansion to 800 characters with new data elementsN/A
58684Program Modification4/5/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceChange Transfund (PaymentsOne) batch programs to only archive 7 days of maintenance files.N/A
58686Program Modification4/5/2022In QC TestingChange CoOp batch programs to only archive 7 days of maintenance files.N/A
58689Program Modification4/5/2022CompleteChange JHA (Pemco) batch programs to only archive 7 days of maintenance files.N/A4/25/2023
58693Program Modification4/5/2022In QC TestingChange Visa - DPS batch programs to only archive 7 days of maintenance files.N/A
58733Card Conversions4/12/2022In DevelopmentTransportation Federal Credit Union would like to move debit card processing from COOP to PSCU.Transportation Federal Credit Union (TN/347)
58740Warranty Adjustment4/13/2022CompleteChanges to Reg E Opt In/Out preference in It'sMe247 not carrying over to CU*BASEPowerNet CU (PN/297)3/21/2023
58789Custom Internet Application4/19/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate FUEL Decision Model for Alpena Alcona AreaAlpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133)
58802Custom Request4/20/2022In DevelopmentJeep Country FCU, converting 10/15/22, would like the FIS SSO for their OTB Credit Cards in It's Me 247Jeep Country FCU (JP/349)
58816Warranty Adjustment4/21/2022CompleteEnsure that DBA Name prints on Vertical ReceiptsTBA Credit Union (TB/190);First Trust Credit Union (LP/134)4/4/2023
58818Program Modification4/22/2022CompleteCustom Changes to support the Vantage Risk CodesN/A4/18/2023
58852Program Modification4/28/2022In QC TestingUpdate Transaction Type on 360 loan products posted in Mail Posting Process for payments applied to principal only.N/A
58868CU Conversions/Mergers4/30/2022CompletePathways Financial CU (FILEWE/#147) De-conversion effective (3/31/2023)Pathways Financial C U (WE/147)3/31/2023
58884Program Modification5/2/2022CompleteAdd the logic for HSA CD transaction processing in Xpress tellerN/A5/7/2023
58916MTG Mobile Deployment5/6/2022CompleteMTG Mobile 6.0 Annual Update: South Bend Firefighters Federal Credit Union (889)N/A5/12/2023
58929Custom Internet Application5/9/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate FUEL Decision Model for Mission CityMission City FCU (MI/333)
58976General Research5/16/2022CompleteResearch only: Alpena Community's Fannie Mae participation record dates are off, causing interest not to accrue. See ABAlpena Community CU (AC/128)3/30/2023
59012Custom Internet Application5/18/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate RouteOne Integration for HPCH.P.C. Credit Union (HP/138)
59022Program Modification5/19/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourcePerformance/error tuning of BIZ authentication programs to avoid locks during stand in process when saving filesN/A
59051Custom Internet Application5/24/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate Allied Integration for PowerN/A
59054Card Conversions5/24/2022In DevelopmentColumbus United Credit Union is requesting to bring their OTB Credit Cards in house. They will be going from LSC/FIS to COOP at time of conversion.Columbus United FCU (CN/332)
59074Software Enhancement5/27/2022CompleteMake a view only version of Ops Production Center edition tool #9232 for CUBASE so a CU and CUA employees can see just the CU's services and vendors.N/A5/7/2023
59086Custom Request5/31/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceNotredame FCU is requesting a OTB CC processing set up with FISERV.Notre Dame FCU (ND/254)
59091Custom Request5/31/2022In Vendor Testing1st Community FCU request for integration with Velocity's Account Revenue Solution1st Community (FM/299)
59101Warranty Adjustment6/2/2022CompleteTeller processing is not allowing checks / money orders to be issued in a few very specific instances.Filer Credit Union (FI/350);Monroe County Comm CU (MO/263);TBA Credit Union (TB/190);Community First FCU (CF/480)5/16/2023
59110Software Enhancement6/3/2022Awaiting ImplementationNostradamus Enhancements: Changes to Scoring Configuration and Results ViewerN/A
59111Software Enhancement6/3/2022Awaiting ImplementationEnhancements to Cash Inventory Features for Teller Drawer & Vault ControlN/A
51734Feasibility Research7/24/2019Waiting for Programming ResourceResearch future improvements for the GOLD packager applicationN/A
52088Program Modification9/11/2019CompleteRewrite internal use program that recalculates and updates the running balance on transaction recordsN/A4/19/2023
52128Software Enhancement9/16/2019In DevelopmentCreate a detailed report of table of column changes to be used at CU*Base release time to identify DEX download changesN/A
52769Software Enhancement12/3/2019Waiting for Programming ResourceBuild a replacement lending solution for Retailer Direct and MicroLender systemsN/A
53208Software Enhancement1/24/2020CompleteMTG: Configurable Mobile App for BOD Members to Conveniently Access Documents & Schedule Information along with Push Notification CapabilitiesN/A5/8/2023
53625Feasibility Research3/11/2020Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a Specification for an Imaging API Configuration Manager (Research)N/A
54580Software Enhancement8/4/2020In DevelopmentAdd the new Express Teller search engine to Global SearchN/A
54581Software Enhancement8/4/2020With Expert for ResearchAdd the new Express Teller Search Engine to Phone OperatorN/A
54885Program Modification9/28/2020In DevelopmentRevise the Automated Password Reset Process for API Connectivity to ExperianN/A
55259Software Enhancement11/23/2020CompleteISO File Utilization - Allow Credit Card Cash Back by MCC GroupN/A5/7/2023
55303Custom Request12/2/2020CompleteRio Grande Valley Credit Union would like to implement Instant Issue for debit with Entrust Datacard.Rio Grande Valley CU (RG/324)4/3/2023
55334Program Modification12/7/2020Waiting for Programming ResourceExpand Integrations API RDC Service to Check Against an RDC BlacklistN/A
55349Software Enhancement12/8/2020CompleteCreate a flood tool for SettleMINT EFT to flood in the interface type in BPMAST.N/A5/7/2023
59116Software Enhancement6/6/2022CompleteRequest a Document from CUBASEN/A5/7/2023
59117Software Enhancement6/6/2022CompleteAdd Last 4 Digits of CC# and MCC Group to Online Member StatementsN/A5/9/2023
59123Card Conversions6/6/2022CompleteTruChoice Federal Credit Union would like to move debit card processing from FISERV to COOP.TruChoice FCU (TF/306)4/4/2023
59129Generic Forms6/7/2022In DevelopmentModification to generic denial notice to accommodate exclusion scores returned by VantageBuilding Trades FCU (BU/229)
59132Custom Request6/7/2022CompleteAdd logic to create new OTB loans when information is received in the Kasasa Balance and Status FileKasasa4/25/2023
59137Software Enhancement6/8/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate Payrailz Bill Pay PlatformN/A
59139Software Enhancement6/8/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate Payrailz Account to Account (A2A) solutionN/A
59140Custom Request6/8/2022In DevelopmentNotre Dame CU requesting card rewards transmission with WorldPayFIS (Vendor)
59208Software Enhancement6/21/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a way to turn off bill payment requests based on type (ie: electronic or check) including creating a way for us to notify members of the restriction.N/A
59226General Research6/23/2022CompleteReport PINTR2 dated 06/01/2022 shows the annualized yield % incorrectly for LNCATG 06 at branch 05 for Z7Metrum Community Credit Union (Z7/3937)4/12/2023
59244Card Conversions6/28/2022In DevelopmentPhelpe Federal Credit Union is moving their credit card processing from Batch FISERV to Online credit cards with FIS (Payments One).Pheple FCU (PH/353)
59247Custom Request6/28/2022CompleteForest Area Federal Credit Union request for SSO to MoneyMapForest Area Federal CU (FA/410)3/28/2023
59276Software Enhancement7/6/2022In QC TestingAdd Optional Two Factor Authentication to P2P Enrollment and Transactions in Online BankingN/A
59309Program Modification7/12/2022In DevelopmentPhone Operator: Restrict Account Status Print Feature for EmployeesN/A
59310Warranty Adjustment7/12/2022CompleteCorrect interest date advances when '360 Mort Pay Ahead Payment' is posted via CU PC TransferRiver Valley Credit Union - MI (AM/250)5/7/2023
59313Program Modification7/13/2022In DevelopmentAdjust how the first rate change is applied when shifting a loan from an Update variable rate code to a Mini-Contract group codeHawaii Central FCU (HW/304)
59316Custom Internet Application7/13/2022In DevelopmentCreate Retailer Direct site for DayMetDayMet (DY/314)
59319Program Modification7/13/2022CompleteAdd the ability to combine bad email s from 5 servers vs. the 3 we have now.N/A3/28/2023
59325Program Modification7/13/2022Awaiting ImplementationAdd new "Teller Version" field to Teller Audit Tables and Update Xpress Teller to Populate FieldN/A
59335Card Conversions7/17/2022In DevelopmentChief Financial Credit Union is moving their debit card processing from WorldPay/FIS to PSCU.Chief Financial CU (CM/265)
59337Custom Request7/18/2022CompleteCommunity West CU is interested in implementing the SSO with PSCU to the new DXO interface for OTB credit cards.Community West CU (CW/176)3/8/2023
59371Warranty Adjustment7/22/2022CompleteThe teller audit file is sometimes getting a negative time when doing a shared branch Misc advance.TBA Credit Union (TB/190)3/14/2023
59400Custom Request7/27/2022CompleteSPC Credit Union is requesting an integration with Econocheck. This project is to send a daily enrollment file.SPC Credit Union (S1/316)5/16/2023
55600Software Enhancement1/19/2021In Custom QC TestingCreate Card Optics PREMIUM DashboardN/A
55634Program Modification1/25/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceAdjustment to Member Search API Endpoints to Query Only the Blocklist Tables that Contain the Parameters SentN/A
55639Software Enhancement1/26/2021In QC TestingOnline LOS Improvements Part I: Managing the Loan QueueN/A
55713Architectural changes2/5/2021In QC TestingRe-architect NT-Alerts to address IBM full-open recommendations.N/A
55799Software Enhancement2/22/2021CompleteRevamp Accounts Payable Invoice Creation ProcessN/A5/7/2023
55849Program Modification3/2/2021In DevelopmentChange Indirect Lending to look at the Standin library (FILExxSI) when CU is in standinN/A
55910Feasibility Research3/9/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceResearch opportunities to integrate member data lookups with Imaging and eDOC applicationsN/A
56299Program Modification5/4/2021CompleteChange Delinquency notice to always show last payment amount in the last payment amount field.N/A5/7/2023
56308Software Enhancement5/4/2021Awaiting ImplementationUpdate logic for handling credit scores displayed to members in It's Me 247
56439Custom Internet Application5/19/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceFrankenmuth Requesting FUEL Decision ModelFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)
56524Program Modification5/26/2021In QC TestingImplement multiple clearing transactions with CoOp.N/A
56539Software Enhancement5/27/2021CompleteAdd Last 4 Digits of Card # and MCC Group to Member StatementsN/A4/11/2023
56556Software Enhancement6/1/2021CompleteUpdates to Written Off Loan Dashboard for Tracking Loan RecoveriesN/A5/7/2023
56666Card Conversions6/15/2021In DevelopmentShoreline CU is moving their credit card processing from Batch PSCU to Online COOP.Shoreline Credit Union (SE/284)
56667Card Conversions6/15/2021In DevelopmentShoreline Credit Union is requesting to move their ATM/Debit Card Processing from Online PSCU to COOP.Shoreline Credit Union (SE/284)
56725Software Enhancement6/24/2021In DevelopmentNew Tool to Force Post Credit Card Debit ExceptionsN/A
56802Software Enhancement7/6/2021CompleteFiltering Product Rate Boards for BizLink 247 vs. It's Me 247 vs. MyBIZN/A5/7/2023
56806Program Modification7/6/2021In QC TestingUpdate 'It'sMyBiz247' to 'BizLink247' on emails generated for password resets for business bankingN/A
59410Program Modification7/28/2022CompleteCorrection to the first payment date writing out to the loan files.Honor Credit Union (BT/200)3/28/2023
59412Custom Request7/28/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNugget, a division of Bluestone FCU would like a CPI integration with Allied Solutions.Nugget, a division of Bluestone FCU (P1/348)5/26/2023
59425Software Enhancement8/1/2022Awaiting ImplementationEnhance Native Receipts to support marketing ImaginesN/A
59436Warranty Adjustment8/2/2022In DevelopmentCorrect Credit Pull Program from Adding Additional Manual Pulls on the SystemN/A
59445Warranty Adjustment8/4/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate OLLE (formerly ChatterYak) send to CU*BASE tracker creation processN/A
59448Program Modification8/4/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceImaging Release Management support for MySQL 8N/A
59453Custom Request8/8/2022In QC TestingExpand Contact Preferences Feature to be Configurable by CUNotre Dame FCU (ND/254)
59470Program Modification8/9/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceA written off loan should show the Processing Date it was written off instead of the System Date.N/A
59471Software Enhancement8/9/2022CompleteCreate new process to get OLB data daily and move completely through the system with little or no intervention.N/A4/11/2023
59472General Research8/9/2022CompleteResearch Project to Determine Why Certain Overdraft Loans, with $0.00 Balances, are Being Excluded From Automated Payment Changes by the SystemService 1 Federal CU (TD/420);Kellogg Community CU (KG/249)4/14/2023
59474CU Conversions/Mergers8/9/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationServe CU (FILEDP/#201) De-conversion effective (4/30/2023)Serve Credit Union (DP/201)5/26/2023
59493General Research8/12/2022CompleteResearch only - Research why a Scheduled AFT Payment to a Loan With Automated Payment Changes Did Not Advance the Due Date of the Loan Before Modifying the Payment DueService 1 Federal CU (TD/420)3/31/2023
59496Custom Request8/16/2022Awaiting ImplementationCreate integration with unblu to leverage chat / video / co-browsing platform within the CU's web siteVendor: unblu
59503Warranty Adjustment8/17/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceItsMe247: API: Update the accounts/loans endpoint to accurately reflect if the loan is a 360 mortgageN/A
59504Program Modification8/17/2022CompleteDisplay Negative "Undistributed Cash" Value for Individual Branches listed on "Head Teller Sign-On Confirmation" Report (PHTON2)Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)3/10/2023
59510Custom Internet Application8/18/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate URL for Loan Applications in ItsMe247 to Point to Sync1 App Portal for My PensacolaPensacola Gov't FCU (3813)
59521Software Enhancement8/22/2022In DevelopmentEnhance Retailer Direct features to support Marine Financial lending servicesN/A
59522Warranty Adjustment8/22/2022In DevelopmentCorrect AFT payments on 360 Mortgages when DQ Control is 'Single Payment per Period' and AFT settings is 'Make this payment every time'Cincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)
59523Custom Internet Application8/22/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate RouteOne Integration for Journey Federal Credit UnionJourney Federal Credit Union (JO/354)
59524Custom Internet Application8/22/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate Integration with Dealertrack for Journey FCUJourney Federal Credit Union (JO/354)
59527Software Enhancement8/22/2022Awaiting ImplementationJMS enhancement to alert on forgotten In-Box documentsN/A
59530Custom Internet Application8/23/2022CompleteCreate OpenLending Integrations for Madison CountyMadison County FCU (MC/156)3/23/2023
59533Program Modification8/23/2022Awaiting ImplementationMini contract variable rates are not changing correctly based on max increase/decreaseCommodore Perry FCU (CO/289);Hawaii Central FCU (HW/304);Sentinel Federal CU (SF/182)
59539Program Modification8/24/2022CompleteAdd an optional y/n flag to Tool #659 Print Loan Statement Notices to mask account numbers when printingPartnership Financial Credit Union (PF/311)5/7/2023
59550Software Enhancement8/25/2022In Custom QC TestingiDocVault 2.0 Reports/StatementsN/A
59553Feasibility Research8/25/2022In DevelopmentGold Web POC for Imaging IntegrationN/A
59559Card Conversions8/26/2022In DevelopmentNugget a division of Bluestone FCU is requesting a debit start up with MAPS.Nugget, a division of Bluestone FCU (P1/348)
59581Custom Request8/30/2022CompleteEffective 11/1/2022 - program Dealertrack loan data file for electronic lien filing/release.Pheple FCU (PH/353)4/2/2023
59597Card Conversions9/1/2022In DevelopmentTotal Community Credit Union is requesting a debit vendor change from FISERV to MAPS.Total Community CU (TC/285)
59599Software Enhancement9/1/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceRevamp Check Register ToolN/A
59617Program Modification9/6/2022CompleteAdjust the Select All and Unselect All buttons to work properly in the "Branches to exclude" option in CU*BASE Employee SecurityHawaii Central FCU (HW/304)3/7/2023
59632Warranty Adjustment9/8/2022CompletePrevent program that calculates Credit Insurance premiums from processing changes to MEMBER and SECURE records when the loan does not have insurance.Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)5/16/2023
59638Program Modification9/9/2022In DevelopmentPSCU Card Maintenance interferes with PSCU OTB processN/A
59639Program Modification9/9/2022In DevelopmentOpt In/Opt Out Notification Emails being sent out when Reg E status is not being changed. Need this to only process notifications when actual Opt In/Opt Out changesBlueOx Credit Union (UE/169)
59648Custom Request9/12/2022CompleteVJ Bakersfield City Employees - SSO for FIS OTBN/A3/8/2023
59650Software Enhancement9/12/2022In DevelopmentUpdate R2S Integration to Support Disbursement Type of TransferN/A
59654Custom Request9/13/2022In DevelopmentPartnership Financial CU is requesting an integration with Envisant (formerly LSC)Partnership Financial Credit Union (PF/311)
59655Card Conversions9/13/2022CompleteEffective April 17th, 2023 , Straits Area Federal Credit Union would like to move credit card processing from FIS to COOP Payments One.Straits Area Federal CU (SR/146)4/24/2023
59666General Research9/14/2022CompleteResearch only - Capacity Testing of CU Spy App ServerN/A3/23/2023
59667Software Enhancement9/14/2022In Custom QC TestingiDocVault 2.0 add support for favorited reportsN/A
59668Custom Request9/14/2022Pending Vendor FeedbackNugget, a division of Bluestone FCU request for SSO to MoneyMapNugget, a division of Bluestone FCU (P1/348)
59684Architectural changes9/16/2022In DevelopmentImprove member and user experience in online banking for CD Secured Loan Creation, Unsecured Loan Creation, and Process RDC Auto PostN/A
59685Warranty Adjustment9/16/2022CompleteFix for when Tool#169 BSA Monitoring Config is set to Monitor Cash In and Alert for Transactions over a Certain Threshold, it is not Alerting the Teller in Tool#1600 Xpress TellerMission City FCU (MI/333)3/14/2023
59686CU Conversions/Mergers9/18/2022In DevelopmentSaginaw County Employees CU (FILESW/#730) De-conversion Effective 6/30/2023Saginaw County Empl. CU (SW/730)
59687CU Conversions/Mergers9/18/2022In DevelopmentJDMH Federal CU (FILEJD/#5437) De-conversion Effective 7/31/2023J D M H Federal Credit Union (JD/5437)
59688Custom Request9/18/2022In DevelopmentProspera CU (FILEBA/#3150) De-conversion Effective 9/30/2023Prospera CU (BA/3150)
56915Program Modification7/22/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceImprove the efficiency of the process of gathering and displaying data for the Program Tracking DashboardN/A
56922Feasibility Research7/22/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceDesign a CU\*BASE Packages systemN/A
56924Feasibility Research7/22/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate an iSweep Replacement StrategyN/A
56948Software Enhancement7/28/2021CompleteEnhancements to Deposit Holds for Large DepositsN/A5/7/2023
56974Custom Internet Application7/30/2021CompleteCreate Sync1 LOS Integration for AnecaANECA FCU (3840)4/2/2023
57170Software Enhancement8/30/2021In DevelopmentComplete batch maintenance certification for CO-OP Debit Card APBATCH4N/A
57215Software Enhancement9/7/2021CompleteNew Preview Escrow Analysis DashboardN/A5/7/2023
57274Custom Internet Application9/15/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate Integration with MeridianLink for Illinois CommunityIllinois Community Credit Union (IL/319)
57301Software Enhancement9/21/2021CompleteNew Access Points for CLR Path Decision AdvisorN/A5/7/2023
57579Program Modification10/28/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceIM247 Loan Application Modification for change marital status to Married, Unmarried, SeparatedN/A
59692Software Enhancement9/19/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceCreate a process to merge G/L data for two or more credit unions.N/A
59694Custom Request9/20/2022CompleteCreate an integration with FIS / ZelleConsumers Federal CU (WB/123)3/7/2023
59702Warranty Adjustment9/21/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceUpdate misc member account forms to use long last name for member name in double window address formatGR Consumers Credit Union (GC/127)
59703Program Modification9/21/2022CompleteCreate re-load / re-send process for DealerTrack -- send program is SDLRTRKCLInternal project3/21/2023
59704Warranty Adjustment9/21/2022CompleteFix to Tool#1 Teller Line Posting to Honor Freeze Codes After Exiting Misc Receipts ScreenWexford Community CU (WX/450)3/21/2023
59711Custom Request9/22/2022CompleteLimestone FCU is interested in having amplifi loyalty rewards points (Augeo) displayed on member credit card statements.Limestone FCU (LI/329)4/14/2023
59712Custom Request9/22/2022CompleteLimestone FCU is interested in an SSO integration to amplifi loyalty rewards within their online banking.Limestone FCU (LI/329)5/11/2023
59716General Research9/22/2022CompleteResearch Project: Delinquency Notices Not Generating on Loan Account for Area FCUArea Federal Credit Union (AN/149)3/7/2023
59719Program Modification9/23/2022In DevelopmentError in transmitting CC Payment file for CU.V0 Local 697 FCU cuid 3888
59737Program Modification9/26/2022In DevelopmentEnsure that OLB rate board is updated when update variable rates are being used.Academic FCU (AB/288)
59758Warranty Adjustment9/28/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourcePrevent warning message hard stop error when multiple users access Disburse Loan function from Tool 2N/A
59760Program Modification9/28/2022CompleteAdd shared branching to type of transaction delivery on the CTR print out.Advantage Credit Union (AV/219)4/25/2023
59779Custom Request10/4/2022With Client for Bid ApprovalIntegration with EquipifiKellogg Community CU (KG/249)
59782Custom Request10/4/2022CompleteBlueOx Credit Union would like to add 2 new bins and no certification is needed.BlueOx Credit Union (UE/169)5/19/2023
59791Program Modification10/6/2022CompleteUpdate the program used to update the DEX driver file to allow a process type of 'M' -- monthlyN/A5/7/2023
59803Custom Request10/10/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationJeep Country FCU would like us to starting sending CECL files to Abrigo (fka Sageworks) in January 2023.Jeep Country FCU (JP/349)5/22/2023
59804Software Enhancement10/10/2022CompleteAdd Ability to Assign Default Approval ID to 1Click Loan OffersN/A5/7/2023
59811CU Conversions/Mergers10/11/2022CompleteEffective 5/1/2023 - Scient FCU (FILEST/#359) is converting ONLINE to CU*BASEScient FCU (ST/359)4/25/2023
59813Program Modification10/11/2022In QC TestingAdd the Online Share Secured Loan and Online CD Secured Processing Fee to the Fee Income Analysis DashboardN/A
59831Software Enhancement10/12/2022In QC TestingNew FUEL Decision Performance ReportN/A
59834Software Enhancement10/12/2022In DevelopmentEnhance Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) DashboardN/A
59839Program Modification10/13/2022CompleteFix typo on Negative Balance Limit Calculator screenN/A5/7/2023
59842Custom Request10/13/2022CompleteEffective 5/1/2023 - Program Monthly OTB Loan Balance & Status file import from Student Choice for Scient FCU (FILEST/#359)Scient FCU (ST/359)5/3/2023
59849Program Modification10/14/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceAdjust the Account Payable program to populate the payment date in the history file only when the item is paid, not when it is prepared for paymentN/A
59850Custom Request10/14/2022CompleteEffective 5/1/2023 - Scient FCU would like us to send the standard CU*BASE data extract (including ACH) to VerafinScient FCU (ST/359)5/17/2023
59852Custom Request10/14/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceEffective 3/1/2023 - Setup ItsMe247 SSO for FIS OTB Credit Cards (eZCard Info) for Christian Family FCU (FILEC0/#360)Christian Family Credit Union (C0/360)
59863CU Conversions/Mergers10/17/2022CompleteWalker County FCU (FILEWC/358) is converting to CU*BASE effective 04/01/2023Walker County FCU (WC/358)3/29/2023
59868Custom Request10/17/2022CompleteCumberland wants the daily SWBC Validation file process to be automated and ran in ROBOTCumberland County FCU (CY/3430)5/1/2023
59872Custom Request10/18/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceJefferson Community FCU would like to implement PSCU OTB CC SSO at conversion, 2/15/23.Jefferson Community FCU (JE/357)
59890Program Modification10/19/2022CompleteAdd back the ability to select a date range for current month when generating the file maintenance review report in tool #402N/A5/7/2023
59891Program Modification10/20/2022In DevelopmentWrite a couple of new Toolbox tools to be used for Experian Encryption, one to activate and one to de-activate.N/A
59900Software Enhancement10/20/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceAllow Dual Emboss for Individual Memberships - Debit and Credit Card OrdersN/A
59902Warranty Adjustment10/21/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationA zero TIN in teller audit file is causing problems in BSA.SPC Credit Union (S1/316)5/30/2023
59903General Research10/21/2022Research OnlyResearch only - Debts not Pulling into Application for Joint Owners on New Credit ReportsN/A
59904Warranty Adjustment10/21/2022Completewhen selecting assign approver from AP2: Organize AP Invoices for Processing they are getting a screen errorTBA Credit Union (TB/190)5/7/2023
59905Custom Request10/21/2022CompleteAllied CPI Premium Posting and payment change for Power CUPower Credit Union (PW/352)4/21/2023
59918Program Modification10/25/2022Awaiting ImplementationUpdate Password Reset Feature to Allow CU to Specify the Temporary PasswordN/A
59919Software Enhancement10/25/2022In Custom QC TestingProDoc Forms ReplacementN/A
59932Program Modification10/27/2022CompleteAdjust Tool 159 Audit CU File Maintenance process to look for ECU* files in the FILExx library onlyVacationLand FCU (VA/197)5/18/2023
59934Custom Request10/27/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceWalker County FCU would like to implement FIS OTB SSO at conversion, 04/01/23Walker County FCU (WC/358)
59935Custom Internet Application10/27/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceBuild CUNA Protection Advisor Integration for PheplePheple FCU (PH/353)
57593Program Modification10/29/2021Waiting for Quality Control ResourceUpdate Transfund Batch Maintenance processing to notify OPS when no file is sent to vendorN/A
57611Program Modification11/2/2021In DevelopmentAllow budget modeling to happen even if no dollars have been projected for the year.N/A
57638Software Enhancement11/5/2021CompleteXpress Teller Enhancement: Print Checks/MOs at Other Branches, Add User-defined Check Type (cashier's checks, etc.)N/A5/7/2023
57640Software Enhancement11/5/2021In QC TestingReceipt Printing Controls EnhancementsN/A
57664Custom Request11/9/2021CompleteITM Integration with NCR to CU*BaseHonor Credit Union (BT/200)5/7/2023
57791Custom Request11/24/2021CompleteSantee Cooper CU would like to launch instant issue for their credit cards with Entrust DataCard ( Cloud Offering ).Santee Cooper Credit Union (SN/317)4/18/2023
57799Program Modification11/26/2021Awaiting ImplementationChange generic vendor file programs to pull phone number from Enhanced Member Phone fileN/A
57851Software Enhancement12/6/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceNew Feature to Reward Members for Using Plastic Card at Local Retailer/CompaniesN/A
57870MTG Mobile Deployment12/8/2021CompleteMTG Mobile 5 Annual Update: Mountain River Credit Union (917)N/A5/12/2023
57904Program Modification12/13/2021CompleteItsMe247: Magic Wrighter A2A Service: Update service that sends A2A transactions to Magic WrighterN/A3/14/2023
57932MTG Mobile Deployment12/16/2021CompleteMTG Mobile 5 Annual Update: Columbia Credit Union (337)N/A5/12/2023
57942Custom Request12/16/2021In DevelopmentCreate SSO to Student ChoiceCincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)
57952Software Enhancement12/17/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd option to loan category config to prevent loan payoff via online bankingPark City CU (PC/222)
57994Custom Request12/23/2021With Expert for ResearchCreate custom tool so the CU can review and update credit bureau fileLife Asset, Inc. (JV/4795)
57997Custom Internet Application12/24/2021Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate online banking URL for Aneca to point to Sync1ANECA FCU (3840)
58005MTG Mobile Deployment12/27/2021CompleteMTG Mobile 5 Annual Update: Rolling F Credit Union (956)N/A5/12/2023
58074Software Enhancement1/6/2022In DevelopmentNew Option to Pay Escrow Analysis Surplus Funds by CheckN/A
59946Warranty Adjustment10/31/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationEliminate Error Displayed in trial balance due to"sort by" number not passed from LTBFA2 report to LDA offset 529N/A5/23/2023
59964General Research11/1/2022Research OnlyResearch only -Cards Closed in Gold not permanently closed at the Vendor, Vendor says it's due to the Closure Code usedIBEW and United Workers FCU (ZH/3926)1/5/2023
59971Software Enhancement11/1/2022Pending Vendor FeedbackDigital Issuance/Push Provisioning - PSCU Real Time Card Add MessagingN/A
59985CU*NW Custom Project11/2/2022CompleteComunidad Latina: Request to setup regular monthly reporting to TransUnionComunidad Latina FCU (Z9/3938)3/8/2023
60014Warranty Adjustment11/2/2022In QC TestingCorrect Tool#460 Loan Concentration Risk Report by Member to Accurately Show Member and Non-Member RecordsCincinnati Interagency (CA/216)
60018Custom Request11/3/2022CompleteTransportation Federal Credit Union would like us to convert over memos from PSCU for their upcoming credit card batch to online project and place them in a tracker on the members loan.Transportation Federal Credit Union (TN/347)3/29/2023
60032Software Enhancement11/7/2022In DevelopmentExpand Sync1 LOS Integration to Support Real Estate CollateralMultiple- Partnership, Diversified, Community West
60061Program Modification11/10/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceHome Equity Statements need to properly perform page break when going over one page. It is overwriting CU Name and address on 2nd pageCumberland County FCU (CY/3430)
60077Program Modification11/11/2022CompleteRDC Enrollment new procedure call add to APIN/A5/2/2023
60078Custom Request11/11/2022CompleteCreate integration with LaserPro for North Coast Business LendingNorth Coast Business Lending (J1/4793)4/17/2023
60081Custom Internet Application11/14/2022CompleteRiverview Credit Union requesting Integration with OpenLendingRiverview CU (RV/221)3/23/2023
60085General Research11/14/2022CompleteResearch only - ANR program did not reinstate account based on ANR configuration and member positive account status.Fire Police City County (FP/300)4/14/2023
60086Software Enhancement11/14/2022In DevelopmentCreate Separate OPER Configuration for ARU Settings /Updates to OPER OLB ConfigurationN/A
60092Software Enhancement11/15/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceHandling Principal Curtailments on Interest-Only Loans When Late Payments are ReceivedN/A
58103Program Modification1/10/2022CompleteChange the shared branch transfer screen to show Beginning Available balance with par value also excludedN/A5/7/2023
58121Software Enhancement1/12/2022In QC Testing1Click Offers Enhancements: e-Sign Forms for CC offers, More e-Sign Forms per offerN/A
58132Software Enhancement1/13/2022CompleteG/L Chart of Account Maintenance - Break out Branch and Corporate ID as Separate Maintenance ToolsN/A5/7/2023
58174General Research1/20/2022Research OnlyCU*BASE User Interface R&DN/A
58181Warranty Adjustment1/21/2022In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Correct problem in Loan Portfolio where purpose code description is missing.N/A
58265Program Modification2/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceReturn an error when match for member cannot be found when vendors do a member search via various API applicationsN/A
58268Program Modification2/2/2022CompleteReprinting an Xtend shared branching Vertical receipt removes all indicators that this was a shared branch transaction.N/A3/21/2023
58293Program Modification2/4/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceAnalytics Booth: Add the ability to do a from - through range of periods to the general ledger variance dashboard.N/A
60098Custom Request11/16/2022CompleteAeroquip is requesting to switch CPI vendors: move from Allied to van WagenenAeroquip Credit Union (AQ/144)3/20/2023
60108Software Enhancement11/17/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceACH On-Demand Fee Enhancement: Allow Fee to Be Covered by the Incoming DepositN/A
60112Software Enhancement11/18/2022CompleteAutomated Payment Changes for MEMBER6 Contract Variable Rate Loans (Upon a Rate Change)N/A5/7/2023
60135Warranty Adjustment11/21/2022CompleteEliminate issue with an HSA code populating an escrow transaction when an in-house check from an HSA is used to pay a mortgage loan with escrow.Ripco (RP/3225)5/7/2023
60155Software Enhancement11/23/2022In DevelopmentCreate an integration with Sherpa Real-Time Payment Services for CorpOne for Receiving PaymentsN/A
60160Warranty Adjustment11/25/2022In QC TestingANR fees are not being charged when an account has secured or held funds and access their Negative balance limitN/A
60161Custom Request11/25/2022CompleteTru Choice Federal Credit Union would like to launch instant issue with Entrust Datacard and COOP for their debit card conversion in April of 2023.TruChoice FCU (TF/306)4/27/2023
60165Custom Forms11/25/2022CompleteForms programming for conversion - Walker County FCU (WC/358) Forms ready by: 3/9/2023 (Share & TRID Forms)Walker County FCU (WC/358)3/9/2023
60179Custom Request11/29/2022In Client Beta TestingMTG: New SavvyMoney Widget for iOS & Android Mobile AppsN/A
60182Custom Request11/29/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate API credentials for Northern Hills FCU for MessagePayNorthern Hills Federal CU (NH/161)
60184Software Enhancement11/29/2022In QC TestingAdd Monthly Totals for MCC Groupings to Credit Card Statement Flat FileN/A
60185Program Modification11/29/2022In QC TestingChanges to ISOCTL2 should write out to maintenance.N/A
60189Software Enhancement11/30/2022In DevelopmentAdd Monthly Totals for MCC Groupings to Credit Card Statements Online StatementsN/A
60196Software Enhancement11/30/2022CompleteAdd Create Forms button in GOLDN/A5/7/2023
60198Custom Request11/30/2022CompleteWalker County FCU would like us to start sending our monthly CECL file to Visible Equity/nCino effective 05/01/2023. CU converts 04/01/2023.Walker County FCU (WC/358)5/3/2023
60199Custom Request11/30/2022CompleteCreate SSO for CuneXus Pre-Approved Loans in Online Banking for Labor Credit UnionLabor Credit Union (DL/272)3/7/2023
60201General Research11/30/2022CompleteResearch only - research why CD accounts in a Marketing Club are Not Receiving the Configured Club Certificate Benefit RatesLimestone FCU (LI/329);Monroe County Comm CU (MO/263)5/4/2023
60203Software Enhancement12/1/2022In DevelopmentAdd Two Factor Authentication to Password Resets / Redesign ARU/OLB Access (PIN) ScreenN/A
60205Custom Request12/1/2022Awaiting ImplementationScient FCU (FILEST/359) would like us to start sending a Loan Participation Tracking file to CUNA after their 5/1/2023 conversion.Scient FCU (ST/359)
60211Architectural changes12/1/2022In DevelopmentImprove member and user experience in online backing for CRT Loan Applications with Credit Report pull, Loan Amortization and accept 1Click OffersN/A
60215Custom Forms12/1/2022CompleteForms programming for conversion - Scient FCU (ST/359) Forms ready by: 3/23/2023Scient FCU (ST/359)3/23/2023
60219Program Modification12/2/2022In Custom QC TestingUAS Processing move from within a CU on OPER menu to ROBOTN/A
60220Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate & Transmit Credit Card Payments for TMG update to be able to run outside of a credit union OPER menuN/A
60221Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceChange TMG create and transmit of credit card payments to run outside of a credit unionN/A
58337Software Enhancement2/10/2022CompleteCreate new tool to work ACH warehouse suspense items (the PACHSU) with invalid account numbersN/A5/7/2023
58373Custom Request2/16/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceIntegration with COOP core interface for the call centerOld Mill Recovery
58382Card Conversions2/16/2022CompleteTransportation Federal Credit Union is moving their credit card processing from Batch PSCU to online credit cards with PSCU.Transportation Federal Credit Union (TN/347)3/16/2023
58408Software Enhancement2/21/2022CompleteMTG: Membership Opening 3.0 - DAON Identity X License Verification & CU Publisher ConfigurationsN/A3/22/2023
58411Software Enhancement2/21/2022CompleteMTG: CU Publisher Request Center Modifiation to allow CUs to mass-delete previous request based on a dateN/A3/16/2023
58503Custom Request3/7/2022CompleteKauai FCU would like to CU*Answers to send monthly mortgage CPI file to SWBCKaua’i FCU (KE/338)3/7/2023
58527Custom Request3/10/2022CompleteHonor Credit Union request for integration with PlaidHonor Credit Union (BT/200)5/7/2023
58530Program Modification3/11/2022CompleteIn the Participation Government investor file, address the Due Date of Last Paid Installment to be from the actual period being reported - Not as of current day.Honor Credit Union (BT/200)4/11/2023
58544Custom Request3/14/2022In DevelopmentKauai FCU (FILEKE/338) would like to add an API for MessagePay to receive share and/or loan information and send share and/or loan payment information by 4/1/2023Kaua’i FCU (KE/338)
58564General Research3/16/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceResearch only - Improve user experience for bank secrecy by speeding up the database accessN/A
58595Program Modification3/22/2022In DevelopmentItsMe247: API and deployment: Update local NuGet feed used for deployments to supported standardsN/A
58628Custom Request3/28/2022Awaiting ImplementationMTG: Smart Health Pay Card Webform Application to i2c Auto Decisioning API for Medical CardN/A
58683Program Modification4/5/2022In QC TestingModify FISB-PaymentsOne batch programs to only archive 7 days of maintenance files.N/A
58691Program Modification4/5/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceChange PSCU (Star/First Data) batch programs to only archive 7 days of maintenance files.N/A
58710Custom Request4/8/2022In DevelopmentParkside Credit Union is requesting that we send the old card number in field 95 when the credit union adds a new card in the CX batch maintenance add record.Parkside Credit Union (PK/137)
58745Software Enhancement4/14/2022CompleteAdd Two Factor Authentication tor Personal Information Changes in Online BankingN/A5/7/2023
60223Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceChange FDR-1 credit card payment create & transmit to run outside of a credit unionN/A
60224Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceChange Certegy-1 credit card payment create and transmit to run outside of a credit unionN/A
60225Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceChange create & transmit Credit Card Payments for Certegy-2 to run outside a credit unionN/A
60232Custom Request12/5/2022CompleteCreate and send CPI File to QuietrackCU*NorthWest (ZA/3900)3/8/2023
60246Software Enhancement12/6/2022In DevelopmentMTG: CU Publisher product & configurations for localization enhancement to support additional languages like Spanish within online banking.N/A
60247Software Enhancement12/6/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceMTG: IM247 & BL247 Mobile App localization enhancement for iOS and Android to support additional languages like Spanish.N/A
60248Software Enhancement12/6/2022CompleteOLB: It's Me 247 & BizLink247 Desktop & Mobile Web localization enhancements to support additional languages like SpanishN/A5/7/2023
60259Warranty Adjustment12/7/2022In DevelopmentGetting error message when trying to select who you are serving in teller.Alpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133)
60268Program Modification12/7/2022In Custom QC TestingDovenmuehle (DMI) Mortgages Bal Status change to run outside of CUN/A
60275Custom Request12/8/2022CompleteHonor CU has requested an API integration with Fiserv Card Console into CU*BASEHonor Credit Union (BT/200)5/4/2023
60279CU*NW Custom Project12/8/2022In DevelopmentState Highways CUBASE deconversion from CU*NW mid maybe 2023State Highway C U (ZI/3929)
60292Custom Request12/9/2022In DevelopmentAeroquip Credit Union would like to launch instant issue with Entrust Datacard and FIS Payments One for their debit cards.Aeroquip Credit Union (AQ/144)
60294Custom Request12/9/2022In DevelopmentChief Financial Credit Union is interested in an SSO to the PSCU CU Rewards site in online banking.Chief Financial CU (CM/265)
60302Warranty Adjustment12/12/2022CompleteSelf-directed flood for AFT needs correction to update correct field. CUFMAINT records correct field.N/A5/7/2023
60307Program Modification12/12/2022CompleteChange to the Verify Member Window in Tool#1 Teller Line Posting to Include 2nd or Alternate Address Information Where ApplicableFirst Trust Credit Union (LP/134)5/7/2023
60308Custom Request12/12/2022CompleteProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for Scient Federal Credit UnionScient FCU (ST/359)5/3/2023
60310Custom Forms12/12/2022CompleteForms programming for conversion - Scient FCU (ST/359) Forms ready by: 3/23/2023 (Share Forms)Scient FCU (ST/359)3/23/2023
60315Custom Request12/13/2022CompleteCustom data flood for Kauai Federal Credit UnionKaua’i FCU (KE/338)4/17/2023
60322Program Modification12/14/2022CompleteUpdate text on CD purchase page within Purchase a CD moduleN/A3/14/2023
60323Program Modification12/14/2022In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Modify data imports to accommodate incoming teller day-of-week and time-of-day data.N/A
60325Program Modification12/14/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceVMS Configuration: Remove Features Sunset with Online 247N/A
60326Software Enhancement12/14/2022Awaiting ImplementationUpdate to Share Draft Exception Tool to Identify Members on Block ListN/A
60327Card Conversions12/14/2022In DevelopmentRipco Credit Union would like to move debit card processing from FISERV to COOP. (APBATCH 4)Ripco (RP/3225)
60331Warranty Adjustment12/15/2022CompleteCorrect issue where A2A disbursement on HELOCs does not result in payment changing3/7/2023
60334Software Enhancement12/15/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceNew Balance Adjustment OPER Tool for Internal UseN/A
60339Program Modification12/16/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceChange eff date account adjustment program to not populate data in the transaction record for EFT detailN/A
60342Card Conversions12/16/2022In DevelopmentJeep Country Federal Credit Union is moving debit card vendors from FISERV to FIS ( Payments One ).Jeep Country FCU (JP/349)
60343Custom Request12/16/2022CompleteBridge CU is requesting an API integration for their phone system (Ring Central)Bridge Credit Union (SH/236)4/21/2023
60345Custom Request12/16/2022With Client for Bid ApprovalIntegration of Glia within mobile AppVENDOR: Glia
60347Custom Forms12/18/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlays for credit card formsFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)6/1/2023
60350Warranty Adjustment12/19/2022In DevelopmentChange the electronic deposit hold assignment to not compare negative balance accounts to a 0.00 balance requirement in the member in good standing basic parameters when updating codes.Pheple FCU (PH/353)
60362Program Modification12/20/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceRestore inter-member transfers for Audio Response (ARU) - includes new separate config flagN/A
60367Custom Request12/20/2022CompleteJeep Country Federal Credit Union is moving their OTB Credit Card platform with FIS from TBS to Payments One.Jeep Country FCU (JP/349)4/3/2023
60389Program Modification12/23/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceRobot report CMNTST with message information is not pulling all dataJerry Collins
60396Custom Request12/28/2022In Vendor TestingRivertown FCU would like us to start sending a Loan Participation Tracking file to CUNARivertown Community FCU (RT/335)
60398Program Modification12/28/2022CompleteUpdate the Member Card Status Exception report program to verify the FILExx library exists before processingN/A3/7/2023
60403Warranty Adjustment12/29/2022CompleteCash transfers from branch vault to supplemental vault or supp vault to branch can erroneously appear in Teller Control.Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)4/4/2023
60406Program Modification12/30/2022CompleteMiscellaneous corrections to processing of Mortgage Center OTB Loan information fileParkside Credit Union (PK/137)3/7/2023
60412Software Enhancement1/3/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceMember in Good Standing: Basic Parameters ExpansionN/A
60418Program Modification1/4/2023In DevelopmentAlter ACH receiving to retrieve more than the past seven processes which checks for previous file processedN/A
60425CU Conversions/Mergers1/5/2023In DevelopmentEffective 8/1/2023 - 1st Mississippi FCU (FILEM3/362) is converting ONLINE to CU*BASE1st Mississippi Federal Credit Union (M3/362)
60432GOLD Screen Modification1/5/2023CompleteCreate a LegaSuite Script to Adjust Line Wrapping and Spacing Within the CU*BASE/OPER Tool Information ScreensN/A5/7/2023
60433Program Modification1/5/2023CompleteChange VISA Maps batch maintenance programs to send correct configuration for the allow flags on ATM/Debit cardsN/A4/25/2023
60434GOLD Screen Modification1/5/2023CompleteUpdate GOLD Homepage Graphics for the 23.05 ReleaseN/A5/7/2023
60444GOLD Screen Modification1/6/2023CompleteThe 'Loan Request Maintenance' buttons 'color' should obey the users' preferences when they are something other than Classic Blue.N/A5/7/2023
60451Custom Forms1/6/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan application form - XAPPAdventHealth Credit Union (FH/246)3/9/2023
60453Custom Forms1/6/2023CompleteNew custom loan insurance form - CLCDTri-Cities Credit Union (TI/151)3/16/2023
60457Custom Request1/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceHarris County FCU would like to change select signature / personal loans from process type O to process type LHarris County FCU (HC/3300)
60459Custom Request1/9/2023CompleteCherokee Strip request for new commercial lending extract file with BAFSCherokee Strip CU (CR/305)3/7/2023
60461Custom Request1/9/2023CompleteProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for San Antonio Citizens FCUSan Antonio Citizens FCU (SA/660)4/11/2023
60463Warranty Adjustment1/9/2023In DevelopmentCorrection to the skip a pay credit card tool (tool 317) to write out to statement program when multiple loan categories are chosen to participate in the programPreferred Credit Union (GD/204)
60465Software Enhancement1/9/2023In Custom QC TestingAnalytics Booth: Give Trends landing page new look and feel.N/A
60466Software Enhancement1/9/2023Awaiting ImplementationAnalytics Booth: Give Trends preferences page new look and feel.N/A
60467Software Enhancement1/9/2023Awaiting ImplementationAnalytics Booth: Give Trends favorites page new look and feel.N/A
60469Custom Request1/9/2023CompleteHeartland CU request to have a payoff file created and sent to DealerTrackHeartland Credit Union – Springfield (HS/199)3/6/2023
60471Custom Request1/9/2023CompleteCreate Integration with Cambio for First Financial Credit UnionFirst Financial CU (FL/185)5/2/2023
60475Program Modification1/10/2023In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Upgrade Ubuntu and PHP software levels to comply with network services requirements.N/A
60477Program Modification1/10/2023In DevelopmentUpdate 1Click Offers to Obey First Payment Date Details from Loan Product ConfigN/A
60479Program Modification1/10/2023In DevelopmentModification to monthly renewable credit disability (MRCD) premium calculationArize Federal Credit Union (SJ/275)
60481Warranty Adjustment1/10/2023In DevelopmentDisplay Secondary Name Information on the Secondary Names Inquiry Screen when the Joint Owner or Co-Signer Has a Closed Membership On FileHonor Credit Union (BT/200)
60486General Research1/11/2023CompleteResearch only - Determine why an account did not report to the credit bureau in November 2022United Advantage NW (ZB/3907)5/9/2023
60498Custom Request1/11/2023CompleteFiler Credit Union request for Allied Solutions to have access to iDOCFiler Credit Union (FI/350)3/7/2023
60502Software Enhancement1/12/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd More Status Codes to A2A Exception ReportN/A
60504Program Modification1/12/2023CompleteItsMe247 | Bizlink : Upgrade Codebase to .NET 6N/A3/28/2023
60510Custom Request1/13/2023CompleteAlpena Area Alcona CU (FILEAL/133) is requesting we perform stand-in for their merger (Calcite CU FILECX/141) on SaturdayAlpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133)3/28/2023
60511Custom Request1/13/2023CompleteEffective 3/18/23: Program ACH and Draft translates and posting for the merger of Calcite CU (FILECX/141) into Alpena Alcona Area CU (FILEAL/133)Alpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133)3/20/2023
60513CU*NW Custom Project1/13/2023CompleteOTB Single Sign On Client SetupMedia City Comm C U (ZD/3910)3/5/2023
60514Custom Forms1/13/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan formShell Western States (3900)3/14/2023
60518Custom Request1/16/2023CompleteProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for Ingersoll-Rand FCUIngersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (IR/315)4/26/2023
60520Custom Request1/16/2023CompleteProgram title tracking/FDI Lien file exchange with Dealertrack for eTitlesJeep Country FCU (JP/349)4/17/2023
60521Warranty Adjustment1/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate Credit Pull Program Logic for Determining an Active Report on FileN/A
60532Architectural changes1/18/2023In DevelopmentItsMe247: API: Update to latest .NET framework, improve architectureN/A
60534General Research1/18/2023CompleteResearch only - determine how the foreign citizen flag is used by all programs referencing that fieldN/A3/7/2023
60541Program Modification1/19/2023CompleteRemove BizLink247 Restricted Nicknames check on Security Question & AnswerN/A4/11/2023
60545Custom Request1/19/2023CompleteCommodore Perry FCU is requesting a new option be added to the Marketing Club parameters -- Waive ACH on-demand feeCommodore Perry FCU (CO/289)3/9/2023
60547Custom Forms1/19/2023CompleteNew overlays for custom loan formsFirst Trust Credit Union (LP/134)3/21/2023
60549Custom Request1/19/2023In DevelopmentCreate an API integration to support instant issue with Entrust DataCard Group.Entrust DataCard Group (VENDOR)
60551Custom Request1/20/2023CompleteParkside CU is requesting a purge of records from the New Membership blocked list (tool # 892)Parkside Credit Union (PK/137)5/2/2023
60555Custom Forms1/20/2023CompleteNew custom share formsShoreline Hometown CU (SE/284)4/4/2023
60556Program Modification1/20/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceLoan Rate Board Wording DuplicatedN/A
60560Custom Forms1/23/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom credit card form - XCCO/CCODSan Antonio Citizens FCU (SA/660)3/16/2023
60562Custom Request1/23/2023Awaiting ImplementationKaua'i FCU would like us to send additional information to Marquis to trigger member surveysKaua’i FCU (KE/338)
60563Program Modification1/24/2023CompleteChange the RMD minimum age from 72 to 73 for both the IRA required mimimum distribution inquiry and reportN/A3/7/2023
60564Program Modification1/24/2023CompleteChange the 5498 reporting to reflect the new min age of 73 for RMD reportingN/A3/28/2023
60566Program Modification1/24/2023Awaiting ImplementationAdjust money movement dashboard so that January balances show correctly.N/A
60567Warranty Adjustment1/24/2023In DevelopmentWhen pulling the financials for December, the tool pull the yearly budget numbers, not the monthlyN/A
60570Software Enhancement1/24/2023CompleteAdd Display of the CU Routing/Account # to the Account Details Screen in Online BankingN/A4/25/2023
60571Custom Request1/24/2023CompleteLimestone FCU is requesting a Daily Transaction file to be sent to AmpliFi Rewards.Limestone FCU (LI/329)3/16/2023
60573Program Modification1/24/2023CompleteAllow the abnormal activity monitoring transaction patterns to return results in tool #537TruChoice FCU (TF/306)3/20/2023
60577Custom Request1/25/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceExpand Sync1 LOS Integration to Include Credit Report DetailsANECA FCU (3840)
60580Software Enhancement1/25/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNew Standalone Module in Online Banking to Display Account BaseN/A
60582Custom Request1/25/2023CompleteHeartland CU request to have a payoff file created and sent to RouteOneHeartland Credit Union – Springfield (HS/199)4/17/2023
60583Custom Request1/25/2023CompleteTruNorth FCU request for file transmission with QuieTrackTruNorth FCU (T1/351)4/25/2023
60584Custom Request1/25/2023CompletePublic Service CU would like to have CU*Answers begin sending the standard file set to VerafinPublic Service CU (PS/223)3/16/2023
60588Custom Forms1/25/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom share form - OVERDayMet (DY/314)3/14/2023
60592Custom Request1/26/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceShoreline CU wants to implement SSO link for AmpliFI Rewards within ItsMe247 at the time they switch credit card vendors to COOP.Shoreline Hometown CU (SE/284)
60594Warranty Adjustment1/26/2023Waiting for Programming ResourcePhone op ACH posting getting error because work file is not cleared or deletedHonor Credit Union (BT/200)
58761Warranty Adjustment4/15/2022Awaiting ImplementationResearch and solve message in closed member tracker review that prevents view of tracker historyFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112);West Michigan CU (WM/750);Day Air (DA/227);Academic FCU (AB/288);Meijer Credit Union (MJ/186)
58764Warranty Adjustment4/15/2022CompleteCorrect Vertical Receipts to not display Principal and Interest Lines under Money Orders cut from Tool#1 Teller Line PostingTBA Credit Union (TB/190)4/4/2023
58769Program Modification4/18/2022In DevelopmentCorrect the hard error received when accessing ‘phone inquiry’ for an Xtend shared branch CU member.N/A
58785Software Enhancement4/19/2022In DevelopmentCreation of ACH Direct SSO for MagicWrighterN/A
58788Custom Request4/19/2022Pending Vendor FeedbackChange processing for 5 Credit Unions currently using QuieTrack for CPI processing to ISIISI - Vendor
58827Software Enhancement4/25/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceNew Email Notification Process for Incoming Online Banking RequestsN/A
58841Custom Request4/27/2022CompleteSafe Harbor Credit Union data automation request with Green Check VerifiedSafe Harbor Credit Union (DO/340)3/16/2023
58865Software Enhancement4/29/2022CompleteCreate a consolidated 5300 report over multiple credit unions.N/A5/7/2023
58874Program Modification5/2/2022In Custom QC TestingUpdate Imaging service Monitoring server to support Native ReceiptsN/A
58899Custom Request5/4/2022In DevelopmentFirst Financial CU Integration request with Envisant (formerly LSC) via API'sFirst Financial CU (FL/185)
58904Feasibility Research5/5/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceResearch only - improve end of day/beginning of day completion time on clients who run ANRN/A
58938Warranty Adjustment5/10/2022In DevelopmentIn a loan application, correct the window that displays when the ‘Trades’ button is used on a Trade Type of ‘O’ to display the details when Trans Union/Sync1 is used to pull credit report.N/A
58953Program Modification5/11/2022CompleteChange the investor file created for FHLB loans when company code MPX is usedN/A4/25/2023
58992Software Enhancement5/17/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceNew Error Message When A2A Transfer Exceeds Credit Union LimitsN/A
58995Software Enhancement5/17/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceAdd New Account Freeze Code to Dividend Application ConfigurationN/A
59009Software Enhancement5/18/2022Awaiting ImplementationDisplay the Escrow Analysis amortized shortage amount on the Member Inquiry screen for tax escrow accountsN/A
59010Program Modification5/18/2022CompleteChange NSF Fee Setting on NSF/OD Transfer Configuration to not display "per day" NSF fee optionN/A5/7/2023
59013Custom Internet Application5/19/2022CompleteCreate Sync1 LOS integration with Family Focus Credit UnionFamily Focus Credit Union (3957/UW)4/2/2023
59016Software Enhancement5/19/2022Awaiting ImplementationUpdate Collections Summary Dashboard to match the NCUA's revised delinquency termsN/A
59017Software Enhancement5/19/2022CompleteAdd Deferred Loan Indicator to Participation Loan TableN/A5/7/2023
59025Software Enhancement5/20/2022In DevelopmentMandate: PaymentsOne Visa Account Updater (VAU) and Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) Card Maintenance Support EnhancementsN/A
59037Program Modification5/23/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceUpdates required for Shared branching to include translation programs from EDCDIC and ASCII.N/A
59041Card Conversions5/23/2022CompleteFirst Financial Credit Union would like to move debit card processing from Jack Henry to Fiserv.First Financial CU (FL/185)3/21/2023
59050Custom Internet Application5/24/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate Allied Integration for PolicemansPoliceman’s FCU (VE/3893)
59065Program Modification5/26/2022CompleteUpdate Search Feature on General Ledger Batch InquiryN/A5/7/2023
59073Software Enhancement5/27/2022In QC TestingUpdate files with new fields, renaming of fields, and add new logical files to allow CU Base to accommodate both a vendor name and a platform nameN/A
59075Software Enhancement5/27/2022In DevelopmentModify all existing programs that use a vendor name to now pull from ISOVEND and ISOCUVND fields that were repurposed in Project 59073N/A
60602Program Modification1/27/2023In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Subscription confirmations for AB alerts and reports are going to the wrong recipient.N/A
60604Warranty Adjustment1/27/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceColumn Headings for Index Change and Incremental Change are reversed in ARLVRC tableN/A
60606Custom Forms1/27/2023CompleteNew debt protection forms effective 4/1/2023Members Source CU (MS/291)3/28/2023
60608Custom Forms1/27/2023CompleteNew custom mortgage formsCommunity First Fund FCU (C9/339)4/20/2023
60609Warranty Adjustment1/27/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceCorrect Loan Coupon Generation in Tool#657 Print Loan Coupons When Due Date is the 29th of a MonthDay Air (DA/227)
60615Software Enhancement1/30/2023In DevelopmentIntegration with AFG's Lease/Balloon Loan calculator product into CUBASE to allow credit unions to calculate residual value for vehicle loans using the AFG calculator.N/A
60616Architectural changes1/30/2023Awaiting ImplementationAutomate the deployment of rotating Online Banking API AppKeys for Mobile ApplicationsN/A
60622CU*NW Custom Project1/30/2023CompleteShell Western - Custom Form UpdateN/A3/20/2023
60624Custom Request1/31/2023Pending Client FeedbackJefferson County CU (XH/3807) SSO for DXO - April 2023CU*South (XA/3800)
60626Warranty Adjustment1/31/2023In DevelopmentNative Receipts adjust to not overwrite custom config for workstation settingsN/A
60627Program Modification1/31/2023CompleteExpand the resulting balance field when calculating dividends on a high dollar depositFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)4/18/2023
60629Warranty Adjustment1/31/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdjust Filter for Online Banking and Mobile App in Tool #447 List GeneratorN/A
60631Custom Forms1/31/2023CompleteNew custom share form - STOPKaua’i FCU (KE/338)4/13/2023
60636Program Modification2/1/2023In QC TestingObsolete file PANHIST from FILExx iibrariesN/A
60638Program Modification2/1/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceModify Existing Automatic Funds Transfer (TAT) Program EditsAffinity Credit Union (AY/295)
60640Custom Forms2/1/2023CompleteNew overlay for business LOC agreementRiver Valley Credit Union - OH (RI/303)3/30/2023
60643Custom Internet Application2/2/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceRedirect Apply Online Links within ItsMe247 to Sync1 LOS for ArizeArize Federal Credit Union (SJ/275)
60645Warranty Adjustment2/2/2023Waiting for Programming Resource136 AP Vendor Listing - not working correctly, or missing edits on screen.N/A
60650CU*NW Custom Project2/2/2023CompleteZE - Printing Industries - Updating Custom FormsN/A3/9/2023
60651Custom Forms2/2/2023CompleteModification to custom loan form - HENOPheple FCU (PH/353)3/23/2023
59076Software Enhancement5/27/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceModify or build a new tool to create ISO Online subsystems to accommodate the new vendor name and platform/format fields.N/A
59088Software Enhancement5/31/2022Complete5300 - Add NCUA Edit Messages to 5300 Call Report ToolN/A5/7/2023
59122Card Conversions6/6/2022In DevelopmentTruChoice Federal Credit Union would like to move credit card processing from FIS to COOP.TruChoice FCU (TF/306)
59146Warranty Adjustment6/9/2022CompleteEliminate error when entering Disbursement Instructions during Loan ApplicationN/A3/7/2023
59191Custom Request6/20/2022Pending Client FeedbackCreate an integration with Fiserv's Card ConsoleHonor Credit Union (BT/200)
59205Program Modification6/21/2022CompleteFix contract variable rate change notice to disclosure accurate rate change frequencyCommunity First FCU (CF/480)5/7/2023
59206Program Modification6/21/2022In QC TestingPrevent OBAPI ACH errors from occurringN/A
59224General Research6/23/2022CompleteResearch only - Secured Funds released at month-endN/A4/13/2023
59243Warranty Adjustment6/28/2022CompleteModify credit pulls to ignore old "SOFT Pulls"Harris County FCU (HC/3300)5/7/2023
59245Custom Request6/28/2022In DevelopmentCreate API integration with REPAY. This will be for both loan retrieval and loan payments.REPAY - Vendor
59257Custom Request6/29/2022In DevelopmentJourney Federal Credit Union is interested in having an integrated Instant Issue solution via an API with HID Global.Journey Federal Credit Union (JO/354)
59261Software Enhancement6/30/2022In DevelopmentCreate a new daily teller activity report for non-member transactionsHorizon Utah FCU (HZ/3460)
59268Software Enhancement7/5/2022Awaiting ImplementationMTG: Mobile App 6.1 MidYear Update for RDC Enrollment via CU*BASEN/A
59273Program Modification7/6/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate generic eDoc tag program to use the birth date fields only from MSNONMBRN/A
59281Custom Request7/7/2022CompleteFire Police City County FCU is requesting an integration with FINBOAFire Police City County (FP/300)4/18/2023
59317General Research7/13/2022CompleteResearch Request: OTB AFT's are shifting the next payment date out instead of attempting the transfer next dayValley Oak (UK/3945)4/28/2023
59324Software Enhancement7/13/2022In QC TestingXT Enhancements - Option to Hide Cash Drawer Amount and Add Teller Vault Cash Transfer FeaturesN/A
59330Custom Request7/14/2022CompleteIsabella Community FCU would like to include Augeo rewards on their member statements and discontinue FIS scorecard on their statements.Isabella Community C U (IC/126)3/27/2023
59331Custom Request7/15/2022In DevelopmentThis project is to create an API to AB Corp Evolve to offer another instant issue vendor for our credit unions.VENDOR: AB Corp Evolve
59334Card Conversions7/17/2022CompleteChief Financial Credit Union is moving their credit card processing from Batch FIS to online credit cards with PSCU.Chief Financial CU (CM/265)5/19/2023
59362Software Enhancement7/21/2022In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Cleanup the procedure for called powerlines.N/A
59363Software Enhancement7/21/2022In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Cleanup the procedure for called Web Versions.N/A
60655Custom Request2/2/2023CompleteFIS is migrating Northwestern Energy Employees FCU OTB credit cards from TBS platform to the Payments One platformNorthwestern Energy Employees FCU (3963)4/3/2023
60660Software Enhancement2/3/2023In DevelopmentDigital Issuance/Push Provisioning - FISERV Real Time Card Add MessagingN/A
60669Custom Internet Application2/6/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationCreate Sync1 LOS Integration for Calhoun LibertyCalhoun Liberty ECU (3841)5/30/2023
60670Custom Internet Application2/6/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationCreate Sync1 LOS Integration for Commodore PerryCommodore Perry FCU (CO/289)5/30/2023
60671Custom Internet Application2/6/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationCreate Sync1 LOS Integration for Cumberland CountyCumberland County FCU (CY/3430)5/30/2023
60673Program Modification2/6/2023CompleteItsMe247 | BizLink - Remove Javascript Debugging Statements From Production CodeN/A4/11/2023
60675Custom Internet Application2/6/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceRedirect Online Banking Applications to Meridianlink for AwakonAwakon Federal CU (ON/122)
60681Custom Forms2/6/2023CompleteNew custom business member formsCommunity First Fund FCU (C9/339)4/13/2023
60683Custom Request2/6/2023In DevelopmentIngersoll-Rand is requesting we perform stand-in for their merger (CraftMaster FCU/FILEC4) on Saturday 07/15/23Ingersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (IR/315)
60685Custom Forms2/6/2023CompleteNew debt protection forms effective 3/1/2023Mercer County Community FCU (MM/5419)3/14/2023
60695Program Modification2/7/2023In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Modify the receiving of delinquency data to consume new data coming in from CU*Base.N/A
60698General Research2/7/2023CompleteResearch only – Determine how fine distributions are calculated based on total fee owed.Kaua’i FCU (KE/338)4/12/2023
60703Custom Forms2/8/2023CompleteOverlay Change to HELOC Early Disclosure Form (XHEE)AllWealth FCU (AW/322)4/6/2023
60704Program Modification2/8/2023CompleteCorrect ATM/DEBIT card expiration randomizationN/A5/16/2023
60706Custom Forms2/8/2023CompleteOverlay Changes to Loan FormsQuest Federal CU (HA/129)4/6/2023
60709Program Modification2/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd error message to loan write-off/charge-off if account is locked by a maintenance programNotre Dame FCU (ND/254)
60711Custom Request2/8/2023CompleteCommonwealth Utilities Federal Credit Union would like to set up to be an issuer and acquirer with COOP Shared Branching.Commonwealth Utilities Federal Credit Union (CQ/267)4/3/2023
60712Custom Request2/8/2023In DevelopmentLimestone Federal Credit Union is performing a brand flip where they are going from Master Card to Visa with their debit cards. This project is for new BINs and a debit card mass reissue.Limestone FCU (LI/329)
60713Custom Request2/8/2023CompleteNugget, a division of Bluestone FCU is interested in implementing the SSO with amplifi rewards in online banking.Nugget, a division of Bluestone FCU (P1/348)4/18/2023
60719Software Enhancement2/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate to 1Click Loan Offers to Include Fee When Calculating Modified APRN/A
60721Program Modification2/9/2023CompleteUpdate Visa MAP ATM/Debit batch maintenance to allow blank secondary names on business cardsN/A3/7/2023
60723Custom Request2/9/2023CompleteTraverse Catholic FCU would like us to send a one time maintenance file to COOP for their debit card members with cell phone number and email addresses.Traverse Catholic CU (ET/240)4/20/2023
60725Custom Forms2/9/2023CompleteModifications to custom mortgage formCherokee Strip CU (CR/305)3/9/2023
60726Custom Request2/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceTransportation Federal Credit Union would like to have an SSO in ItsMe247 to CU Rewards with PSCU. Specs are attached if needed.Transportation Federal Credit Union (TN/347)
60727Program Modification2/10/2023CompleteRefactor Online Banking Check Controller so check image requests from Online Banking and GOLD (Check Pop) work more closely the sameN/A3/28/2023
60728CU*NW Custom Project2/10/2023In DevelopmentCreate a PSCU Collections Integration for Schools FCU (UT, 3954)Schools Federal CU (UT/3954)
60729Warranty Adjustment2/10/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceReprint of a receipt for Xtend shared branch transaction after exiting & then reentering teller processing needs required overrides.N/A
60732Custom Forms2/11/2023CompleteNew overlays for HELOC disclosures - XHE1 & XHE2Pheple FCU (PH/353)3/14/2023
60734Custom Forms2/11/2023CompleteNew overlay for HELOC disclosure - XHLCDayMet (DY/314)3/14/2023
60735Custom Forms2/11/2023CompleteNew credit card formsVacationLand FCU (VA/197)4/17/2023
60737Warranty Adjustment2/14/2023CompleteModify calls to retrieve CU-defined sales text for non-rate board applicationsN/A3/14/2023
60738Software Enhancement2/14/2023In DevelopmentAdd Credit Union Selection Screen to OPER Tool 5040 Print Statement Control ReportsN/A
60741Program Modification2/13/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd Field to OPER Config to Hold Credit Union Name Used for Credit Bureau Reporting IDN/A
60745Custom Internet Application2/14/2023CompleteCreate CUNA Protection Advisor Interface for TruNorth FCUTruNorth FCU (T1/351)4/25/2023
60746Generic Forms2/14/2023CompleteModifications to generic reg V formsN/A4/25/2023
60747Custom Forms2/14/2023CompleteModifications to custom loan formsRio Grande Valley CU (RG/324)3/28/2023
60748Custom Internet Application2/15/2023CompleteProgram Check Image Retrieval in Online Banking for Walker County FCU via CatalystN/A4/3/2023
60751Custom Request2/15/2023CompleteConfigure/Flood Xtend Shared Branching for #335 - Rivertown Community FCU (RT)Rivertown Community FCU (RT/335)3/22/2023
60753Custom Forms2/15/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan form - HEADKellogg Community CU (KG/249)4/6/2023
60755Custom Forms2/15/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan form - NOTEMembers Source CU (MS/291)4/13/2023
60756Custom Forms2/15/2023CompleteNew custom business/CC formsPeninsula Federal CU (ME/600)4/27/2023
60757Custom Forms2/15/2023CompleteModifications to custom loan form - LNAGFarm Bureau Family CU (FB/370)3/16/2023
60758Custom Forms2/15/2023CompleteNew debt protection forms effective 5/1/2023H.P.C. Credit Union (HP/138)4/27/2023
60759Program Modification2/16/2023In DevelopmentEliminate lock on ACH Member Distributions FileN/A
60760Program Modification2/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceProgram Modification to the written off loan process for variable rate credit cards.N/A
60761CU*NW Custom Project2/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourcePrinting Industries (3912/ZE) de-conversion scheduled for April 30thPrinting Industries CU (ZE/3912)
60763Program Modification2/16/2023CompleteInternal tool to correct online banking enrollment issues when the enrollment process is interrupted prior to completion.N/A3/7/2023
60765Program Modification2/16/2023CompleteProgram modification to correctly determine when a certificate can bump and how many times.N/A5/7/2023
60767Program Modification2/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdjust the Misc Receipt Posting Code look-up when creating disbursement instructions.N/A
60768Software Enhancement2/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate Verbiage on Contract Variable Rate Notices to Clarify Payment TermsN/A
60773Custom Request2/17/2023In Development1st Mississippi FCU (FILEM3/362) would like us to start sending a Loan Participation Tracking file to CUNA after their 8/1/2023 conversion.1st Mississippi Federal Credit Union (M3/362)
60779Program Modification2/17/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceAdjust Accounts Payable listing report to follow the filters selected for reportWest Michigan CU (WM/750)
60781Custom Request2/20/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCincinnati Ohio Police CU request for integration with Interface.aiCincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)
60783Custom Forms2/20/2023CompleteModification to custom loan form - OECACherokee Strip CU (CR/305)3/9/2023
60786Custom Request2/20/2023CompleteModifications to CUNA Protection Advisor for Automatically issuing GAP Insurance upon loan closing/fundingCU*South (XA/3800)4/11/2023
60789Custom Internet Application2/20/2023CompleteQualifile integration for Walker County FCUN/A3/20/2023
60791GOLD Screen Modification2/21/2023CompleteAdjust GOLD screen to have correct layout when accessed multiple timesN/A5/7/2023
60793Program Modification2/21/2023In DevelopmentVault Manager support for SSO for iDocVault 2.0N/A
60796Custom Request2/21/2023Awaiting ImplementationMonroe Community request for standard CU*Base data extract (including ACH) to VerafinMonroe County Comm CU (MO/263)
60799Program Modification2/21/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd Flag to the Check Register Program to Identify Coop Shared Branching TransactionsEverence Federal CU (EV/268)
60805Warranty Adjustment2/22/2023CompleteModify the Loan Widget in Online Banking Web Client Layout 2 to display the correct remaining payment amount if a partial payment has been made.N/A3/28/2023
60806Custom Request2/22/2023In DevelopmentCreate collection trackers from file sent by SWBCHonor Credit Union (BT/200)
60807Program Modification2/22/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdjust navigation on HMDA Account Information Tool #1090N/A
60815Program Modification2/23/2023CompleteDuplicated name in summary widget on layout 2 in OLBN/A3/14/2023
60816Custom Forms2/23/2023CompleteNew overlays for custom share formsChristian Family Credit Union (C0/360)4/6/2023
60822Custom Request2/26/2023In Vendor TestingNotre Dame is requesting a daily push of information to Sage Developer -- Accounting software for churchesNotre Dame FCU (ND/254)
60824Software Enhancement2/27/2023Pending ApprovalOLB: Standalone Web Module for adding CO-OP cards to iOS & Android digital wallets (Apple Pay & Google Pay)N/A
60827Custom Forms2/27/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom share form - BIZCDay Air (DA/227)5/4/2023
60834Warranty Adjustment2/28/2023CompleteItsMe247: API: RDC enrollments EULA acceptance needs to handle empty strings from host when no previous EULA existedN/A3/14/2023
60839Custom Request2/28/2023In DevelopmentRipco Credit Union would like to implement the Instant Issue API connection with HID Global.Ripco (RP/3225)
60842Custom Forms3/1/2023CompleteOverlay Change to HELOC Early Disclosure (XHEE)Kellogg Community CU (KG/249)3/14/2023
60844GOLD Screen Modification3/1/2023CompleteGOLD development for Ocala form screensN/A3/7/2023
60845GOLD Screen Modification3/1/2023CompleteGOLD development for Kellogg Memphis Employee CU formsN/A3/8/2023
60847Custom Forms3/1/2023CompleteOverlay Change to Fee Schedule (99FEES)Journey Federal Credit Union (JO/354)3/16/2023
60849Custom Forms3/1/2023CompleteOverlay Change to Credit Card FormsBluestone Federal Credit Union (SX/142)3/28/2023
60850Custom Request3/1/2023With Expert for ResearchWork with Digital FI to integrate their product -- TalkDesk with CU*BASEVENDOR: Digital FI
60851Custom Forms3/1/2023CompleteNew custom credit card form - VISAWolverine State CU (BE/132)5/16/2023
60852Custom Forms3/1/2023CompleteNew overlays for Kasasa disclosuresCommodore Perry FCU (CO/289)3/21/2023
60853GOLD Screen Modification3/2/2023CompleteGOLD development for custom loan form for Printing Industries CUN/A3/8/2023
60854Program Modification3/2/2023CompleteItsMe247: Update eStatement enrolled messageN/A3/28/2023
60858Custom Forms3/2/2023CompleteFix to custom business member form - BIZ1TBA Credit Union (TB/190)3/14/2023
60859Custom Forms3/2/2023CompleteNew overlays for credit card formsAlpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133)3/30/2023
60860Custom Forms3/2/2023CompleteGOLD fix for custom share formsRipco (RP/3225)3/15/2023
60861General Research3/2/2023CompleteResearch - Frankenmuth Delinquent Loan Accounts are Having Freeze Codes Applied Automatically When they Do Not Meet the Parameters Listed in Tool#225 Collections Parameter ConfigurationFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)5/18/2023
60862GOLD Screen Modification3/3/2023CompleteGOLD development for VA financial FCU formsN/A3/8/2023
60863Program Modification3/3/2023In DevelopmentLoan Stipulations are not being sent to RouteOneN/A
60864CU*NW Custom Project3/3/2023In DevelopmentOnline credit conversion for Ravalli CU (CUNW clientN/A
60866Program Modification3/3/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceModify closed accounts writing out to the Collections File Listing Report.Mission City FCU (MI/333)
60868Custom Request3/3/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationMuncie Federal Credit Union would like to implement the PSCU DXO SSO in online banking.Muncie FCU (M2/355)5/22/2023
60870Program Modification3/6/2023In Custom QC TestingImaging 23.05 Release ManagementN/A
60871CU Conversions/Mergers3/6/2023In DevelopmentCreate Servicer Edition Library for Marine FinancialMarine Financial (FILEJM/#4792)
60873Custom Forms3/6/2023CompleteNew credit card formsWolverine State CU (BE/132)5/11/2023
60876Warranty Adjustment3/6/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceImprove logic within the BizWatch program return process to handle ACH records that have an addenda recordN/A
60878Custom Forms3/6/2023CompleteNew custom LOC form - LOCAService 1 Federal CU (TD/420)5/9/2023
60885Program Modification3/7/2023In DevelopmentCorrect the 'T' records for IRS1042S fileN/A
60886Program Modification3/7/2023CompleteEliminate the "character representation of a numeric value" in ACH processingN/A4/26/2023
60887Custom Request3/7/2023CompleteFrankenmuth is requested a new file export to be created and then sent to Capital Tax.Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)5/16/2023
60890General Research3/8/2023CompleteResearch only - Analyze the order of escrow analysis creation to assure that an interruption will not results in lost dataN/A5/16/2023
60891Custom Request3/8/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalNotre Dame FCU is requesting a Daily Transaction file for credit cards to be sent to AmpliFi  Rewards.Notre Dame FCU (ND/254)
60892Custom Forms3/8/2023CompleteCreate New Check Logo Files for Logo ChangeCincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)3/16/2023
60893Custom Forms3/8/2023CompleteModification to custom loan form - OECACherokee Strip CU (CR/305)4/6/2023
60894Program Modification3/8/2023CompleteUpdate text within the LoanPay Xpress moduleN/A4/11/2023
60898Custom Forms3/8/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CU*NW - Comunidad Latina FCU (Z9/3938) CEO ChangeCU*NorthWest (ZA/3900)3/9/2023
60899Custom Request3/8/2023In Vendor TestingAdd phone numbers and insurance information to the file going to Allied for Forest Area CUForest Area Federal CU (FA/410)
60900Program Modification3/8/2023CompleteEnsure All OFAC Scan Records that Result in an Audit Tracker Record are Added to the Original Audit Tracker on the MembershipPartnership Financial Credit Union (PF/311)3/9/2023
60902CU*NW Custom Project3/8/2023CompleteValley Oak - Updating Custom FormN/A3/28/2023
60904Custom Request3/9/2023CompleteProspera Credit Union is requesting an ATM/Debit Card Purge Project.Prospera CU (BA/3150)5/10/2023
60905CU*NW Custom Project3/9/2023In DevelopmentNorthern Colorado - Updating Custom FormsN/A
60907Custom Request3/9/2023In Development1st Mississippi FCU (FILEM3/#362) would like to have CU*Answers begin sending the standard CU*BASE file set to Verafin effective at conversion (8/1/2023).1st Mississippi Federal Credit Union (M3/362)
60912GOLD Screen Modification3/10/2023CompleteGOLD development for Bakersfield City Employees FCU formsN/A3/13/2023
60914Program Modification3/10/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceItsMe247 / Bizlink Upgrade Version Dispatcher To .NET 6.0N/A
60915Custom Forms3/10/2023CompleteCreate New Check Logo Files for Address ChangeNorthpark Comm CU (NP/203)3/21/2023
60916CU*NW Custom Project3/10/2023CompleteSchools FCU - Updating Custom FormsN/A4/14/2023
60917CU*NW Custom Project3/10/2023CompletePrinting Industries - Updating Custom FormN/A4/4/2023
60918Custom Internet Application3/10/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate CUNA Protection Advisor Interface for Singing River FCUSinging River FCU
60920Custom Request3/13/2023CompleteMission City FCU has requested an integration with UPSTART loan processingMission City FCU (MI/333)3/28/2023
60921Custom Request3/13/2023In Custom MappingRiver Valley Credit Union is requesting an integration with ChexSystems Data Contribution Deposit Account productRiver Valley Credit Union - OH (RI/303)
60923CU*NW Custom Project3/13/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationMetrum Community CU - Updating Custom FormsN/A5/24/2023
60929Custom Forms3/13/2023CompleteModification to custom loan form - XLNEIsabella Community C U (IC/126)3/13/2023
60931Custom Forms3/13/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom share form - RATEDayMet (DY/314)5/2/2023
60933Program Modification3/14/2023CompleteAdjust translate program for Ascensus RMD report uploadBlueOx Credit Union (UE/169)4/11/2023
60936Warranty Adjustment3/14/2023CompleteEnhance logic within the Online Banking SQL statement to properly return the latest EULA by effective date for RDCN/A4/11/2023
60938Custom Forms3/14/2023CompleteFix to custom loan form - CPIL1st Community (FM/299)3/23/2023
60940Custom Forms3/14/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan form - HLDNMission City FCU (MI/333)5/2/2023
60941Custom Forms3/14/2023CompleteNew overlays for HELOC forms - XHEE & XHEFIntandem Credit Union (KT/740)5/4/2023
60943GOLD Screen Modification3/14/2023CompleteColor scheme fix for OPER Tool 5435N/A5/7/2023
60949Custom Forms3/15/2023CompleteNew overlay for HELOC disclosure - XHEESMART Federal (FE/183)4/13/2023
60950Custom Forms3/15/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew custom credit card form - XCC1Allegheny Kiski Postal Federal C U (AT/5428)5/25/2023
60951Custom Forms3/16/2023CompleteProgram Update on HELOC Application (APPL) for Property AddressGreensboro Municipal FCU (GB/232)4/6/2023
60953GOLD Screen Modification3/16/2023CompleteAdd the IRA/HSA Code field to GOLD from the Xpress Teller Deposit Withdrawal ScreenN/A5/7/2023
60959Custom Request3/19/2023In Vendor TestingCreate and send CPI file to ISI for Greenwood Municipal Credit UnionGreenwood Municipal (GM/334)
60962Program Modification3/20/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNeed to prevent status code of 'X' remaining on a transaction processed in Standin. once its been postedDay Air (DA/227);Everence Federal CU (EV/268)
60964Custom Request3/20/2023CompleteCreate a process to receive and post a payment file from Rise -- Card Payment Posting FileFire Police City County (FP/300)5/16/2023
60965CU*NW Custom Project3/20/2023CompleteSanta Barbara - Adding Custom Form to CU*BaseN/A5/5/2023
60966Program Modification3/20/2023In Client Beta TestingAdd Robot Functionality to Create & Send for Gesimar's OTB (Transfund)N/A
60967Custom Request3/20/2023CompleteTru Choice Federal Credit Union is interested in implementing Card Nav/ On Dot API in online banking.TruChoice FCU (TF/306)5/9/2023
60971Custom Forms3/21/2023Pending Client FeedbackModification to custom loan form - NOTEWalker County FCU (WC/358)
60974Software Enhancement3/21/2023In QC TestingCreate a new vendor configuration in CU*BASE to use for Payrailz P2P and other future integrationsN/A
60979Custom Forms3/21/2023CompleteFix to custom share form - SCDRHawaii Central FCU (HW/304)4/4/2023
60980Custom Forms3/21/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CU*NW - ROUTT FCUCU*NorthWest (ZA/3900)3/22/2023
60981Custom Forms3/21/2023CompleteNew overlay for HELOC disclosure - XHEEMission City FCU (MI/333)4/27/2023
60983Custom Request3/22/2023In DevelopmentAllegan Community FCU - DIVAPL purgeAllegan Community FCU (AG/131)
60989Warranty Adjustment3/22/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceFix information printed on receipts when Post/Return option is selected and used for multiple transfers in the Member Account Transfer screenHeartland Credit Union – Springfield (HS/199)
60990Warranty Adjustment3/22/2023CompleteAnalytics Booth: Correct Tiered Services issue after network services upgrade.N/A3/22/2023
60991Warranty Adjustment3/22/2023CompleteRestore proper branding elements to FIS Scorecard Rewards Special Module for SSON/A4/25/2023
60993Custom Forms3/22/2023CompleteCreate Check Signature and Logo Files for CU*South - Memphis Municipal Employees FCU (VO/3502) ConversionCU*South (XA/3800)4/3/2023
60999General Research3/22/2023CompleteNMS - When running Tool 304 for their Fannie Mae monthly reporting, the file only generated 4 loans instead of the entire fileN/A4/26/2023
61000Software Enhancement3/23/2023In Custom QC TestingEnhance CU*Forms to allow for pendingN/A
61001Custom Forms3/23/2023CompleteNew overlays for credit card formsRiver Valley Credit Union - OH (RI/303)5/4/2023
61003Custom Request3/24/2023With Expert for ResearchCreate an integration with Zelle / COOP -- Using the shared branching networkCU*South (XA/3800)
61005Custom Forms3/24/2023CompleteNew overlays for Kasasa disclosuresSafe Harbor Credit Union (DO/340)4/4/2023
61007Custom Request3/26/2023CompleteFrankenmuth Credit Union would like us to create an integration to Double CheckFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)5/16/2023
61009Custom Request3/27/2023CompleteChiphone FCU is requesting an integration with EconoCheck. This project is to create and send the required enrollment files.Chiphone FCU (CG/261)5/16/2023
61011Custom Request3/27/2023In DevelopmentAllegan Community FCU - Request to reallocate loan categories and suffixesAllegan Community FCU (AG/131)
61013Custom Forms3/27/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CEO ChangeLakeshore Federal CU (LS/570)3/30/2023
61015Custom Internet Application3/27/2023CompleteBranding Update - Allegan Credit Union (131)N/A4/11/2023
61016Custom Internet Application3/27/2023CompleteBranding Update - Rivertown Community Credit Union (335)N/A4/11/2023
61017Software Enhancement3/27/2023In DevelopmentSmartLink Testing ToolN/A
61022Software Enhancement3/28/2023In DevelopmentCU*BASE Web - VAT PlanningN/A
61024Program Modification3/28/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdjust AP History Maint to display credit G/L # for credit entriesN/A
61028Program Modification3/29/2023In DevelopmentCreate a process to re-receive and post iPay Bill Pay for a previous dayN/A
61031Custom Forms3/29/2023CompleteModification to custom loan form - NOTEWalker County FCU (WC/358)3/30/2023
61032Custom Forms3/29/2023CompleteModification to custom loan form - DPCOWalker County FCU (WC/358)4/13/2023
61033CU Conversions/Mergers3/29/2023In DevelopmentVermillion De-conversion 3026 SD August 2023N/A
61035Custom Forms3/29/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlay for custom share form - ADRSIngersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (IR/315)5/22/2023
61036General Research3/29/2023CompleteResearch - Forest Area CU's Superior Checking (HD) Dividend Application is Printing Incorrect Tiered Rates on Their Superior Checking TIS (HDSDTI) FormForest Area Federal CU (FA/410)5/11/2023
61037Custom Request3/30/2023CompleteMembers Source is requesting a flood of open loans to update the Equity Loan flag for selected loan categoriesMembers Source CU (MS/291)5/16/2023
61041CU*NW Custom Project3/30/2023CompleteUnion Pacific - Adding New Custom Form to CU*BaseN/A5/2/2023
61042Warranty Adjustment3/30/2023Awaiting ImplementationMagic Wrighter A2A Service: Confirmation Code From Successful Transactions Have Extra Zeroes AppendedN/A
61043CU*NW Custom Project3/30/2023CompleteUnion Pacific - Adding New Custom Forms to CU*BaseN/A5/11/2023
61045Warranty Adjustment3/31/2023In Custom QC TestingAnalytics Booth: Tiered Services dashboard quarterly view is not working.N/A
61046Custom Request3/31/2023In Custom QC TestingUpdate Lien Tracking File Sent to DealertrackDayMet (DY/314)
61047Program Modification3/31/2023CompleteItsMe247 API: Implement Log Off Endpoint For SavvyMoney SSO APIN/A5/7/2023
61050Custom Forms3/31/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature and Logo Files for CU*NW - Ontario Public Emp FCU (U6/3966)CU*NorthWest (ZA/3900)4/4/2023
61054Custom Forms3/31/2023In Custom QC TestingNew business account formsIngersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (IR/315)
61059Custom Forms3/31/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceForms programming for conversion - Northern Lights FCU (NL/364) Forms ready by: 8/10/2023Northern Lights Community Federal Credit Union (NL/364)
61062Custom Request4/3/2023CompleteCustom request to correct a spacing issueChief Financial CU (CM/265)4/6/2023
61064Program Modification4/4/2023In DevelopmentUpgrade Laravel framework for EOL security upgradesN/A
61066Custom Internet Application4/4/2023CompleteOnline Branding Loan App Logo Update: McKesson & Healthcare Providers Federal Credit Union (946)N/A4/25/2023
61068Custom Forms4/4/2023CompleteFix to custom share form - AUDEGrowing Oaks Fed C U (GW/328)4/25/2023
61072Custom Request4/5/2023In DevelopmentEducational Community Alliance CU (FILEE4/363) would like CU*Answers to send CPI extract file to SWBC and Post Premiums/Refunds.Educational Community Alliance CU (E4/363)
61074Feasibility Research4/5/2023In DevelopmentResearch only - CUForms support for LoansN/A
61078Custom Forms4/5/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlay for custom share form - CHNGThornapple CU (TH/380)6/1/2023
61081Software Enhancement4/6/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate an Online Banking integration with PrizeoutN/A
61082Software Enhancement4/6/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a Mobile App integration with EQUE CVV-PIN VerifiedN/A
61083Software Enhancement4/6/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a Mobile App integration with MemberPassN/A
61085Custom Forms4/6/2023CompleteModification to custom share form - MAPPScient FCU (ST/359)4/25/2023
61086Custom Request4/6/2023With Expert for ResearchSouthbend Firefighters Credit Union is requesting that we send an 8 digit bin in their batch file headers instead of a 6 digit bin.N/A
61087Custom Forms4/6/2023CompleteFix to custom share formsShoreline Hometown CU (SE/284)5/11/2023
61088Custom Forms4/6/2023CompleteNew custom business loan form - XBPFPeninsula Federal CU (ME/600)5/18/2023
61091Software Enhancement4/7/2023Awaiting ImplementationItsMe247: BizLink : Plaid integration: Update Plaid integration to handle BizLink authentication processN/A
61092GOLD Screen Modification4/7/2023CompleteChange the file maintenance review report to allow entry of the day range for current monthN/A5/7/2023
61093Warranty Adjustment4/7/2023CompleteItsMe247: API: Update pending transaction logic for when there are more than 50 pending transaction recordsN/A5/7/2023
61095Card Conversions4/7/2023In DevelopmentNotreDame Federal Credit Union is moving credit card vendors from WorldPay/FIS to FISERV effective 11/13/2023.Notre Dame FCU (ND/254)
61096Card Conversions4/7/2023In DevelopmentNotreDame Federal Credit Union is moving debit card vendors from WorldPay/FIS to FISERV effective 11/13/2023.Notre Dame FCU (ND/254)
61097Warranty Adjustment4/7/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCheck requests processed against a credit card loan need to have OFAC Scans runCincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283);Honor Credit Union (BT/200)
61100Custom Request4/10/2023CompleteAffinity Credit Union has requested the creation and transmission of a daily file to Live Survey for in-branch transactionsAffinity Credit Union (AY/295)6/1/2023
61101Custom Request4/10/2023In Vendor TestingUpdate household number in the daily FIS Demographics fileParkside Credit Union (PK/137)
61103Custom Request4/10/2023CompleteRequest from Chief Financial Credit Union to add another bucket for fees other than delinquency feesChief Financial CU (CM/265)4/17/2023
61106Custom Request4/10/2023CompleteGreenwood Municipal request for file transmission with WNC Insurance Services Inc.Greenwood Municipal (GM/334)5/15/2023
61107CU*NW Custom Project4/10/2023In DevelopmentMigrate all CU*Northwest (CoOp) APBatch2 debit card credit unions to APBatch4N/A
61112Custom Forms4/10/2023Awaiting ImplementationCreate Check Signature and Logo Files for ConversionNorthern Lights Community Federal Credit Union (NL/364)
61114Program Modification4/10/2023CompleteFix to mini-contract variable rate loansHawaii Central FCU (HW/304)4/11/2023
61116Warranty Adjustment4/11/2023CompleteOnline Banking API: Allow credit unions to separate sales text for Credit Score page into paragraphsN/A5/7/2023
61118Custom Request4/11/2023With Expert for ResearchBluestone FCU is with MAP and are in need of an online certification needed for Moneypass certification.Bluestone Federal Credit Union (SX/142)
61119Program Modification4/11/2023CompleteBizLink/ItsMe247 API: Modify the deserialization of JSON to objects to be more robust.N/A5/7/2023
61120Custom Request4/12/2023Pending Vendor FeedbackProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for University of Toledo FCUUniversity of Toledo FCU (TU/277)
61121Program Modification4/12/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect functionality for CD secured loans for corporate membershipsN/A
61123GOLD Screen Modification4/12/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD development for custom forms VK AAA FCUN/A
61124Custom Forms4/12/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlays for HELOC formsChiphone FCU (CG/261)
61126Custom Internet Application4/12/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate Integration with Scienaptic for River Valley Credit UnionRiver Valley Credit Union - MI (AM/250)
61127GOLD Screen Modification4/12/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD development for custom loan form for Schools FCUN/A
61130Program Modification4/12/2023In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Add in the ability to see portfolio change-over-time to the savings dashboard.N/A
61131Software Enhancement4/12/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceOLB: Standalone Web Module - [Auto Loan] products landing page (member-storefront for auto loans)N/A
61133Software Enhancement4/12/2023In DevelopmentStandardize the GL Account Control ConfigurationN/A
61135Custom Forms4/12/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan form - RPPICommunity West CU (CW/176)5/16/2023
61137Custom Request4/13/2023CompleteProspera Credit Union is requesting to Update their debit card limits.Prospera CU (BA/3150)4/26/2023
61142Warranty Adjustment4/13/2023CompleteWhen the Disbursement Limit amount is changed on a credit card loan, do not update the Total Disbursed amountHonor Credit Union (BT/200)5/10/2023
61144Custom Forms4/13/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CU*South - FAA FCU (VK/3895)CU*South (XA/3800)4/14/2023
61145Software Enhancement4/13/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceEnhance Member Account Transfer Feature to Add Suffix Lookup and Global SearchN/A
61148GOLD Screen Modification4/13/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD Development for Nizari Progressive FCUN/A
61149Custom Forms4/13/2023CompleteNew membership formsJourney Federal Credit Union (JO/354)5/11/2023
61152Custom Forms4/13/2023CompleteNew overlay for HELOC disclosure - XHEEPartnership Financial Credit Union (PF/311)5/9/2023
61154GOLD Screen Modification4/14/2023CompleteGOLD development for form screens VK FAA FCUN/A4/18/2023
61156General Research4/14/2023Research OnlyResearch Request - Secured Funds held beyond hold days Northern Hills FCUN/A
61158Warranty Adjustment4/17/2023CompleteCorrect OLB data movement process to handle multiple days from HA rollover.N/A5/7/2023
61162Custom Request4/17/2023CompleteCircle Federal Credit Union would like us to receive in a monthly file from Score Card Rewards and print the reward points on members credit card statements.Circle Federal Credit Union (GN/233)6/1/2023
61164Custom Forms4/17/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan form - ECDSExplorers Federal Credit Union (CT/3025)5/8/2023
61166Program Modification4/18/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceMonitor for invalid debit/credit card pan in iso processingN/A
61168Custom Request4/18/2023With Expert for ResearchCreate Custom File Exchange of Application Data for Marine FinancialMarine Financial 4792/JM
61169Custom Forms4/18/2023In Custom QC TestingNew custom business share form - BIZ6TBA Credit Union (TB/190)
61172Custom Forms4/18/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCustom Changes to Support the Vantage Risk CodesN/A
61174Program Modification4/18/2023In DevelopmentPrevent duplicate application number when an application was sent at the same time from indirect app or an in-house appN/A
61176Custom Forms4/18/2023CompleteModification to custom share form - COMAMonroe County Comm CU (MO/263)5/2/2023
61178Custom Request4/19/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceLimestone FCU requesting SSO for AmpliFI RewardsN/A
61179Warranty Adjustment4/19/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrection for CTR screen and reportN/A
61180Custom Request4/19/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalCreate and send a daily title tracking file to DealerTrack for eTitiles. Send both new and closed loans for the prior day.Labor Credit Union (DL/272)
61182Custom Forms4/19/2023CompleteOverlay Change to Membership AgreementsTBA Credit Union (TB/190)5/10/2023
61183Program Modification4/19/2023CompleteUpdate RDC API check amount parameters to handle difference between stored procedure parametersN/A5/2/2023
61184Custom Forms4/19/2023In Custom QC TestingNew custom loan form - SUBSWalker County FCU (WC/358)
61186Custom Forms4/19/2023In Custom QC TestingNew credit card formsMichigan United Credit Union (BB/231)
61187Custom Forms4/19/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlays for custom share forms - MAPP & BMAPH.P.C. Credit Union (HP/138)
61190Software Enhancement4/20/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceMove ISO processing to data queuesN/A
61191Custom Forms4/20/2023CompleteFix to custom loan form - SUBSScient FCU (ST/359)5/16/2023
61193Warranty Adjustment4/20/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceUpdate credit card VAU/ABU Previous PAN lookup to correctly handle 8 digit BIN configurationsN/A
61195Custom Request4/20/2023In DevelopmentDebit Card reissue for Ingersoll Rand/Craftmaster FCU merger.Ingersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (IR/315)
61202CU*NW Custom Project4/19/2023In DevelopmentCreate report for Documatix to pick up and run automatically everydayN/A
61206Custom Request4/21/2023CompleteCumberland County FCU is requesting an ATM/Debit Card Purge Project.Cumberland County FCU (CY/3430)6/1/2023
61208CU*NW Custom Project4/21/2023CompleteSetup Partner Connect - DX Online SSO Spec with PSCU for My CU (UP, 3950)N/A5/2/2023
61210Custom Forms4/21/2023In DevelopmentNew credit card formsOneUnited Federal Credit Union (CN/332)
61212Program Modification4/21/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrectly Process Automated Payment Changes on Overdraft Loans with $0.00 BalancesService 1 Federal CU (TD/420);Kellogg Community CU (KG/249)
61214Program Modification4/24/2023Awaiting ImplementationMagic Wrighter A2A Service: Enhance LoggingN/A
61218Program Modification4/24/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationAdd the credit union's state to Analytics Booth for use with the learn-from-peer search tool.N/A5/23/2023
61219Warranty Adjustment4/24/2023CompleteCOOP Recon Not Showing for all ClientsN/A5/30/2023
61220Custom Request4/24/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalCopper Wealth Management Partner Integration SSOCU*South (XA/3800)
61221Program Modification4/24/2023CompleteAdjust how Analytics Booth Trends / Alerts track new loan applications.N/A5/4/2023
59386Software Enhancement7/25/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate unsecured loan for Cambio based on CUOutdoors structureN/A
59401Custom Request7/27/2022CompleteCreate SSO from mobile app to Econocheck Benefits portalSPC Credit Union (S1/316)3/14/2023
59405Software Enhancement7/27/2022In QC TestingEnhance Transaction Override Feature to Allow Multiple Overrides to Same AccountN/A
59407Program Modification7/27/2022In DevelopmentIf disbursements are not allowed after the review date has passed on an LOC, do not show funds are available to the member from within Online Banking on the "Accounts Summary Screen"Hawaii Central FCU (HW/304)
59409Program Modification7/28/2022CompleteVault Manager bug fix to support pagination on document statisticsN/A5/7/2023
59415Software Enhancement7/28/2022In QC TestingAdd New Active Status Tracking Features to Marketing ClubsN/A
59424Program Modification8/1/2022CompletePerformance tuning to remove the use of QTEMP with temporary work files from online banking processes.N/A3/7/2023
59441Warranty Adjustment8/4/2022In DevelopmentUpdate the description that gets displayed when an A2A is performed and the member gets assessed a cash advance fee.Schools Federal CU (UT/3954)
59454Software Enhancement8/8/2022In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Modify the main pages to make the navigation mobile friendly.N/A
59467Warranty Adjustment8/8/2022In DevelopmentDisplay Current & Previous Contact Information in Audit Tracker History for Online Banking Changes Performed by MembersDay Air (DA/227)
59526Program Modification8/22/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate Imaging applications to support .Net End Of Life VersionN/A
59538Warranty Adjustment8/23/2022In QC TestingWithin Tool #1985 Auto-Post RDC Deposit Dashboard, Display Correct RDC Check Trans Amount for Mortgage Payments with Escrow Accounts Linked to LoanAffinity Credit Union (AY/295)
59560Card Conversions8/26/2022In DevelopmentNugget a Division of Bluestone FCU is requesting a credit card start up with MAP.Nugget, a division of Bluestone FCU (P1/348)
59578Warranty Adjustment8/29/2022CompleteCorrect issue when an adjustment to a return comes in it is crediting the members balance when it should be debiting.N/A3/21/2023
59579Custom Request8/30/2022CompleteAdd additional tables to Honor's DEX processHonor Credit Union (BT/200)3/7/2023
59584Custom Request8/30/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceNugget, a division of Bluestone FCU request for SSO to Augeo Scorecard RewardsNugget, a division of Bluestone FCU (P1/348)
61223Custom Forms4/24/2023In DevelopmentNew custom loan form - GPSDMeijer Credit Union (MJ/186)
61224Program Modification4/25/2023In DevelopmentCreate processes necessary for Ripco to process credit card statements beginning 05/01/2023N/A
61225Custom Forms4/25/2023CompleteCreate New Check Logo Files for Logo UpdateHonor Credit Union (BT/200)5/4/2023
61227Custom Forms4/25/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlays for custom share forms - TIS1 & TIS3Intandem Credit Union (KT/740)
61229Custom Request4/25/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for Farm Bureau Family Credit UnionFarm Bureau Family CU (FB/370)
61230Software Enhancement4/25/2023In Client Beta TestingChange the file format for the MPX company code processed under the FNMA participation processingScient FCU (ST/359)
61232Program Modification4/25/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate Fannie Mae Settlement process to allow for multiple Fannie investors to be processedAlpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133)
61234Program Modification4/26/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceRevise tips on screens used for configuring CU FROM email addressesN/A
61238Program Modification4/26/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect Participation Loan Analysis Report to pull PLI totals from previous month/year if enteredN/A
61239Feasibility Research4/26/2023In DevelopmentRemove requirement for Print Sessions for Instant ReportsN/A
61240Custom Forms4/26/2023CompleteFix to custom loan form - MORTNorth Central Area C U (NC/135)5/9/2023
61244Custom Request4/27/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceTruNorth Federal Credit Union is moving to a new OTB CC Fiserv Platform ( Optis ).TruNorth FCU (T1/351)
61249Warranty Adjustment4/27/2023CompleteWhen serving a joint owner, the receipt summary section can include account suffixes the joint owner is not on .Service 1 Federal CU (TD/420)4/28/2023
61250Custom Forms4/27/2023In Custom QC TestingNew custom share form - MAPPLakeshore Federal CU (LS/570)
61251Custom Forms4/27/2023CompleteFix to custom loan form - XAPPWestern Division FCU (WD/550)5/4/2023
61253Custom Request4/28/2023CompleteClear all credit scores in the CRBCSH file dated 04/07/2023Honor Credit Union (BT/200)5/1/2023
61254Software Enhancement4/28/2023CompleteImplement Font Awesome in MX WebN/A6/1/2023
61255Program Modification4/28/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect the date showing in the body of the Teller Analysis ReportArea Federal Credit Union (AN/149)
61259Program Modification4/28/2023CompleteModify program that generates billing entries for credit insurance/debt protection postings to separate these processes and create a unique billing entry for debt protection processingN/A5/2/2023
61262Software Enhancement5/1/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceDigital Issuance - Shazam real time card add messaging and card activationN/A
61264Software Enhancement5/1/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceDigital Issuance - MAP real time card add messagingN/A
61268Custom Request5/1/2023CompleteCU*SOUTH Requests Copper Wealth Management Partner SSON/A5/1/2023
61270Software Enhancement5/1/2023In DevelopmentCUForms support for single document archivingN/A
61274Custom Forms5/2/2023CompleteProgram Update for Certificate FormsScient FCU (ST/359)5/16/2023
61278Program Modification5/2/2023CompleteProgram modification to correctly handle the Employee Information Mapping for Scienaptics API IntegrationN/A5/9/2023
61279Custom Request5/2/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalService 1 FCU received notification from FIS for their Score Card Reward SSO and that they need to convert the Triple DES SSO for their ScoreCard SSO integration to the new SAML SSO prior to DecemberService 1 Federal CU (TD/420)
61281Custom Forms5/2/2023In Custom QC TestingForms programming for conversion - 1st Mississippi FCU (M3/362) Forms ready by: 6/29/2023 (addt'l Share Forms)1st Mississippi Federal Credit Union (M3/362)
61282Custom Request5/2/2023In Vendor TestingProgram daily file transmission with REPAY for Partnership Financial (send loan file and receive and post payments)Partnership Financial Credit Union (PF/311)
61283Warranty Adjustment5/3/2023In DevelopmentCorrect Misc Receipts OTB transactions from not fully processing to the OTB vendorN/A
61285Custom Forms5/3/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlays for custom share forms - TISD & TISCKellogg Community CU (KG/249)
61286Custom Forms5/3/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlay for credit insurance form for rate changes effective 6/1/2023Christian Family Credit Union (C0/360)6/1/2023
59600Custom Request9/2/2022CompleteBridge CU would like to start receiving a Balance & Status file from MyCUMortgageBridge Credit Union (SH/236)4/4/2023
59602General Research9/2/2022Research OnlyDoc research request on imitation SSN rangeN/A
59606GOLD Screen Modification9/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceDisplay CLR Path score in green if score is above the minimum score to passBay Area CU (BY/191)
59607CU Conversions/Mergers9/5/2022CompleteEffective 3/1/2023 Christian Family CU (FILEC0/#360) is converting ONLINE to CU*BASEChristian Family Credit Union (C0/360)3/22/2023
59611Warranty Adjustment9/6/2022Waiting for Programming ResourcePrevent the fee posting when an On-demand ACH deposit doesn’t post.N/A
59620Card Conversions9/7/2022CompleteBluestone FCU is requesting a vendor change for debit cards from WorldPay/FIS to MAP.Bluestone Federal Credit Union (SX/142)3/21/2023
59621Card Conversions9/7/2022CompleteBluestone FCU is requesting a vendor change for credit cards from WorldPay/FIS to MAP.Bluestone Federal Credit Union (SX/142)3/21/2023
59625Card Conversions9/7/2022In DevelopmentCompass Credit Union is requesting to move credit card processing from FIS to PSCU in October of 2023.Compass Credit Union (RR/125)
59644Software Enhancement9/12/2022CompleteAdd Fuel Authorization transactions to Push NotificationsN/A4/25/2023
59649Warranty Adjustment9/12/2022In DevelopmentCorrect Secured funds totals when payments are made via a Loan Disbursal from a different loan accountN/A
59673Custom Request9/15/2022In DevelopmentCreate integration with ProPay / LenderPay for on-line paymentsVENDOR: ProPay
59683Architectural changes9/16/2022CompleteImprove member and user experience in online banking for CRT Loan Application with Credit Report pull, Loan Amortization and Accept 1Click OffersN/A5/16/2023
59695General Research9/20/2022CompleteProgramming Research: Determine why an AFT record pulled 11 months of payments when the member was making their loan payments by another method.Academic FCU (AB/288)4/17/2023
59697Program Modification9/21/2022CompleteAllow abnormal activity monitoring transaction pattern job to complete successfully when no snapshot library existsCumberland County FCU (CY/3430)3/20/2023
59698Program Modification9/21/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceEliminate the possibility of a fee posting from the phone on demand option when an ACH transaction is posted by the batch process at the same time the option is taken.N/A
59705Software Enhancement9/22/2022In QC TestingShared Branching Block for New Members - Expand to Include Xtend Shared BranchingN/A
59707Program Modification9/22/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationChange functionality to allow DealerTrack programs to be run via ROBOTInternal Project5/23/2023
59710Custom Request9/22/2022CompleteCreate an extract file of loans and shares to be sent to MessagePayKaua’i FCU (KE/338)3/28/2023
59721Custom Internet Application9/23/2022CompleteProgram Check Image Retrieval for Policemen's FCU (CU*South) via AlloyaPoliceman’s FCU (VE/3893)5/30/2023
59731Program Modification9/25/2022CompleteAdjust the member refinance/extension option to always populate the primary borrowers name in the formsWakota FCU (WK/248)3/21/2023
59739Custom Request9/26/2022CompleteRequested update to the loan experience survey file for MemberXP for Isabella CommunityIsabella Community C U (IC/126)4/12/2023
59746Custom Internet Application9/26/2022CompleteCreate Allied iQQ Integration for Journey FCUJourney Federal Credit Union (JO/354)3/28/2023
59751Custom Request9/27/2022Pending Vendor FeedbackITM Integration with Diebold to CU*BASEN/A
61287Custom Request5/3/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalTLCU Financial CU needs PAR ID updated to an 8 digit bin instead of a 6 digit binTLCU Financial (TL/318)
61290CU*NW Custom Project5/3/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate Logo on all Custom FormsN/A
61294Custom Forms5/4/2023CompleteCreate New Check Logo Files for CU*NW - McKesson & Healthcare Providers FCU (UL/3946)CU*NorthWest (ZA/3900)5/9/2023
61298CU*NW Custom Project5/4/2023In DevelopmentConversion - OPEFCU - Adding Custom Loan FormsN/A
61299Program Modification5/4/2023In DevelopmentChange the Create and Send of the 23 files we send to Patriot to process in one jobN/A
61300Custom Request5/4/2023CompleteCommStar (FILECZ/171) would like CU*Answers to send CPI extract file to SWBC and Post Premiums/RefundsCommStar CU (CZ/171)5/4/2023
61301Custom Request5/4/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceSetup SWBC ECM Daily extract loan file and loan payment posting file for CommStarCommStar CU (CZ/171)
61304Custom Forms5/4/2023In DevelopmentNew debt protection form - DPADEmpireONE FCU (EO/309)
61308Custom Forms5/5/2023CompleteFix to custom loan application form - XAPPPeninsula Federal CU (ME/600)5/18/2023
61309Program Modification5/5/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNeed report PPCHL to not include loan accounts that do not have payment changes to the loan from appearing every day on this reportH.P.C. Credit Union (HP/138)
61310Custom Forms5/5/2023Pending Client FeedbackCreate New Check Logo Files for Logo ChangeFiler Credit Union (FI/350)
61311Custom Forms5/5/2023In DevelopmentModification to Custom Risk-Based Pricing FormsN/A
61314GOLD Screen Modification5/8/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD development for custom forms = Fleur De Lis FCUN/A
61319Software Enhancement5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceMTG: 2023 CEO Strategies Conference Mobile App for iOS & AndroidN/A
61321CU Conversions/Mergers5/8/2023In DevelopmentNew York Episcopal Federal Credit Union (FILENE/374) is a new Start up, with an open date of 08/31/2023N/A
61323Software Enhancement5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceMTG: iOS & Android Mobile 7.2 Annual Update - 2FA Security EnhancementsN/A
61324Software Enhancement5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceMTG: iOS & Android Mobile 7.3 Annual Update - DAON / MACO / FIDO Security EnhancementsN/A
61328Program Modification5/8/2023CompleteEliminate possible error message in wire tracking tool when no wire records existN/A5/10/2023
61329Custom Request5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceMuskegon Federal Credit Union is implementing instant issue with Entrust Datacard for their debit cards.Muskegon Federal CU (MG/170)
61330Software Enhancement5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a monthly billing file for Payrailz P2P and A2A transactions and fees.N/A
61332Software Enhancement5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceMTG: CU Publisher Loan Manager: Configurations & Prototype for New Credit Card Application Web ModuleN/A
61335Software Enhancement5/8/2023Pending ApprovalOLB: New Auto Loan Application - Standalone Web ModuleN/A
61336Custom Forms5/8/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationModification to custom share form - MAPPDayMet (DY/314)5/23/2023
61337Custom Forms5/8/2023In Overlays/MappingNew overlay for custom share form - TISCCommunity West CU (CW/176)
61340Program Modification5/9/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceStart collecting daily loan application counts to add to the Analtyics Booth Trends In-Process categoryN/A
61341Program Modification5/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate process for ISO Online response codes for authorizations specific to Proc Codes 20 for FISN/A
61342Custom Internet Application5/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate Sync1 LOS Integration for AffinityAffinity Credit Union (AY/295)
61344Custom Internet Application5/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate FUEL Model site for Ingersoll-Rand FCUIngersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (IR/315)
61345Custom Internet Application5/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate FUEL Model for Service 1 Federal Credit UnionService 1 Federal CU (TD/420)
61347Warranty Adjustment5/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceClean up Credit Bureau Special Comment CodesN/A
61349Program Modification5/9/2023CompleteEliminate possible error in the teller program if a temporary file does not get deletedN/A5/16/2023
61350Program Modification5/9/2023CompleteRemove counter variable in shared branching posting program to prevent errorsPublic Service CU (PS/223)5/16/2023
61351Software Enhancement5/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceFreddie Mac Settlement Processing Changes to Calculate Interest on the fly for Paid Ahead PaymentsN/A
61353Program Modification5/9/2023CompleteTrack underwriting codes and comments to CUBASE based on Integration API direct connectionsN/A5/10/2023
61354Program Modification5/9/2023CompleteCorrect the APY Calculator to Account for the Correct Number of Days/Months in a Term When Providing Rates on CD'sShell Western States (3900)5/11/2023
61358Custom Forms5/10/2023In DevelopmentNew overlay for custom share form - RFSMSPC Credit Union (S1/316)
61359Warranty Adjustment5/10/2023CompleteCorrect the outq routing issue for the LPANTX reportsN/A5/15/2023
61360Custom Forms5/10/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationFix to custom share form - MAPPIsabella Community C U (IC/126)5/23/2023
61361Custom Request5/10/2023CompleteCreate and send Credit bureau files for Route 31 CURoute 31 Federal Credit Union a(CP/430)5/25/2023
61364Custom Forms5/10/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationModifications to custom share form - BIZCDay Air (DA/227)5/23/2023
61369Warranty Adjustment5/11/2023CompleteElminate an error in ACH maintenance when the company descriptive data is not numericN/A5/16/2023
61370Software Enhancement5/11/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceExpand Foreign Citizen Tax Reporting to Allow Standard 1099/1098 ReportingN/A
61372Custom Forms5/11/2023CompleteFix to custom loan form - LOCARio Blanco Schools FCU (RB/361)5/11/2023
61375Warranty Adjustment5/11/2023CompleteCorrect the search and page function on the printer selection windowN/A5/16/2023
61377Program Modification5/11/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationCorrect Wire Option in Phone Operator to Correctly Fill in 000 Suffix when Selected for a Wire TransferTruChoice FCU (TF/306)5/23/2023
61379Software Enhancement5/12/2023In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Add new data marker "New Applications Total/Day" to Alerts and Trends.N/A
61382Custom Forms5/12/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlay for credit insurance form for rate changes effective 6/1/2023Cincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)6/1/2023
61383Custom Request5/15/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for 1st Mississippi FCU1st Mississippi Federal Credit Union (M3/362)
61385Custom Forms5/15/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CEO ChangeUniversity of Toledo FCU (TU/277)5/18/2023
61386Program Modification5/15/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNeed tool to default the correct printer ID associated with the employee workstation and not 'P1'Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)
61387Software Enhancement5/15/2023In DevelopmentNew Tools to Combine Tax Data for Multi-CU EntitiesN/A
61388Program Modification5/15/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdjust the rate inquiry program to eliminate an error with Loan product creationN/A
61392Program Modification5/15/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAddress GOLD screen dropping to Green in Accounts PayableN/A
61393Custom Request5/15/2023CompleteAeroquip request for monthly file transmission to CRIF SelectAeroquip Credit Union (AQ/144)5/26/2023
59778Custom Request10/4/2022CompleteIntegration with Aptys SolutionsAptys Solutions - Vendor4/17/2023
59799Generic Forms10/7/2022CompleteObsolete print programs for generic Good Faith Estimate and Settlement Statement formsN/A3/20/2023
59812Program Modification10/11/2022CompleteRequested Document implementation for in-house clientsN/A5/7/2023
59817Custom Request10/12/2022With Expert for ResearchCreate a integration with QCash for instant loans via Its Me 247Vendor: QCash
59822Custom Request10/12/2022CompleteScient Federal Credit Union would like to launch instant issue with Entrust Datacard and FIS Payments One for their core conversion in May of 2023.Scient FCU (ST/359)5/7/2023
61395Warranty Adjustment5/15/2023In DevelopmentAPI: ItsMe247: BizLink: Better handling of session reading and writing during stand-in period.N/A
61396GOLD Screen Modification5/15/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect GOLD Screen when Summary option used from the Work with Packages screenN/A
61397Program Modification5/15/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationModify RRCNXXCOOP use conversion TBL('QSYS/QEBCDIC')N/A5/23/2023
61398Program Modification5/15/2023CompleteClean up Data in escrow tables (Escrow Disbursement, Escrow Payment, and Escrow Invoice tables)Area Federal Credit Union (AN/149)5/30/2023
61400Custom Request5/16/2023CompletePreferred Credit Union request for setup up with issuer and acquirer with CO-OP Shared BranchingPreferred Credit Union (GD/204)5/16/2023
61402Warranty Adjustment5/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceTime-Out window level check with WINOPRTR program during Change function.N/A
61403Software Enhancement5/16/2023In GOLD DevelopmentCU*BASE Web: Page "refinement" for core productN/A
61404Custom Forms5/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNew overlay for custom share form - TISDCherokee Strip CU (CR/305)
61408Warranty Adjustment5/17/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationAddress Escrow Analysis errorsN/A5/30/2023
61410Custom Forms5/17/2023In GOLD DevelopmentForm Update for Closed-End Note (NOTE) for Collateral YearRio Blanco Schools FCU (RB/361)
61412Warranty Adjustment5/17/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationAddress program adding incorrect line item sequence number to invoice in Tool #998N/A5/30/2023
61414Custom Forms5/17/2023In Overlays/MappingForms programming for legal merger effective 7/1/2023North Central Area C U (NC/135)
61418Custom Forms5/17/2023In Overlays/MappingForms programming for conversion - Educational Community Alliance CU (E4/363) Forms ready by: 9/14/2023 (Share & TRID Forms)Educational Community Alliance CU (E4/363)
61420Custom Request5/18/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalCompass Credit Union would like to integrate with eCU Technology for on-line account opening and fundingCompass Credit Union (RR/125)
61422Custom Request5/18/2023Pending Client FeedbackCreate the SAML SSO and the back-end APIs required to access the Fiserv Card Console product from CU*BASEHonor Credit Union (BT/200)
61424Warranty Adjustment5/18/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceStop the processing of new business days data build for Analytics Booth when "Online" flag is set to "No".N/A
61425Software Enhancement5/18/2023With Technical Writer for SpecificationsAllow OLB Priority to be simply updated through the Rate Maintenance tool #506 without going through a number of steps.N/A
61427Program Modification5/18/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAllow Update of Custom Field Information from all PITT screens except Member InquiryN/A
61428Software Enhancement5/18/2023Pending ApprovalEnhancements to Dollar Amount Search on General Ledger History Search Screen (from Tool #60)N/A
61429Custom Forms5/18/2023In Overlays/MappingCreate Check Signature and Logo Files for ConversionMattel FCU (MF/368)
61430Custom Forms5/18/2023In Overlays/MappingCreate Check Signature and Logo Files for ConversionNikkei (NK/369)
61435Custom Forms5/18/2023In Overlays/MappingNew overlay for custom share form - OVERAdventHealth Credit Union (FH/246)
61436Custom Forms5/18/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlay for credit insurance form for rate changes effective 6/1/2023SMART Federal (FE/183)6/1/2023
61437Program Modification5/18/2023Pending ApprovalAdjust the Rate Quoter to Not Generate a Log for the User that Interacts with ItWolverine State CU (BE/132)
61438Warranty Adjustment5/19/2023Awaiting ImplementationOnline Banking API: Cardhub: Update web request for mobile apps calls to use a separate authorization usernameN/A
61439GOLD Screen Modification5/19/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD development for custom loan form for Metrum Community CUN/A
61441Custom Request5/19/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCommunity West Credit Union is updating their merchant number and the sys/prin number for their OTB Credit Cards.Community West CU (CW/176)
61442CU Conversions/Mergers5/22/2023In DevelopmentVATAT Credit Union (FILET4/367) is converting to CU*BASE effective 12/01/2023.VATAT Credit Union (T4/367)
61443Custom Internet Application5/22/2023In QC TestingProgram Check Image Retrieval for 1st Mississippi FCU via Corporate AmericaN/A
61444Program Modification5/22/2023Pending ApprovalNeed to prevent ghosting of the word DIVIDEND from CD deposit description in online bankingBlueOx Credit Union (UE/169)
61451Custom Request5/23/2023CompletePublic Service CU would like to have CU*Answers begin sending the standard file set to VerafinN/A5/30/2023
61453Program Modification5/23/2023Awaiting ImplementationItsMe: Adjust text on the Econocheck landing pageN/A
61456Program Modification5/23/2023CompleteWrite the GL Account Number Used in Corporate Check Processing Within Tool#1 Standard Teller Posting to Transaction History FilesIllinois Community Credit Union (IL/319)5/30/2023
61459Program Modification5/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceImaging APIs detect CUBASE vs CUBASEPTFN/A
61461Warranty Adjustment5/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCU*Forms support for release bugsN/A
61463Custom Forms5/24/2023In Custom QC TestingModification to custom loan form - LOCARio Blanco Schools FCU (RB/361)
61466Custom Forms5/24/2023In DevelopmentModification to custom loan forms - MICM & MIOMIsabella Community C U (IC/126)
61469Custom Forms5/24/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationUpdate FACT Act Notice (FACT/XFAC) to Support Vantage Score Key FactorsCincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)6/1/2023
61471Generic Forms5/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceModification to generic loan application (standard)N/A
61473GOLD Screen Modification5/25/2023CompleteNeed to have GOLD panel display arrow keys so CU can use them to scroll thorough their paid invoicesEverence Federal CU (EV/268)5/30/2023
61475Warranty Adjustment5/25/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationUpdate Teller posting to not clear the IRA/HSA flag in the TRANS fileN/A5/31/2023
61476Custom Request5/25/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalFamily Focus (UW, 3957) is interested in setting up the Data Exchange Standard Package (DEX)CU*NorthWest (ZA/3900)
61477Program Modification5/25/2023Awaiting ImplementationProgram modification to eliminate port errors when bad data is submitted to the amortization program (PAMORT).N/A
61479Warranty Adjustment5/25/2023In QC TestingCorrect the toggle and the wire completion process in tool 981N/A
61485Custom Forms5/25/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNew overlay for overdraft protection form - ODPFPeninsula Federal CU (ME/600)
61486Program Modification5/26/2023In DevelopmentChange RDC Auto Enrollment, when option is turned off to send requests to CUBASE for Credit Union approval rather than preventing enrollmentN/A
61487Custom Request5/26/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate and send the monthly membership file to CRIFAeroquip Credit Union (AQ/144)
61489Program Modification5/26/2023Awaiting ImplementationGetting level check for program VERNCRTG, it was missed as a recompile for project 58388N/A
61490CU Conversions/Mergers5/26/2023In DevelopmentUpdate De-conversion Process to streamlineN/A
61492Software Enhancement5/26/2023Pending ApprovalOLB: Enhancement to the Digital Wallet Web Module to support Shazam cards.N/A
61495Custom Request5/26/2023With Expert for ResearchReset Dormancy (DIMAST) for Community First Fund FCU (339/C9)Community First Fund FCU (C9/339)
61497Custom Forms5/30/2023In DevelopmentUpdate Guaranty Agreement (NCGA) to Populate for all Secondary SignersScient FCU (ST/359)
61498GOLD Screen Modification5/30/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceLengthen the subfile on the wire transfer tracking screen to show all recordsN/A
59884Warranty Adjustment10/19/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationCorrect the Mod APR Value to Carry Over to MEMBER5 File for 1Click LoansN/A5/30/2023
59912Software Enhancement10/24/2022In DevelopmentAdd Export Feature to Various Reports/Dashboards in CU*BASEN/A
59913Program Modification10/24/2022CompleteAdd Logic to Accounts Payable Vendor Record to Retain Payment Information When Payment Method ChangesN/A3/27/2023
59915Program Modification10/25/2022CompleteMandate: Fiserv (STAR,PSCU) Authorization Identification response enhancementN/A3/21/2023
59922Custom Request10/26/2022CompleteProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for Arize Federal Credit UnionArize Federal Credit Union (SJ/275)3/21/2023
59925Custom Request10/26/2022With Client for Bid ApprovalIllinois Community Credit Union is requesting an integration with Glia Hub from Its Me 247VENDOR: Glia
59931Custom Request10/27/2022In DevelopmentCreate a process for ISI CPI to receive and post a premium & refund file and also a process to receive and post a payment change fileVendor: ISI
59933Program Modification10/27/2022CompleteAdjust Client Services Toolbox, Option 2 Delete Profile for users with a four-digit CU numberN/A3/7/2023
59942CU*NW Custom Project10/28/2022CompleteConfigure SWBC loan payments interface for Progressions CUN/A3/27/2023
61499CU Conversions/Mergers5/30/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceEffective 4/1/2024 - CalCom FCU (FILECL/371) is converting ONLINE to CU*BASECalCom FCU (CL/371)
61505Program Modification5/30/2023In DevelopmentAP Batch4 Maintenance field needs correction to not include the stock code and instead be left blank.N/A
61506Custom Request5/30/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalRequest from Scienaptic: add underwriting code Z6 = ReviewVENDOR: Scienaptic
61509Warranty Adjustment5/31/2023Pending ApprovalCorrect OTB payment records when disbursing loan funds to multiple OTBsN/A
61510Custom Forms5/31/2023In DevelopmentUpdate Member Service Agreement (99MSA1) to Correct Printing Error.Shoreline Hometown CU (SE/284)
61511Custom Request5/31/2023With Expert for ResearchNMS has requested a new file export and import process to be setup with Capital TaxNMS
61513Program Modification6/1/2023Pending ApprovalCorrections needed for new Econocheck programsN/A
61516Custom Request6/1/2023With Expert for ResearchFrankenmuth CU would like us to send a one time maintenance file to COOP for their debit and credit card card members with cell phone numbers. The flag is in the file MASTPH and it will be Yes for thFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)
61517Custom Forms6/1/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceOverlay Change to Several Signature CardsIllinois Community Credit Union (IL/319)
59943Custom Request10/28/2022CompleteCredit union would like to start sending CPI files to Frost/ISI on our normal biweekly rotationCommodore Perry FCU (CO/289)3/31/2023
59945Custom Request10/31/2022In Custom QC TestingCreate an integration with SalesForceKalsee Credit Union (KS/238)
59959Program Modification11/1/2022In DevelopmentUpdate the Automated Reports programs to handle cases where multiple of the same reports are scheduledN/A
59966Custom Request11/1/2022CompleteMission City Federal Credit Union would like to have FIS Score Card send us a monthly file to print reward information on their credit card statements.Mission City FCU (MI/333)3/25/2023
60005CU*NW Custom Project11/2/2022Pending Vendor FeedbackDebit card authorization code issueIBEW and United Workers FCU (ZH/3926)
60037Program Modification11/7/2022In DevelopmentEliminate data file error in PSCU receiving ReconciliationN/A
60047Software Enhancement11/8/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate an SSO with CryptoFI from Its Me 247Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)
60055Software Enhancement11/9/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a credit limit field where the credit union (at the category level) can define the max amount a member can overpay on their credit card loan.N/A
60058Warranty Adjustment11/9/2022In QC TestingUpdate risk based pricing to populate the interest rate after a decision is returned.N/A
60073Custom Request11/11/2022In DevelopmentChanges to FTP for Madison Credit Union Monthly Member StatementsMadison Credit Union (CE/117)
60090Custom Request11/15/2022CompleteDay Air Credit Union request for daily file extracts to Sageworks (Abrigo)Day Air (DA/227)5/1/2023
60097Custom Request11/16/2022In DevelopmentCreate programs to receive and post a CPI premium/refund posting file from van WagenenAeroquip Credit Union (AQ/144)
60099Program Modification11/16/2022In DevelopmentCorrect the creation of member iso transaction view to check for record locks and ensure all transactions are included.N/A
60104Program Modification11/16/2022CompleteMandate: Update process for ISO Online response codes for authorizations specific to Proc Codes for multiple vendors.N/A5/16/2023
60115Program Modification11/18/2022In DevelopmentLoan Queue Enhancement: Add "Print Underwriter Packet" Option to View Data on a Locked ApplicationN/A
60137Warranty Adjustment11/22/2022CompleteCorrect Potential Loans to be sold report when LTV is 999.99%N/A4/11/2023
60139Custom Request11/22/2022CompleteCustom request to create a tracker when a custom form is printedChief Financial CU (CM/265)3/23/2023
60142Program Modification11/22/2022CompleteSession error when using search function through Chart of Accounts Inquiry, Tool 202N/A3/17/2023
60144Program Modification11/22/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceIndexes for Trackers CU*BASE files review and create new indexes needed for performance optimizationN/A
60145Software Enhancement11/22/2022CompleteEnhance the Certificate Rate Board within OLB to better identify different tier levels within Certificate ProductsN/A4/25/2023
60152Software Enhancement11/23/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd Ability to Schedule Future Loan Rate Changes via Tool #506N/A
60153Software Enhancement11/23/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a Flat File for Escrow AnalysisN/A
60158Warranty Adjustment11/23/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceWhen running the Subsidiary Trial Balance (tool 687) sorting by Category the final category does not total before the all categories totals.County City (CC/650)
60162Custom Internet Application11/25/2022CompleteCreate Retailer Direct Sites for TBATBA Credit Union (TB/190)4/12/2023
60164Custom Forms11/25/2022CompleteForms programming for conversion - Walker County FCU (WC/358) Forms ready by: 3/9/2023Walker County FCU (WC/358)3/9/2023
60168Program Modification11/28/2022CompleteSWBC files received by ROBOT need to be switched to automated posting in ROBOTN/A5/15/2023
60169Program Modification11/28/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate I-Pay posting report for each CU to allow Operations to balance againstN/A
60170Program Modification11/28/2022In DevelopmentEDOC/CUSPY Resend Dashboard not populating from the correct placeN/A
60172Program Modification11/28/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceSplit out the receive and rename FISERV job into two jobs so if one fails the other can be runN/A
60173Program Modification11/28/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceAllow the subsystem dashboard to retain the selection made when pagingN/A
60174Program Modification11/28/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate ICI Host subsystem starting to not include links that have been decommissioned.N/A
60181Custom Request11/29/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationCreate and send daily extract file of loans and shares to be sent to MessagePayNorthern Hills Federal CU (NH/161)5/31/2023
60187Program Modification11/30/2022CompleteChange the overdraft protection maintenance screen to not show the 000 when using the "Hide the 000" featureIntandem Credit Union (KT/740)3/14/2023
60197Custom Request11/30/2022CompleteProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for Walker County FCUWalker County FCU (WC/358)4/4/2023
60202Custom Request12/1/2022CompleteAdd Membership Opening to MerdianLink loans for 1st Mississippi FCUN/A4/11/2023
60206Custom Request12/1/2022CompleteSet-up DEX process for Everence FCU - standard file listingEverence Federal CU (EV/268)3/29/2023
60208Custom Request12/1/2022Awaiting ImplementationScient FCU (FILEST/359) would like us to start sending our monthly loan CECL file to Visible Equity/nCino effective 5/1/2023.Scient FCU (ST/359)
60216Custom Forms12/1/2022CompleteForms programming for conversion - Rio Blanco Schools FCU (RB/361) Forms ready by: 5/18/2023Rio Blanco Schools FCU (RB/361)5/9/2023
60217Custom Request12/2/2022CompleteSend historical CECL file to nCino for Ingersoll Rand FCUIngersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (IR/315)3/27/2023
60218Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCFS OTB Investment Processing ran from inside credit union. Operations would like to automate the process from ROBOT.N/A
60222Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceChange Fiserv cred card payment create and transmit to run outside of a credit unoiinN/A
60226Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceChange credit card balance & status receive to run outside a credit unionN/A
60227Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceChange the Certegy -2 Credit Card Balance and Status receive to run outside a credit unionN/A
60228Program Modification12/2/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceChange Create/Upload Electronic Lien File for Dealer Track to be run outside of a credit union and split the receive and upload to allow better recovery when receive fails.N/A
60235Software Enhancement12/5/2022In GOLD DevelopmentRocket MX Web Migration of GOLD: Cross-Team Coordination & PlanningN/A
60239Program Modification12/5/2022CompleteCorrect issues for instant card issues.N/A5/7/2023
60249Software Enhancement12/6/2022In DevelopmentOLB: Web Modules for member instructions on enabling additional languages in It's Me 247 Desktop & Mobile Web / Mobile AppsN/A
60258Program Modification12/7/2022In DevelopmentAdd a check, to the EMPXXX library save on CUAPROD to see if the size of the library is over 9 GB in total size and if so do not back it upN/A
60265Warranty Adjustment12/7/2022In DevelopmentVariable Rate not showing payment change correctly on report PPENDU1.N/A
60267Program Modification12/7/2022In Custom QC TestingReceive Credit Card Balance and Status Information from Midwest Mortgage change to not require it be run from within a CUN/A
60269Program Modification12/7/2022CompleteCollect and Send File to Payveris moved to run outside of a CUN/A4/20/2023
60274Program Modification12/7/2022In DevelopmentPhone Operator SB Transfer should obey 'Allow shared branch transaction' flag on the member record.N/A
60276Custom Request12/8/2022CompleteCreate SSO to U Choose rewardsHonor Credit Union (BT/200)4/5/2023
60278Program Modification12/8/2022In DevelopmentAdd LWOACRHST records for 5 CUs who converted since the 22.05 release and are missing this dataN/A
60285Custom Request12/9/2022CompleteJefferson Community FCU converts on 02/15/23, however PSCU is unable to make this date for sending over a payment file as well as a balance & Status file. They will be unable to go live with these fiJefferson Community FCU (JE/357)4/12/2023
60291CU Conversions/Mergers12/9/2022In DevelopmentRio Blanco Schools FCU (#361/FILERB) is converting to CU*BASE effective 06/01/2023Rio Blanco Schools FCU (RB/361)
60293Custom Request12/9/2022In DevelopmentDiversified Members Credit Union would like to add a new business debit card bin with COOP.Diversified Members CU (DM/166)
60313Program Modification12/13/2022In DevelopmentRelease 23.05 SupportN/A
60314Custom Request12/13/2022CompleteMonroe Community Credit Union is requesting to be moved to the PSCU DXO SSO in online banking.Monroe County Comm CU (MO/263)3/8/2023
60319Custom Request12/13/2022CompleteKalsee Credit Union is moving to contactless cards.Kalsee Credit Union (KS/238)4/26/2023
60320Custom Request12/13/2022CompleteKalsee Credit Union is moving to contactless cards. We need to flood card stock code fields per the following parameters.Kalsee Credit Union (KS/238)5/5/2023
60321Custom Request12/13/2022CompleteA & S Federal Credit Union is moving to the PSCU DXO for Online Banking SSO access effective March 8th, 2023.A&S Federal Credit Union (AI/5416)3/8/2023
60332Program Modification12/15/2022In DevelopmentEliminate Divide by zero error in Auto-posted RDC Deposits when requesting the analysisN/A
60333Feasibility Research12/15/2022Research OnlyPartnership Financial would like to see if possible to have HELOC payment changes happen at EOD rather than BODPartnership Financial Credit Union (PF/311)
60335Software Enhancement12/15/2022In DevelopmentExpand Retailer Direct to Offer Documents to be eSignedN/A
60337Custom Request12/16/2022CompleteProgram Marquis daily file extract for Michigan United Credit UnionMichigan United Credit Union (BB/231)4/25/2023
60341CU Conversions/Mergers12/16/2022CompleteEffective 3/18/23; Alpena Alcona Area CU (FILEAL/133) merging in Calcite CU (FILECX/141)Alpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133)3/31/2023
60344Program Modification12/16/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceGOLD Packager Updates for Large Screen SizesN/A
60349Program Modification12/19/2022CompleteItsMe247: Web: Implement cache-busting strategy for static CU*Publisher assetsN/A4/25/2023
60357Custom Internet Application12/19/2022Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationScient Requesting Integration with Decision Lender 4.0Scient5/30/2023
60363Software Enhancement12/20/2022Awaiting ImplementationNew CU*BASE Tool to Reset a Printer DeviceN/A
60364GOLD Screen Modification12/20/2022CompleteChange to a GOLD tip on the "Confirm change to freeze code" pop-up window in update acct infoN/A5/7/2023
60366GOLD Screen Modification12/20/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceGOLD Collateral Identification screen drops for L/XL size if ULNCLA-B is not "M" collateral typeN/A
60368Architectural changes12/20/2022In DevelopmentComplete architectural changes to bring Retailer Direct up to PHP 8.1N/A
60370Program Modification12/20/2022Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect workflow action that causes users to lock themselves out of loan applicationsN/A
60379Software Enhancement12/21/2022Awaiting ImplementationAdd Sortable Columns to Debit and Credit Card Maintenance ScreensN/A
60386Custom Request12/23/2022Pending Client FeedbackRiver Valley (OH) has requested a flood for Audio BankingRiver Valley Credit Union - OH (RI/303)
60394Software Enhancement12/28/2022With Technical Writer for SpecificationsCreate new function to combine tax data based on the new database for multi-CU entities (for Allegan/Rivertown merger)N/A
60395Custom Request12/28/2022In DevelopmentStraits Area FCU wants to implement SSO link for AmpliFI Rewards within ItsMe247.Straits Area Federal CU (SR/146)
60397Custom Request12/28/2022Pending Vendor FeedbackStraits Area FCU wants to implement AmpliFI Rewards points on credit cards statements.Straits Area Federal CU (SR/146)
60399Card Conversions12/28/2022In DevelopmentJourney Federal Credit Union is requesting a debit vendor change going from FISERV to Transfund.Journey Federal Credit Union (JO/354)
60400Warranty Adjustment12/28/2022CompleteDuplicate OTB Credit Card Payments when teller uses Xpress Teller to make a miscellaneous receipt payment to an OTB credit cardN/A3/6/2023
60402Program Modification12/29/2022CompleteAdjust Debit Card Roundup Module to reinstate handling accounts previously enrolled then unenrolled through CU*BASESan Antonio Citizens FCU (SA/660)3/7/2023
60404Warranty Adjustment12/29/2022Waiting for Quality Control ResourceAdd a Warning When Making a Phone Operator Transfer to a Loan Account that Has an AFT Record Set UpWolverine State CU (BE/132)
60408Warranty Adjustment1/3/2023In QC TestingCorrect Date manipulation in BOY program pannmemlnN/A
60411Software Enhancement1/3/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceDigital Issuance/Push Provisioning - JHA Real Time Card Add MessagingN/A
60413Software Enhancement1/3/2023In DevelopmentFields Added to the Dealer Configuration Tool #245N/A
60417Software Enhancement1/4/2023In DevelopmentCreate real time transaction processing for Payrailz P2PN/A
60422Program Modification1/4/2023CompleteSort the Member Tracker Review Panel by Most RecentN/A5/7/2023
60424Warranty Adjustment1/5/2023CompleteAdjust display of 'File Type' data in the Analysis screen of Online Banking Optics:Lite dashboard (Tool 1100)Service 1 Federal CU (TD/420)4/4/2023
60428Custom Forms1/5/2023CompleteNew custom loan form and new overlays for custom loan formsKellogg Community CU (KG/249)3/16/2023
60435Program Modification1/6/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceReport Automation: Custom Reports/File errors on selection with '/' in them.Schools FCU
60438Program Modification1/6/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceEliminate error in the RDC posting when applying to a LOC loanN/A
60443Program Modification1/6/2023In DevelopmentPerformance modifications to online banking Transaction Transfers.N/A
60445Warranty Adjustment1/6/2023CompleteAdjust EFT Analysis Dashboard to pull in data for both 8 and 9 digit binsPark City CU (PC/222)3/20/2023
60446Program Modification1/6/2023CompletePrevent marketing message to display for deceased members on their credit card statements.N/A4/11/2023
60450Custom Request1/6/2023CompleteMonroe Comunity Requesting Expanded Status for Indirect Dealer CommunicationMonroe County Comm CU (MO/263)3/28/2023
60454Program Modification1/6/2023CompleteEliminate bad data that caused an error in Where Your Members Borrow DashboardMichigan United Credit Union (BB/231)4/25/2023
60458Custom Request1/9/2023In Vendor TestingMyUSA Credit Union is requesting a Data Warehouse/Extraction integration with Strum. This will be a daily file export.MyUSA Credit Union (MD/235)
60462Custom Request1/9/2023Pending Vendor FeedbackProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for North Districts Community Credit UnionNorth Districts Community Credit Union (NA/5422)
60464Program Modification1/9/2023CompleteAPBatch 4 (COOP and FIS) correct issue of potential card deactivation or unintentional card order for ATM/DEBIT cardsN/A4/11/2023
60480Program Modification1/10/2023CompleteDisplay the "Sweep Available Balance" Option when Setting Up AFT Records from IRA AccountsIsabella Community C U (IC/126)5/7/2023
60484Custom Internet Application1/10/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate CUNA Protection Advisor Interface for FAA FCUCU*South (XA/3800) / FAA FCU (VK/3895)
60493Program Modification1/11/2023CompleteWhen using the AVM link and not logged into the site they should be directed to the login page instead of the 500 error pageN/A3/28/2023
60496Custom Request1/11/2023CompleteServices Credit Union Requesting a Payment Posting File for Cambio LoansServices Credit Union (JX/4796)3/21/2023
60497Program Modification1/11/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd PQDPRT and TBIZAFEE Report(s) to OUTQ Report Control ScreenArea Federal Credit Union (AN/149)
60499Program Modification1/12/2023CompleteUpdate payment field in the REPAY loan extract file to include escrow payments for mortgagesInternal CU*A update3/28/2023
60500Program Modification1/12/2023CompleteCorrect issue where user receives an error message when putting in budget comments.Sentinel Federal CU (SF/182)4/18/2023
60501Custom Request1/12/2023CompleteRio Blanco Schools FCU (FILERB/361) would like a loan file extract sent to SWBC, and for us to post loan payments from Bacon Loan Pay program at 6/1/23 conversion.Rio Blanco Schools FCU (RB/361)5/18/2023
60503Software Enhancement1/12/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNew Dormancy/Escheat NoticesN/A
60506Custom Forms1/12/2023CompleteNew custom share forms - MAPP & BMAPH.P.C. Credit Union (HP/138)3/30/2023
60515Program Modification1/15/2023In DevelopmentChange the $0 memo deposit transaction description on incoming A2A TransactionsWestern Division FCU (WD/550)
60516Custom Request1/15/2023CompleteSetup SWBC ECM Daily extract loan file and loan payment posting file for Honor Credit UnionHonor Credit Union (BT/200)4/12/2023
60519Software Enhancement1/16/2023In DevelopmentCU*Admin: Rewrite and modernization projectN/A
60522Program Modification1/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceItsMe247: Text Banking Application: Rewrite and update application to current standardsN/A
60528General Research1/17/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceResearch Only - CD rates not displaying correctly in Gold or It's Me 247Thinkwise FCU (Z6/3934)
60530GOLD Screen Modification1/17/2023CompleteFix Typo on Fraud Incident Maintenance PanelN/A5/7/2023
60531Custom Request1/17/2023In DevelopmentRipco Credit Union would like to add Issuer Shared Branching with COOP.Ripco (RP/3225)
60533Architectural changes1/18/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceItsMe247: Money Map (aka Money Desktop) API: Rewrite and update Money Map API using their latest APIsN/A
60540CU*NW Custom Project1/18/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceFranklin-Madison AD&D Membership file setup projectProgressions CU (CU*NW 3959, UY)
60542Custom Request1/19/2023Awaiting ImplementationMcQueen has requested that the Loan Security Code be added to the LNmmyy FileMcQueen (VENDOR)
60544Program Modification1/19/2023CompleteEliminate possibility of Fiserv credit card batch maintenance missing alternate address in fileN/A4/11/2023
60548Custom Request1/19/2023Awaiting ImplementationTruNorth FCU would like us to start sending a Loan Participation Tracking file to CUNATruNorth FCU (T1/351)
60553Program Modification1/20/2023CompleteChange Needed to display leading zero on FI Routing Number in A2A Transfer relationship screenAllegan Community FCU (AG/131)3/7/2023
60565Warranty Adjustment1/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceObsolete Old Style OBI Create CL'sN/A
60569Warranty Adjustment1/24/2023In QC TestingCashed check fees config not honoring manual waiver flag, Option to waive should not be available if set to NoN/A
60572Software Enhancement1/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceEnhance the Search Feature When Reviewing Account Transactions in Online BankingN/A
60579Warranty Adjustment1/25/2023CompleteItsMe247: iPay Enrollment API: Update DB2 connection string to use credit union specific valuesN/A3/7/2023
60593Custom Request1/26/2023Pending Vendor FeedbackShoreline CU wants to implement AmpliFI Rewards points on credit cards statements after they go live with COOP.Shoreline Hometown CU (SE/284)
60595Software Enhancement1/26/2023In DevelopmentUpdates to ACH Distribution Maintenance Screen to Add OLB Maintenance Lock Flag and Account LookupsN/A
60599Software Enhancement1/27/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd Card Control Functionality to BizLink247 Desktop/Mobile AppN/A
60600Software Enhancement1/27/2023CompleteAnalytics Booth: Create programming to send holiday / non-business schedule to Analytics Booth.N/A5/16/2023
60601Program Modification1/27/2023CompleteCleanup OLB tables to remove unused columns.N/A5/15/2023
60603Custom Request1/27/2023In DevelopmentForest Area Credit Union is performing a brand flip where they are going from Master Card to Visa with their debit cards.Forest Area Federal CU (FA/410)
60613Custom Request1/30/2023In DevelopmentThis is a companion project to project # 59673: Integration with ProPay for on-line loan payments. This is the API portion.VENDOR: ProPay
60617Program Modification1/30/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd missing text descriptions for fields in the non-member loan application tableN/A
60620Custom Forms1/30/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom share form - TIS2MEMBERS1st Community CU (M1/269)3/23/2023
60625Warranty Adjustment1/31/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceEliminate an error for invalid date in the online banking membership request for records with a birth date in 1932N/A
60633CU Conversions/Mergers2/1/2023In DevelopmentEffective 9/1/2023 Northern Lights Community FCU (FILENL/#364) is converting ONLINE to CU*BASENorthern Lights Community Federal Credit Union (NL/364)
60637Custom Request2/1/2023In DevelopmentTransportation Federal Credit Union would like to have rewards printed in their credit card statements.Transportation Federal Credit Union (TN/347)
60639Warranty Adjustment2/1/2023CompleteCorrect the PDBGEN report that generates for FIDM to Include Sub-Account Records when Secondary Names Records Other than Joint Owners are PresentDestinations Credit Union (DE/274)5/16/2023
60642Custom Internet Application2/2/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceRedirect Apply Online Links within ItsMe247 to Sync1 LOS for Family FocusFamily Focus (3957/UW)
60644Program Modification2/2/2023CompleteCentralized Settings to support auth via MySQLN/A5/7/2023
60647Software Enhancement2/2/2023Waiting for Programming Resource1Click Unfunded Loan OffersN/A
60648Software Enhancement2/2/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceAdd Search Criteria to Fraud Maintenance DashboardN/A
60652Custom Forms2/2/2023CompleteCreate Check Logo Files for ConversionRio Blanco Schools FCU (RB/361)3/9/2023
60657Custom Forms2/2/2023CompleteNew commercial credit card formsFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)4/13/2023
60658Warranty Adjustment2/3/2023In QC TestingImprove logic to avoid hard errors within BizLink247 when a member tries to enter BizWatch during stand-inN/A
60659Warranty Adjustment2/3/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceChange the program that Determine Open Credit Payment Changes to handle blank maturity dateN/A
60664Software Enhancement2/3/2023In DevelopmentNative Receipts for All Receipt ChannelsN/A
60672Custom Internet Application2/6/2023CompleteCreate Sync1 LOS Integration for San Antonio Citizens Credit UnionSan Antonio Citizens FCU (SA/660)4/2/2023
60682Custom Request2/6/2023In DevelopmentEffective 7/15/23: Program ACH and Drafts translates and posting for the merger of CraftMaster FCU (FILEC4) into Ingersoll-Rand FCU (FILEIR)Ingersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (IR/315)
60684CU Conversions/Mergers2/6/2023In DevelopmentEffective 7/15/23; Ingersoll-Rand FCU (FILEIR/315) is merging in CraftMaster FCU (FILEC4/5415)Ingersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (IR/315)
60686Custom Forms2/6/2023CompleteNew business account formsPeninsula Federal CU (ME/600)4/20/2023
60687Custom Forms2/6/2023CompleteNew overlay for credit insurance disclosureRio Grande Valley CU (RG/324)3/9/2023
60688Custom Forms2/6/2023CompleteNew overlays for custom share formsIntandem Credit Union (KT/740)3/30/2023
60689Generic Forms2/6/2023CompleteModify standard loan application and loan officer worksheet forms to use two digit collateral yearPower Credit Union (PW/352)4/4/2023
60692Program Modification2/7/2023In DevelopmentAdjust the account description used in the 'Account Summary' portion of vertical receiptsCompass Credit Union (RR/125)
60693Program Modification2/7/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceUpdate program that tracks restricted card file to correctly delete the reference keys in file PANRREF when user deletes card numbers from Restricted Card FileN/A
60694Program Modification2/7/2023In QC TestingAdd the number of loans associated with delinquent data to data sent to Analytics Booth.N/A
60696Software Enhancement2/7/2023In Custom QC TestingAnalytics Booth: Add additional reporting by Trends Category (Balance, Members, etc).N/A
60697Program Modification2/7/2023CompleteNeed INQURY search to not display erroneous joint owner on numerous accounts they are not a joint owner onAlpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133);Community West CU (CW/176)4/24/2023
60700Custom Forms2/7/2023CompleteNew overlays for mortgage formsExplorers Federal Credit Union (CT/3025)4/6/2023
60702CU Conversions/Mergers2/7/2023In DevelopmentPCT Federal CU (FILEPD/#292) De-conversion Effective 8/31/2023PCT Federal CU (PD/292)
60707Software Enhancement2/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd Export Ability to Preview Escrow Analysis DashboardN/A
60708Custom Forms2/8/2023CompleteOverlay Change to Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure (CCAG)VacationLand FCU (VA/197)3/8/2023
60716Software Enhancement2/9/2023In DevelopmentExpand the New Member Comment Configuration to Allow CU to Customize the New Member CommentN/A
60718CU*NW Custom Project2/9/2023In DevelopmentThinkwise CU is requesting a purge of all closed, hot, and warm cards on their debit and credit card binsThinkwise FCU (Z6/3934)
60724Card Conversions2/9/2023In DevelopmentSpojnia Credit Union is requesting a start up debit card project with FISERV. Go live date is 9/25/2023.Spojnia Credit Union (S2/5411)
60731Custom Forms2/11/2023CompleteNew custom share form - MSRVJefferson Community FCU (JE/357)4/17/2023
60733Custom Forms2/11/2023CompleteNew overlay for HELOC disclosure - HEBRDay Air (DA/227)3/8/2023
60736Custom Internet Application2/13/2023CompleteCreate Meridianlink Integration for AwakonAwakon Federal CU (ON/122)4/2/2023
60739Program Modification2/14/2023CompleteAdd VK CU to State National CPI programN/A3/7/2023
60742CU Conversions/Mergers2/14/2023In DevelopmentEffective 10/1/2023 - Connects FCU (FILECS/365) is converting ONLINE to CU*BASEConnects Federal Credit Union (CS/365)
60744Generic Forms2/14/2023CompleteOverlay Change to Generic Risk-Based Pricing FormsN/A5/7/2023
60752Program Modification2/15/2023In Custom QC TestingAnalytics Booth: Add missing percents to Loan Portfolio screen.N/A
60754Custom Forms2/15/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom share form - TISCHeartland Credit Union – Springfield (HS/199)3/30/2023
60762Program Modification2/16/2023CompleteScreen changes for project multiple forms for One ClickN/A5/7/2023
60764Software Enhancement2/16/2023CompleteUpdate Card Widget in ItsMe247 Layout 2 to show active card firstN/A3/28/2023
60769Software Enhancement2/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourcePrinter ID Window Added for Bulk Cash Transfers Report Generated from Tool #32N/A
60770CU*NW Custom Project2/16/2023CompleteZD - Media City - Adding New Custom Forms and Updating Current FormsN/A4/11/2023
60772GOLD Screen Modification2/17/2023CompleteAdd GOLD to Visa MAP recon retrieval screenN/A5/7/2023
60778Custom Forms2/17/2023CompleteUpdate Member Service Request Form (99MBRS) to Correct Printing of OccupationJourney Federal Credit Union (JO/354)3/16/2023
60780Warranty Adjustment2/20/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceChange debt population for authorized users when a tradeline is shared between two applicants.River Valley Credit Union - MI (AM/250)
60784Program Modification2/20/2023CompleteMove LREMSFM & LREMS into CUBASEPTF from OBSPGMN/A3/21/2023
60785Custom Forms2/20/2023CompleteFix to custom loan form - NOTEChristian Family Credit Union (C0/360)3/9/2023
60787Program Modification2/20/2023CompleteUpdate Sync1 credit pull process when we receive a mismatch reason with no messagePreferred Credit Union (GD/204)3/14/2023
60788Program Modification2/20/2023CompleteMove ISO Posting Job Queues to Data QueuesN/A4/20/2023
60792Warranty Adjustment2/21/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdjust IAT Logic within the PACXTB Report for the Automated Clearing TransactionsTahquamenon Area CU (TQ/342)
60795Software Enhancement2/21/2023In Custom QC TestingNative Receipts add support for Cash TrackerN/A
60797Program Modification2/21/2023CompleteUpdate Visa MAP credit card batch maintenance file to indicate reissues upon expiration are allowedN/A4/18/2023
60798GOLD Screen Modification2/21/2023CompleteGOLD needed for new CTE library Library for MyUSA CUN/A3/16/2023
60801Custom Forms2/22/2023CompleteOverlay Change for HELOC Early Disclosure (HEED/XHEE)Explorers Federal Credit Union (CT/3025)3/13/2023
60803Program Modification2/22/2023In DevelopmentEliminate hard error of clearing the posting work file during ACH postingN/A
60804Custom Forms2/22/2023CompleteModification to custom CC form - XASDStraits Area Federal CU (SR/146)3/16/2023
60808Program Modification2/22/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdjust Delinquency Monitoring to Account for Payment Changes to LOC's that are Scheduled After the Current Payment CycleKellogg Community CU (KG/249);Cumberland County FCU (CY/3430)
60809Program Modification2/23/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceWork/View Subsidiaries Errors when Item# and Category is selected at the same time.N/A
60810Custom Forms2/23/2023CompleteCorrect Printing of Monthly Income on Home Equity Application Form (APPL)Greensboro Municipal FCU (GB/232)3/16/2023
60811Program Modification2/23/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationCorrect the transmission programs for FISB/TFUND to include logs and to not delete files on failure of send.N/A5/23/2023
60812Program Modification2/23/2023CompleteImplement table and screen changes for Ascensus IRA Direct Express (companion to project # 56230)VENDOR: Ascensus5/7/2023
60813Custom Request2/23/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceHonor has requested an SSO to Tru Treasury from BizLink 247Honor Credit Union (BT/200)
60814Custom Request2/23/2023CompleteRemove a draft file cross reference for TruNorthTruNorth FCU (T1/351)3/13/2023
60818Custom Forms2/24/2023CompleteModification to custom loan form - HECAChristian Family Credit Union (C0/360)3/22/2023
60819General Research2/24/2023CompleteGeneral Research: Why does the Corporate G/L from the G/L Master Corporate Configuration get used with Accounts Payable checks?Kaua’i FCU (KE/338)5/9/2023
60820Custom Forms2/24/2023CompleteNew custom share form - LTACGrowing Oaks Fed C U (GW/328)4/27/2023
60821Custom Forms2/24/2023CompleteNew overlay for HELOC disclosure - XHEEBlueOx Credit Union (UE/169)3/23/2023
60823Warranty Adjustment2/27/2023CompleteOLB: Layout 2 Card widget is locking the wrong card when locking a card other than the first one being displayedN/A3/7/2023
60831Custom Forms2/27/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan form - HECPBlueOx Credit Union (UE/169)4/13/2023
60833Custom Request2/27/2023CompleteDiversified Members Credit Union would like us to send Image IDs to Entrust Datacard to be able to print multiple images on their debit and credit cards via the Instant Issue Skeleton Record.Diversified Members CU (DM/166)4/27/2023
60835Program Modification2/28/2023CompleteOnline Banking API: Secure the validate identify call of the PIB APIN/A3/28/2023
60836Custom Internet Application2/28/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate integration with Frost VisualGAP for Greenwood MunicipalGreenwood Municipal (GM/334)
60837Warranty Adjustment2/28/2023CompleteItsMe247:API: ContactUs: Update contact us response to use the response to member that is configured in CU*BASE.N/A3/28/2023
60838Custom Request2/28/2023CompleteBridge CU is requesting an API integration with Ring Central to include a member search by phone numberBridge Credit Union (SH/236)4/21/2023
60840Software Enhancement3/1/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceOLB: Standalone Web Module to allow members to cancel CO-OP cards and be issued a new physical card that can be immediately added to digital wallets.N/A
60843Custom Internet Application3/1/2023CompleteLoan App Logo Update: Compass Credit Union (125)N/A3/14/2023
60846Program Modification3/1/2023CompleteCorrect VISA DPS maintenance programs to send correct cell phone numbers for each new card.N/A3/21/2023
60848Custom Request3/1/2023In DevelopmentPheple FCU is bringing their credit cards in house in November of 2023. They have a statement vendor that we do not currently support credits for. This project is to transmit credit card statements tPheple FCU (PH/353)
60855Feasibility Research3/2/2023CompleteResearch feasibility/effort to create custom combined PSCU batch maintenance routine for Allegan/RivertownN/A3/27/2023
60856Custom Request3/2/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceOTB Single Sign On Client SetupCU*NW
60857Feasibility Research3/2/2023In DevelopmentResearch techniques to make DEX information available via APIN/A
60865Warranty Adjustment3/3/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect Skip-a-Pay program to make sure the next payment date is in sync with the "day next payment" value on the loanBuilding Trades FCU (BU/229)
60867Custom Forms3/3/2023CompleteFix to custom loan form - CAADHorizon Utah FCU (HZ/3460)3/21/2023
60869Software Enhancement3/3/2023In Development1Click Offers Enhancements to support multiple documentsN/A
60872Program Modification3/6/2023In DevelopmentAdjust the available Balance calculation in the ATM/debit posting program when there is a negative balance on the account.AAA Federal C U (AF/124)
60874Program Modification3/6/2023In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Create programming in Analytics Booth to process the holiday / non-business schedule data coming from CU*Base.N/A
60875Warranty Adjustment3/6/2023CompleteItsMe247: API: Configure CardHub form post to go to a dynamic URL between QC and PRODN/A4/11/2023
60877Custom Forms3/6/2023CompleteModification to custom loan application form - XAPPGreat Lakes First Federal Credit Union (GF/341)3/28/2023
60879Custom Forms3/6/2023CompleteNew overlays for HELOC disclosuresMyUSA Credit Union (MD/235)4/13/2023
60880Warranty Adjustment3/6/2023CompleteSome OTB Payments made via express teller are not writing out to the OTB Payment holding file OTBPMT.Kaua’i FCU (KE/338);Hawaii Central FCU (HW/304);Building Trades FCU (BU/229);Christian Family Credit Union (C0/360)3/14/2023
60881Custom Request3/6/2023CompleteSavvyMoney Requesting Integration for Online Pre ApprovalsVENDOR: SavvyMoney4/27/2023
60882Program Modification3/7/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceModify Credit Bureau Selection to Default FUEL DecisionN/A
60883Program Modification3/7/2023In Custom QC TestingAnalytics Booth: Create programming in Analytics Booth to process incoming ALERTCTL file from CU*Base.N/A
60884Custom Forms3/7/2023CompleteCreate Check Logo Files for CU*South - Richmond Heritage FCU (V9/3887) ConversionCU*South (XA/3800)3/8/2023
60888Software Enhancement3/7/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNew Process to Populate Loan Data to HMDA Information ToolN/A
60889Custom Request3/8/2023CompleteHonor is looking to create a Positive Pay file exchange with AlkamiHonor Credit Union (BT/200)4/25/2023
60895Custom Forms3/8/2023CompleteFix to custom share/CD form - CDARKellogg Community CU (KG/249)3/9/2023
60896Warranty Adjustment3/8/2023Approved at CapacityWhen going into Tax File inquiry from phone op and the member is an organization it is not displaying anything.Sentinel Federal CU (SF/182)
60897Custom Forms3/8/2023CompleteUpdate to HELOC Addendum Form (HEAD) to Allow Zero Dollar FeesCherokee Strip CU (CR/305)4/6/2023
60901CU*NW Custom Project3/8/2023CompleteSchools FCU - Updating Custom Loan FormsN/A3/15/2023
60903Custom Forms3/8/2023CompleteNew overlays for credit card formsRio Grande Valley CU (RG/324)5/4/2023
60906CU*NW Custom Project3/9/2023CompleteMessage Pay File Setup RequestNorthern Colorado Credit Union (UG/3939)4/15/2023
60908Program Modification3/9/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceCreate an oper tool to delete APY records for MergersN/A
60910Custom Request3/10/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceHorizon Utah Credit Union is requesting that we send an 8 digit bin in their batch file headers instead of a 6 digit bin.Horizon Utah FCU (HZ/3460)
60911CU Conversions/Mergers3/10/2023In DevelopmentEducational Community Alliance Credit Union (FILEE4/363) is converting to CU*BASE effective 10/01/23.Educational Community Alliance CU (E4/363)
60913Custom Forms3/10/2023In Custom QC TestingForms programming for conversion - 1st Mississippi FCU (M3/362) Forms ready by: 6/29/20231st Mississippi Federal Credit Union (M3/362)
60919Custom Request3/12/2023In DevelopmentCOPFCU has requested to pull in the Balance & Status file from Student Choice on a daily basisCincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)
60922GOLD Screen Modification3/13/2023CompleteChange the view only option of loan category to display the next payment date/del control dataN/A5/7/2023
60924Custom Request3/13/2023In DevelopmentFarm Bureau Family Credit Union would like to add a new business credit card bin with COOP.Farm Bureau Family CU (FB/370)
60925Card Conversions3/13/2023CompleteUnison Credit Union will be moving online credit card vendors from FIS to FISERV.Unison Credit Union (KA/93)5/9/2023
60926CU*NW Custom Project3/13/2023CompleteSouth Bay - Updating Logo on Custom FormN/A4/19/2023
60927Custom Internet Application3/13/2023CompleteQualifile Integration for 1st Mississippi FCUN/A3/13/2023
60928Program Modification3/13/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceAllow entry of a credit bureau code DF in the write-off process of a loanNorthpark Comm CU (NP/203)
60930Custom Forms3/13/2023CompleteNew custom share form - CERTDay Air (DA/227)5/18/2023
60932Custom Forms3/13/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan form - SUBSH.P.C. Credit Union (HP/138)4/27/2023
60934Warranty Adjustment3/14/2023CompleteDescription change: Tiered ServicesN/A3/16/2023
60935Warranty Adjustment3/14/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceEliminate invalid secondary descriptions writing on some A2AFT transactionsCounty City (CC/650)
60937Custom Forms3/14/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom loan form - XLOCDayMet (DY/314)5/9/2023
60939Program Modification3/14/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceExpand password length for BizLink 247 from 10 to 256 to match It's Me 247N/A
60942Program Modification3/14/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceLoan Payment Changes Table Matrix not changing TBTYPE field when moving from 'T' to 'P' and vise versus.N/A
60944Generic Forms3/14/2023CompleteModification to generic loan form - XLNEIsabella Community C U (IC/126)3/21/2023
60945Custom Forms3/14/2023CompleteModification to custom share form - OVERDayMet (DY/314)3/28/2023
60946Custom Forms3/15/2023CompleteCreate New Check Logo Files to Correct Phone NumberPenn-Trafford School Emp FCU (5426)3/23/2023
60947Custom Forms3/15/2023CompleteCreate New Check Logo Files for CU*South - St Thomas FCU (YK/3836)CU*South (XA/3800)3/24/2023
60948Custom Forms3/15/2023In DevelopmentForms programming for conversion - 1st Mississippi FCU (M3/362) Forms ready by: 6/29/2023 (Share Forms)1st Mississippi Federal Credit Union (M3/362)
60952Warranty Adjustment3/16/2023CompleteCorrect the IRA/HSA Code field placement for Xpress TellerMiami University Community Federal Credit Union (MU/344)3/16/2023
60954Warranty Adjustment3/16/2023CompleteNew Card Add through PaymentsOne(FISB) contained the wrong address. The address that was sent was the address of the previous card.N/A3/28/2023
60955Software Enhancement3/17/2023CompleteCreate configuration in CU*BASE for CryptoFI SSO integration (companion to project # 60047)N/A4/6/2023
60956Custom Forms3/17/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CEO ChangeGreat Lakes First Federal Credit Union (GF/341)4/27/2023
60957General Research3/17/2023CompleteResearch issue with Xpress Teller and missing OTB payments in the OTB Payments file.Hawaii Central FCU (HW/304)3/23/2023
60958Software Enhancement3/17/2023In Custom QC TestingAnalytics Booth: Redesign the Trends Learn-from-peer analysis to match our new charting and styling.N/A
60960Custom Request3/19/2023CompleteUpdate extract program for Rise - Pay Now to exclude mortgagesFire Police City County (FP/300)5/7/2023
60961Program Modification3/20/2023CompleteItsMe247: API: Update Econocheck SSO to look for DIVAPL when determining availabilityN/A4/11/2023
60963Software Enhancement3/20/2023In DevelopmentCreate custom combined PSCU batch maintenance routine for Allegan/RivertownN/A
60968Custom Request3/20/2023CompletePittsburgh Federal Credit Union is interested in implementing the SSO with PSCU to the new DXO interface for OTB credit cards.Pittsburgh FCU (PI/5442)5/9/2023
60969Custom Request3/21/2023CompleteAdd logic to translate credit card # to credit card loan acct in FiServ Cashback Rewards fileHonor Credit Union (BT/200)5/16/2023
60972GOLD Screen Modification3/21/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD Development for Memphis Municipal EFCUN/A
60982Custom Forms3/21/2023CompleteNew overlays for logo change on custom formsHonor Credit Union (BT/200)5/11/2023
60984Custom Request3/22/2023In DevelopmentAllegan Community FCU - Consolidation request for DIVAPLsAllegan Community FCU (AG/131)
60985Custom Request3/22/2023In DevelopmentRivertown Community FCU - DIVAPL and Suffix Configuration updatesRivertown Community FCU (RT/335)
60986Custom Request3/22/2023In DevelopmentAllegan Community FCU - Update CD Application Type and move suffixes on existing membersAllegan Community FCU (AG/131)
60987Custom Forms3/22/2023CompleteNew custom share form - EFTDKansas City CU (KC/279)4/13/2023
60988Warranty Adjustment3/22/2023CompleteChanges to Misc receipts OTB in Express tellerN/A4/25/2023
60992Custom Request3/22/2023With Expert for ResearchKalsee Credit Union needs PAR ID updated to an 8 digit bin instead of a 6 digit bin.Kalsee Credit Union (KS/238)
60994Custom Forms3/22/2023CompleteNew custom loan form - LOCA/XLOCRiver Valley Credit Union - OH (RI/303)5/11/2023
60995Custom Forms3/22/2023CompleteNew overlays for HELOC formsGreensboro Municipal FCU (GB/232)5/9/2023
60996Custom Request3/23/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalHonor CU has requested that we add the Verafin Check21 and Wire file drop to their current file exportHonor Credit Union (BT/200)
60997Custom Request3/23/2023CompleteRecreate and send missing files to nCino for Sentinel FCUSentinel Federal CU (SF/182)3/27/2023
60998GOLD Screen Modification3/23/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD Development for Richmond Heritage FCUN/A
61002Custom Forms3/24/2023CompleteFixes to custom share forms - BMAP & CERTIsabella Community C U (IC/126)5/2/2023
61004Software Enhancement3/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd Two Factor Authentication to Online Banking Member LoginN/A
61006Custom Forms3/24/2023CompleteFix to custom loan application form - XAPPWestern Division FCU (WD/550)4/13/2023
61008Custom Request3/27/2023CompleteCreate and send a quarterly file to the Texas Comptroller's office containing the names of delinquent account holders1st Community (FM/299)4/11/2023
61010Custom Request3/27/2023CompleteChiphone FCU is requesting an SSO to EconoCheck from online bankingChiphone FCU (CG/261)5/16/2023
61012Warranty Adjustment3/27/2023CompleteCorrect logic within Online Banking Transfer Control List to not allow IRA accounts to be available and correct proper Payment Amount returned for LOC accountsN/A5/7/2023
61014Program Modification3/27/2023In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Give user the ability to chart weighted average on Certificate Portfolio.N/A
61018Generic Forms3/27/2023CompleteCreate New Templates for Risk-Based Pricing Forms for eDoc Print ClientsN/A4/28/2023
61019Custom Forms3/27/2023CompleteFix to custom WCUL mortgage formsMadison Credit Union (CE/117)4/13/2023
61020Custom Request3/27/2023CompleteCreate an SSO from "Its Me 247" to MagicWrighter -- LoanPay XpressPreferred Credit Union (GD/204)4/25/2023
61021Custom Request3/28/2023CompleteFrankenmuth Credit Union would like to have Scorecard send us a monthly file so we can print the reward information (for one cardholder) on the credit card statement.Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)4/13/2023
61023Feasibility Research3/28/2023In DevelopmentFeasibility research for changes to how fee decisions are made when debit card trans are authorized based on ANR limitsN/A
61025Custom Forms3/28/2023CompleteModifications to custom credit card formsKellogg Community CU (KG/249)4/25/2023
61026Software Enhancement3/28/2023Awaiting ImplementationEnhancement to the Instant Issue API.Journey Federal Credit Union (JO/354)
61027Custom Forms3/29/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature FilesScient FCU (ST/359)4/4/2023
61029Program Modification3/29/2023In Client Beta TestingEFT Port Monitor inactive alerts correctionN/A
61030GOLD Screen Modification3/29/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD development for custom loan form for Printing Industries CUN/A
61034Custom Forms3/29/2023CompleteFix to custom share form - CARDRipco (RP/3225)4/17/2023
61038Custom Request3/30/2023CompleteRipco Credit Union would like to include Credit Card Loans to Loan Pay Xpress file that is being sent to Magic WrighterRipco (RP/3225)5/1/2023
61039Custom Internet Application3/30/2023CompleteCreate FUEL Decision Model for Greenwood MunicipalGreenwood Municipal (GM/334)5/1/2023
61040CU Conversions/Mergers3/30/2023In DevelopmentEffective 11/1/2023 Kahului FCU (FILEKH/#366) is converting ONLINE to CU*BASEKahului Federal Credit Union (KH/366)
61044Custom Forms3/30/2023In Custom QC TestingNew business account formsRoute 31 Federal Credit Union (CP/430)
61048Warranty Adjustment3/31/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceShared branch id for the teller is showing up in teller audit for a not shared branching transaction.Kaua’i FCU (KE/338)
61049Custom Request3/31/2023CompleteBluestone FCU is requesting and old and new credit card file from the mass reissue we did to be able to transfer their credit card reward points.Bluestone Federal Credit Union (SX/142)4/10/2023
61051Warranty Adjustment3/31/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationDefault holds in Xpress teller can be assigned incorrectly if a member has more than one membership at the CU.N/A5/30/2023
61052Program Modification3/31/2023CompleteBrand Instructions for Tech-Partners using TruStage name, change Integration PHP processes to reference current brand to represent TruStageN/A3/31/2023
61053Program Modification3/31/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceFix Spelling Error on PIPOPY CU*SPY Report (Interest Payment Only Loans: Applied Payment Changes)Thornapple CU (TH/380)
61055Custom Forms3/31/2023CompleteModification to credit card formsGreenwood Municipal (GM/334)4/27/2023
61056Warranty Adjustment3/31/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect the Loan Collateral Item Detail Program to Write the Appropriate Data to the Collateral Descriptions Detail (CLML) FileParkside Credit Union (PK/137)
61057Custom Forms3/31/2023In Custom QC TestingNew custom loan forms - LIEN & UCCFCherokee Strip CU (CR/305)
61058Custom Forms3/31/2023In Custom QC TestingNew custom certificate form - CERTChristian Family Credit Union (C0/360)
61060Custom Forms3/31/2023CompleteFix to custom share form - TISCGrowing Oaks Fed C U (GW/328)4/17/2023
61061Custom Forms3/31/2023CompleteFix to custom credit card formsRipco (RP/3225)4/13/2023
61063Program Modification4/3/2023CompleteImplement Changes to SavvyMoney Widget Based on Feedback From SavvyMoneyN/A4/25/2023
61065Program Modification4/4/2023CompleteNative Receipts enhancement to handle bad config filesN/A4/28/2023
61067GOLD Screen Modification4/4/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD development for custom loan form for Media City Community CUN/A
61069Custom Request4/5/2023Pending Vendor FeedbackProgram daily LoanPay Xpress file transmission for Community First Fund Federal Credit UnionCommunity First Fund FCU (C9/339)
61070Custom Forms4/5/2023CompleteCreate Check Signature and Logo Files for Conversion1st Mississippi Federal Credit Union (M3/362)4/27/2023
61071Custom Forms4/5/2023In Overlays/MappingCreate Check Signature and Logo Files for ConversionKahului Federal Credit Union (KH/366)
61073Custom Request4/5/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalFire Police City County FCU has requested a daily file transmission to OnovativeFire Police City County (FP/300)
61075Custom Internet Application4/5/2023CompleteBranding update for Journey Federal Credit Union (354)N/A4/25/2023
61076Custom Forms4/5/2023CompleteFix to custom loan form - HEMOKellogg Community CU (KG/249)4/25/2023
61077Custom Forms4/5/2023In Custom QC TestingNew custom share formsMonroe County Comm CU (MO/263)
61079Custom Forms4/5/2023CompleteNew overlay for HELOC disclosure - XHEEKalsee Credit Union (KS/238)5/2/2023
61080Custom Forms4/5/2023CompleteNew overlay for custom share form - SDAGCircle Federal Credit Union (GN/233)4/20/2023
61084Warranty Adjustment4/6/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect Phone Transfer when using the Post/Return button on a partial payment to a loan using 360/post, when the user backs up from the 'Special Mtg Payment Options' window..N/A
61089Warranty Adjustment4/6/2023In QC TestingCorrect the data creation in FWHIST for SHSEC, SDSEC and CDSEC online loan feesN/A
61090GOLD Screen Modification4/6/2023CompleteCorrect the Spelling of "Credit Card" in the Advanced Search Feature in Member InquiryAlpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133)5/7/2023
61094Custom Request4/7/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceHawaii Central Federal Credit Union is requesting that we send an 8 digit bin in their batch file headers instead of a 6 digit bin.Hawaii Central FCU (HW/304)
61098Program Modification4/7/2023CompleteRestrict Teller Drawer Access Through Tool #31 Reverse Tran/Adjust Drawer (Same Day) to One User at a timeNotre Dame FCU (ND/254)4/11/2023
61099Custom Request4/10/2023CompleteCreate processing to receive and post a transaction file from FINBOAFire Police City County (FP/300)5/16/2023
61102Program Modification4/10/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate Imaging API to use Centralized Settings for DB2 configurationN/A
61104Program Modification4/10/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationUpdate the Catalyst check image API to have certificate-based authenticationN/A5/23/2023
61105General Research4/10/2023CompleteResearch only - Spokane Media Reports in Tools 474 and 471 not matchingN/A5/16/2023
61108Custom Request4/10/2023CompleteMount Olive Baptist Church FCU request for file transmission with Van WagenenMount Olive Baptist Church FCU (VN/3898)4/24/2023
61109Custom Forms4/10/2023CompleteFix to custom WCUL mortgage formsBrewery Credit Union (BW/670)4/25/2023
61110Custom Forms4/10/2023CompleteFix to custom WCUL mortgage formsFirefighters CU (FG/174)4/25/2023
61111Custom Forms4/10/2023CompleteFix to custom WCUL mortgage formsFOCUS Credit Union (WA/310)4/25/2023
61113Custom Forms4/10/2023CompleteModifications to custom loan form - NOTE/XNOTEmpireONE FCU (EO/309)5/9/2023
61115Program Modification4/10/2023CompleteAdd Edit to Tool#22 Close Accounts/Memberships to Force Unlinking Overdraft Protection before Closing AccountsCommunity West CU (CW/176)4/13/2023
61117Program Modification4/11/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a VIEW ONLY Option for Tool #893 Update HSA Balance InformationPathways Financial C U (WE/147)
61122Warranty Adjustment4/12/2023CompleteCorrect OLB to Analytics Booth load program so that it doesn't throw an error for missing file.N/A4/18/2023
61125GOLD Screen Modification4/12/2023CompleteNeed Gold for new CTE Library for credit unionCincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)4/18/2023
61128Program Modification4/12/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceChange Xpress teller to honor the Misc Receipt codes for gift cardsN/A
61129Program Modification4/12/2023In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth: Add in the ability to see portfolio change-over-time to the certificates dashboard.N/A
61132Software Enhancement4/12/2023In DevelopmentOLB: Standalone Web Module - [Credit Card] loan products landing page (member-storefront for credit cards)N/A
61134Software Enhancement4/12/2023In DevelopmentStandardize Account Suffix ConfigurationN/A
61136Program Modification4/12/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceChange to Tool#592 Concentration Risk Analysis to Avoid Display Errors On Launching the ToolLenco Credit Union (LE/157)
61138Program Modification4/13/2023Awaiting ImplementationItsMe247/API: Modify the error handling for LoanPay Xpress to send messages from MagicWrighter to the UI.N/A
61139Custom Request4/13/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationEffective 11/1/2023 Kahului FCU request to send Sageworks ALLL/CECL files to Abrigo (fka Sageworks).Kahului Federal Credit Union (KH/366)5/25/2023
61140Custom Request4/13/2023In DevelopmentUpdate the Reissue Allowed Flag at Visa MAP for Bluestone FCU's existing credit cardsBluestone Federal Credit Union (SX/142)
61141Custom Request4/13/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceFrankenmuth Credit Union would like to enable the rewards SSO in online banking.Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)
61143Custom Request4/13/2023CompleteUpdate to DealerTrack processing for Pheple FCU: send release records for closed auto loansPheple FCU (PH/353)5/17/2023
61146Custom Forms4/13/2023CompleteCreate New Check Logo Files for Address ChangeAlcoa Pittsburgh FCU (AP/5431)4/27/2023
61147Program Modification4/13/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd Transfer Parameter to Max Earnings Sweep Relationship ConfigurationN/A
61150Custom Request4/13/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceTLCU Financial Credit Union is interested in implementing the SSO with PSCU to the new DXO interface for OTB credit cards.TLCU Financial (TL/318)
61151Custom Forms4/13/2023In Custom QC TestingNew FACT Act NoticeJourney Federal Credit Union (JO/354)
61153Warranty Adjustment4/14/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect screen flow in Xpress teller when selecting member servingN/A
61155General Research4/14/2023Research OnlyResearch only to determine why a membership was opened and ANR was granted that was outside of the credit union parameters.PowerNet CU (PN/297)
61157Custom Forms4/14/2023In Custom QC TestingNew custom share form - IRHSUnison Credit Union (KA/93)
61160Program Modification4/17/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceEliminate error when creating/sending State National Insurance for Self ProcessorsN/A
61161Warranty Adjustment4/17/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd additional process codes for CC cash advances used for BSA aggregationSchools Federal CU (UT/3954)
61163Custom Request4/17/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceLabor Credit Union would like us to receive in a monthly file from Score Card Rewards and print the reward points on members credit card statements.Labor Credit Union (DL/272)
61165Program Modification4/18/2023Awaiting ImplementationMonitor for card encryption in the push notification processingN/A
61167Custom Request4/18/2023CompleteUnison needs MEMBERx.PRCSSR field updated in EOM files and CUNA Loan Tracker file resent for 3 monthsUnison Credit Union (KA/93)5/3/2023
61170Custom Forms4/18/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlay for custom loan form - XCAGChief Financial CU (CM/265)
61171Custom Forms4/18/2023In Custom QC TestingNew custom home equity formsGreensboro Municipal FCU (GB/232)
61173Custom Internet Application4/18/2023CompleteQualifile integration for Educational Community Alliance CUN/A4/18/2023
61175Custom Forms4/18/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlay for custom credit card form - XCC1/CC01BlueOx Credit Union (UE/169)
61177Custom Forms4/18/2023CompleteNew custom business account form - XBPFPeninsula Federal CU (ME/600)4/20/2023
61181Custom Internet Application4/19/2023In QC TestingProgram Check Image Retrieval in Online Banking for Northern Lights Community FCUN/A
61185Custom Forms4/19/2023CompleteNew overlay for HELOC disclosure - XHEEDayMet (DY/314)5/18/2023
61188Custom Forms4/19/2023In Custom QC TestingNew HELOC forms - HEA2 and XHE2Kaua’i FCU (KE/338)
61189Program Modification4/20/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceUpdate programs used to aggregate employment income for both household and application recordsN/A
61192Software Enhancement4/20/2023With Technical Writer for SpecificationsExpand FUEL Decision Model Interface with Sync1 to Allow a Re-decisionN/A
61194Program Modification4/20/2023In DevelopmentModify OpenLending Integration to Support Back End vs. Front End Financing FeesN/A
61196Program Modification4/20/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationEliminate API interface errors in loan amortization when there is a missing file nameN/A5/23/2023
61197Custom Forms4/20/2023CompleteModification to custom loan form - NOTECumberland County FCU (CY/3430)5/2/2023
61198Custom Forms4/20/2023CompleteCreate new check signature filesMEMBERS1st Community CU (M1/269)4/27/2023
61199Program Modification4/20/2023In DevelopmentCorrection to secured funds release for debit card transactions.Growing Oaks Fed C U (GW/328)
61200Program Modification4/20/2023CompleteCorrect Tool#141 ARU/Online Banking Stats Dashboard to Display Accurate Figures in the Mobile App FieldN/A4/21/2023
61201Software Enhancement4/21/2023With Technical Writer for SpecificationsCreate the ability to generate a consolidated balance sheet across multiple credit unions.N/A
61203Program Modification4/21/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceWhen creating a new membership from Closed Account data would like Mail code to default to 0 and not what was on the closed accountEverence Federal CU (EV/268)
61204Custom Forms4/21/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CU*South - Savanna Schools FCU (YT/3845) CEO ChangeCU*South (XA/3800)4/24/2023
61205General Research4/21/2023CompleteResearch why credit card accrued interest in tool 877 is showing a difference for a credit unionRipco (RP/3225)4/24/2023
61207Custom Request4/21/2023In DevelopmentCumberland County FCU is requesting a Credit Card Purge Project.Cumberland County FCU (CY/3430)
61209Custom Request4/21/2023In DevelopmentCircle FCU would like a credit purge.Circle Federal Credit Union (GN/233)
61211Custom Request4/21/2023CompleteCreate CUNA Protection Advisor Interface for Weyco CommunityCU*South (XA/3800)5/9/2023
61213Program Modification4/21/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceChange to Tool#32 Teller/Vault Cash Transfers & Inquiry to No Longer Display Suspended Supplemental Vaults from Being Selectable OptionsKellogg Community CU (KG/249)
61215Program Modification4/24/2023In DevelopmentAnalytics Booth Email Opt-Out ModificationN/A
61216General Research4/24/2023CompleteResearch for variable rate credit cards when doing a rate override promotionCounty City (CC/650)5/5/2023
61217General Research4/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceReport LXMTPAN1B did not generate the Monday after CU*NorthWest Rolled back to Site Four for United TradesUnited Advantage NW (ZB/3907)
61222Custom Forms4/24/2023Awaiting ImplementationOverlay Change to EFT Disclosure (99EFTD) FormExplorers Federal Credit Union (CT/3025)
61226Custom Forms4/25/2023CompleteUpdate to Term Share Certificate (99CD01)Scient FCU (ST/359)5/4/2023
61228Custom Request4/25/2023In DevelopmentSPC Credit Union would like to remove their Custom SC program as of June 1stSPC Credit Union (S1/316)
61231Custom Internet Application4/25/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationCreate 3.2 Fannie Mae Upload for ScientScient FCU (ST/359)5/1/2023
61233Program Modification4/25/2023CompleteRequest to Change the Program that Enrolls and Unenrolls Members in Online Banking to Clear out the Online Banking Agreement Accepted DateService 1 Federal CU (TD/420)4/28/2023
61235Custom Request4/26/2023CompleteUpdate selection criteria for Frankenmuth's Abrigo file extracts to include all loans, collateral and deposit accountsFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)5/16/2023
61236Program Modification4/26/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a "Warning/Confirmation" Window for Teller/Vault Cash Transfer Reminder when Archive/Deleting a Teller IDN/A
61237Custom Internet Application4/26/2023CompleteOnline Branding Loan App Logo Update: McKesson & Healthcare Providers Federal Credit Union CU (946)N/A5/7/2023
61241GOLD Screen Modification4/27/2023CompleteShow the proper justification for company ID in the ACH Distribution Maintenance screenCommunity First FCU (CF/480)5/7/2023
61242Custom Request4/27/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalCincinnati Ohio Police FCU is requesting an ATM/Debit Purge.Cincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)
61243Custom Request4/27/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalCincinnati Ohio Police FCU is requesting a Credit Card Purge.Cincinnati Ohio Police CU (CK/283)
61245Custom Request4/27/2023In DevelopmentWalker County Federal Credit Union is requesting an implementation with Entrust Datacard for Instant Issue Services for their debit cards.Walker County FCU (WC/358)
61246GOLD Screen Modification4/27/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD development for custom loan form for Union Pacific CE FCUN/A
61247Program Modification4/27/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationItsMe247: Add Email Address Required Handling to LoanPay Express ModuleN/A5/23/2023
61248Program Modification4/27/2023Awaiting ImplementationOLB API: Expired Security Certificates May be Used When Duplicates are PresentN/A
61252Software Enhancement4/28/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate a process to import Mortgage Statement Mailing Audit from SAGE DirectN/A
61256GOLD Screen Modification4/28/2023CompleteGold panel 1558 needs update to client facing scheme. This is no longer an Oper function.N/A5/7/2023
61257GOLD Screen Modification4/28/2023CompleteModify Loan Category Definition view only screen to display "Can pay ahead 2 periods"Frankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)5/1/2023
61258Custom Forms4/28/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CU*South - Coast Guard Emp (Y1/3870) CEO ChangeCU*South (XA/3800)5/2/2023
61260Custom Forms4/28/2023In Custom QC TestingModifications to custom loan form - CLADShoreline Hometown CU (SE/284)
61261Program Modification5/1/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceEliminate error in custom ACH translation programs to use a value that does not exceed size of Account BaseN/A
61263Program Modification5/1/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect int date advances when a 360 mortgage payment is posted via ITMN/A
61265Custom Forms5/1/2023In Overlays/MappingCreate Check Signature and Logo Files for ConversionEducational Community Alliance CU (E4/363)
61266Custom Request5/1/2023In DevelopmentMy CU wants to implement the SSO with PSCU to the new DXO interface for OTB Credit CardsCU*NorthWest (ZA/3900)
61267Custom Request5/1/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceFAA FCU would like SSO to Augeo Scorecard RewardsCU*South (XA/3800)
61269CU*NW Custom Project5/1/2023Completeupdate CUNW store productsN/A5/26/2023
61271Program Modification5/1/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrect the Listing of Available Comment Codes in the Spyglass Option within Tool#20 Update Account Information in the Credit Reporting Information Screen to List 'CJ' as an OptionFirefighters CU (FG/174)
61272Custom Forms5/2/2023CompleteUpdate to Correct Phone Number Printing on Account Card (99CARD)First Trust Credit Union (LP/134)5/16/2023
61273GOLD Screen Modification5/2/2023CompleteNeed GOLD for New CTE Credit UnionCommunity First Fund FCU (C9/339)5/7/2023
61275Software Enhancement5/2/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdd Loan Category Setting to Prevent selected Credit Card Accounts to be used as Overdraft ProtectionN/A
61276Custom Request5/2/2023In DevelopmentAwakon Federal Credit Union would like to launch score card rewards with FIS and have the rewards points print on their members monthly credit card statements.Awakon Federal CU (ON/122)
61277Custom Request5/2/2023With Expert for ResearchUpdate the branch field in the Customer file being sent to Abrigo for Day AirDay Air (DA/227)
61280Custom Internet Application5/2/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate CUNA Protection Advisor Interface for Weyco CommunityCU*South (XA/3800)
61284CU*NW Custom Project5/3/2023In DevelopmentDelta Schools (a CUNW client) will be converting online credit cards from FIS to CoOp.N/A
61288Custom Forms5/3/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlay for credit insurance form for rate changes effective 6/1/2023First Ohio Community FCU (FO/257)
61289Custom Forms5/3/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlay for HELOC disclosure - XHEEBlueOx Credit Union (UE/169)
61291Custom Forms5/3/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlay for credit insurance form for rate changes effective 6/1/2023Miami University Community Federal Credit Union (MU/344)
61292Custom Forms5/3/2023In Custom QC TestingNew overlay for credit insurance form for rate changes effective 6/1/2023Materion Federal CU (MA/287)
61293Custom Forms5/3/2023Awaiting ImplementationNew overlay for credit insurance form for rate changes effective 6/1/2023Bay Area CU (BY/191)
61295Software Enhancement5/4/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCentralized Settings support for Daily ReportsN/A
61296Custom Forms5/4/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CU*South - Muna FCU (XU/3820) CEO ChangeCU*South (XA/3800)5/5/2023
61297Warranty Adjustment5/4/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceImprove logic during ACH Extraction to correctly handle specific configuration for BizWatch membersN/A
61302GOLD Screen Modification5/4/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAdjust GOLD screen for Remitter line field in Add/Update Loan Disbursement Record screen to match the length allowed for inputN/A
61303Custom Forms5/4/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlay for custom loan form - ECOAAllWealth FCU (AW/322)5/23/2023
61305Program Modification5/5/2023In QC TestingAdd archive of PLI MPX transmission fileN/A
61306Custom Forms5/5/2023CompleteCreate New Check Signature Files for CU*South - IBEW Local 265 FCU (V8/3886) CEO ChangeCU*South (XA/3800)5/9/2023
61307Custom Forms5/5/2023In Custom QC TestingModification to Custom Risk-Based Pricing FormsRio Grande Valley CU (RG/324)
61312Custom Forms5/5/2023In DevelopmentForms programming for conversion - Connects FCU (CS/365) Forms ready by: 9/5/2023 (Loan Forms)Connects Federal Credit Union (CS/365)
61313Custom Forms5/5/2023In Overlays/MappingForms programming for conversion - Connects FCU (CS/365) Forms ready by: 9/5/2023 (Share & TRID Forms)Connects Federal Credit Union (CS/365)
61315GOLD Screen Modification5/8/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD development for YP custom formsN/A
61316Program Modification5/8/2023Completeproject to record recompiles for programs that are needed after release deploymentN/A5/16/2023
61317Warranty Adjustment5/8/2023CompleteEliminate an array index error received on some accounts when accessing the tracker reviewMuskegon Federal CU (MG/170)5/10/2023
61318Warranty Adjustment5/8/2023CompleteCorrection to Timeout Screen for CU*Spy ButtonN/A5/10/2023
61320Software Enhancement5/8/2023In DevelopmentMTG: 2023 Leadership Conference Mobile App for iOS & AndroidN/A
61322Software Enhancement5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceMTG: iOS & Android Mobile 7.1 Annual Update - Member Experience UpdatesN/A
61325Software Enhancement5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate transfer APIs for use with CryptoFIN/A
61326Custom Forms5/8/2023In Custom QC TestingCreate logo file for loan form - NOTETri/Cities Credit Union (TI/151)
61327GOLD Screen Modification5/8/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD Development for Nizari Progressive FCUN/A
61331Custom Request5/8/2023CompleteExplorers CU is requesting a Credit purge to be completed as soon as possible.Explorers Federal Credit Union (CT/3025)5/16/2023
61333Software Enhancement5/8/2023Pending ApprovalOLB: New Credit Card Application - Standalone Web ModuleN/A
61334Software Enhancement5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceMTG: CU Publisher Loan Manager: Configurations & Prototype for New Auto Loan Application Web ModuleN/A
61338Program Modification5/8/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceChange Online Banking Check Viewing Program to Accurately Display Images for Checks with the Same Check Number but Different Dates and AmountsA&S Federal Credit Union (AI/5416)
61339Warranty Adjustment5/9/2023CompleteWhen updating SIG amount remaining limit new amount entered is not updating.N/A5/10/2023
61343Custom Internet Application5/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate FUEL Model for Kaua’i FCUKaua’i FCU (KE/338)
61346Custom Internet Application5/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate FUEL Model for Western DivisionWestern Division FCU (WD/550)
61348Custom Request5/9/2023In DevelopmentEffective 11/1/2023 - setup State National CPI premium & refund postings for Kahului FCU (FILEKH/#366)Kahului Federal Credit Union (KH/366)
61352GOLD Screen Modification5/9/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNeed Gold panel corrected to include the up and down arrows on the Accounts Payable PAID view of invoicesAlpena Alcona Area C U (AL/133);Everence Federal CU (EV/268)
61355Warranty Adjustment5/10/2023CompleteAdjust default Approval ID's for Accounts PayableN/A5/16/2023
61356Custom Internet Application5/10/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCreate Dealertrack Integration for West MichiganN/A
61357Warranty Adjustment5/10/2023In QC TestingItsMe247: API: Update Loan Pay Express API call to handle multiple account bases getting returnedN/A
61362Program Modification5/10/2023In DevelopmentEliminate the Clearing of the FIS Payments One file (FILExx/FDR4XX), this vendor no longer gets a combined file.N/A
61363Custom Request5/10/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalSentinel Federal Credit Union is interested in CU*Answers pulling in a monthly rewards file with credit card reward points in it from JHA to be printed on their credit card statements each month.Sentinel Federal CU (SF/182)
61365Custom Request5/10/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalSpokane Firefighters Credit Union is interested in having an SSO in both online and mobile banking to their breakaway loyalty program.Spokane Firefighters C U (FF/3901)
61366Custom Internet Application5/11/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationOnline Branding Loan App Logo Update: Filer Credit Union (035)N/A5/23/2023
61367Program Modification5/11/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationImprove logic within Online Banking Platform to better handle the different layouts available.N/A5/23/2023
61368Warranty Adjustment5/11/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceDaon Onboarding API: Use Full Driver's License Image When Archiving Instead of Facial ImageN/A
61371Program Modification5/11/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNeed to have Accounts Payable Checks follow same logic as member check withdrawals and loan checks for g/l postingsKaua’i FCU (KE/338)
61373Software Enhancement5/11/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAccount Aggregation (See/Jump) for BizLink 247 business online bankingN/A
61374Custom Forms5/11/2023In Custom QC TestingModifications to custom loan form - XLOCDayMet (DY/314)
61376Program Modification5/11/2023CompleteDatabase File APVEND occasionally shows blank values in field STATUS, causing them to not be visible in Tool 998United Advantage NW (ZB/3907)5/16/2023
61378Warranty Adjustment5/12/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationWhen check limits for debit card processing turned off the option to increase pin limits still displays.N/A5/30/2023
61380Custom Forms5/12/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationFix to custom loan application form - XAPPWestern Division FCU (WD/550)5/23/2023
61381Program Modification5/12/2023Awaiting ImplementationAdd an Online Banking platform setting to enable/disable Plaid integration per credit unionN/A
61384Program Modification5/15/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceChange the ACH programs to translate Alpha characters in the company descriptive date fieldN/A
61389Program Modification5/15/2023CompleteTool# 569 configuration conflict with web app to Member.Wymar FCU5/15/2023
61390Program Modification5/15/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationAccounts Payable Checks selected for payment need to carry through to the Process Payments for Vendors ScreenOld Ocean FCU (3811)5/30/2023
61391Software Enhancement5/15/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAutomate month-end processing of OLB data movement to remote iSeries.N/A
61394GOLD Screen Modification5/15/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD Development for Bakersfield City Employees FCUN/A
61399Custom Request5/15/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalSpokane Firefighters Credit Union is interested in recieving a monthly rewards points file from Break Away Loyalty to print on their credit card monthly statements for their members.Spokane Firefighters C U (FF/3901)
61401Custom Forms5/16/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlay for credit insurance forms - MPCI & MRCDTruNorth FCU (T1/351)5/23/2023
61405GOLD Screen Modification5/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceCorrection for Gold Screen Theme "Clean Linen", Timeout Window and Other ToolsN/A
61406Custom Request5/16/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceDC Federal Credit Union is interested in implementing Instant Issue with Entrust Datacard for their debit cards.DC Federal Credit Union (DG/192)
61407Custom Forms5/16/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationModification to custom loan form - NOTEKellogg Community CU (KG/249)5/30/2023
61409Warranty Adjustment5/17/2023In QC TestingOLB: SavvyMoney - Enrollment modification to not pass over account base padded with zerosN/A
61411Custom Forms5/17/2023In Custom QC TestingModification to custom share form - BCRDWalker County FCU (WC/358)
61413Custom Forms5/17/2023In DevelopmentForms programming for legal merger effective 7/1/2023First United CU (FT/153)
61415Custom Forms5/17/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNew custom adverse action noticeAdvantage Credit Union (AV/219)
61416Custom Forms5/17/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlay for HELOC - XHEERiverview CU (RV/221)5/24/2023
61417Custom Forms5/17/2023In Overlays/MappingForms programming for conversion - Educational Community Alliance CU (E4/363) Forms ready by: 9/14/2023 (Loan Forms)Educational Community Alliance CU (E4/363)
61419Custom Forms5/17/2023Pending Client FeedbackNew custom share form - WIREIntandem Credit Union (KT/740)
61421Program Modification5/18/2023In DevelopmentUpdate Online Banking and Mobile App login failure responses to be genericN/A
61423Custom Forms5/18/2023In Overlays/MappingOverlay Change to Hi Checking TIS Disclosure (99HITS)Filer Credit Union (FI/350)
61426Program Modification5/18/2023In DevelopmentEliminate the carriage return characters in the ACH Description for Statement Printing and Imaging ArchivingN/A
61431Custom Request5/18/2023Awaiting ImplementationUpdate selection criteria for Frankenmuth's Abrigo file extracts for: loans, collateral, and share accountsFrankenmuth Credit Union (FR/112)
61432Program Modification5/18/2023Pending ApprovalAccounts Payable by Credit Card option needs to write out the employee id that generated the transactionMichigan Legacy CU (AX/148)
61433Custom Forms5/18/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlays for credit insurance forms for rate changes effective 6/1/2023Bridge Credit Union (SH/236)6/1/2023
61434Custom Forms5/18/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationNew overlay for credit insurance form for rate changes effective 6/1/2023University of Toledo FCU (TU/277)6/1/2023
61440Custom Request5/19/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceUniversity of Toledo FCU received notification from FIS for their Score Card Reward SSO and that they need to convert the Triple DES SSO for their ScoreCard SSO integration to the new SAML SSO priorUniversity of Toledo FCU (TU/277)
61445Card Conversions5/22/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceGreenwood Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union would like to move debit card processing from FISERV to COOP.Greenwood Municipal (GM/334)
61446Custom Internet Application5/22/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationQualifile Integration for Lakeshore Federal Credit UnionN/A5/22/2023
61447Custom Forms5/22/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNew overlay for custom loan application form - ELOARipco (RP/3225)
61448Custom Forms5/22/2023Pending ApprovalFixes to mortgage formsIsabella Community C U (IC/126)
61449Custom Forms5/22/2023In Custom QC TestingModification to custom share form - CERTDay Air (DA/227)
61450Card Conversions5/22/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalUnison Credit Union will be moving online credit card vendors from FIS to FISERV.Unison Credit Union (KA/93)
61452Custom Forms5/23/2023Complete - Awaiting Final DocumentationFixes to custom share certificate formsScient FCU (ST/359)5/30/2023
61454Custom Forms5/23/2023In Overlays/MappingCopy Check Signature and Logo Files for First United/North Central Area MergerFirst United CU (FT/153)
61455Program Modification5/23/2023In QC TestingItsMe/API: Add member number as an option for Amplifi Rewards configurationN/A
61457Custom Forms5/23/2023In Custom QC TestingFix to custom business account form - BMAPIsabella Community C U (IC/126)
61458Custom Forms5/23/2023In DevelopmentFix to custom share forms - TIS1-4Transportation Federal Credit Union (TN/347)
61460Program Modification5/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceRelease Management 23.10 ReleaseN/A
61462Custom Request5/24/2023CompleteCommonwealth Utilities FCU is requesting a debit card closure project.Commonwealth Utilities Federal Credit Union (CQ/267)5/25/2023
61464Custom Request5/24/2023With Client for Bid ApprovalRiver Valley is requesting to convert their business share accounts from 000 to 020River Valley Credit Union - OH (RI/303)
61465Custom Request5/24/2023CompleteCU has made some changes to their dormancy monitoring configurations and would like us to clear DIMAST as soon as possible.TruNorth FCU (T1/351)5/30/2023
61467Warranty Adjustment5/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceTool# 447 - Member List Generator - Identify Issue and Correct Programming for "Include Members with Services" ScreenIllinois Community Credit Union (IL/319)
61468Custom Forms5/24/2023In Custom QC TestingFix to custom loan form - LOC2Scient FCU (ST/359)
61470Custom Forms5/24/2023In Overlays/MappingNew share forms/disclosuresArize Federal Credit Union (SJ/275)
61472Custom Forms5/24/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceNew custom loan form - XAPRVacationLand FCU (VA/197)
61474GOLD Screen Modification5/25/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceGOLD Update: Change verbiage "Co-signer" on Secondary Names Inquiry to match host screen "Additional Signer"N/A
61478Warranty Adjustment5/25/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceAn IRA code can be added to a non-IRA transaction if a lookup is used when opening a CD.N/A
61480Software Enhancement5/25/2023Pending ApprovalCreate 3 New Block Lists to Prevent Opening Savings, Checking and CD Sub AccountsN/A
61481Warranty Adjustment5/25/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceFix for tool 981 closed membership transfers not displaying and 980 missing member name for wire.N/A
61482Software Enhancement5/25/2023Pending ApprovalAdd eSign Feature to Auto-Approved Flex Loans in Online BankingN/A
61483Software Enhancement5/25/2023Pending ApprovalEnhancements to the Concentration Risk Analysis DashboardN/A
61484Custom Forms5/25/2023In Custom QC TestingFix to custom share form - CHNGMaterion Federal CU (MA/287)
61488General Research5/26/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceResearch and correct error with loan payoff processing when creating the Fannie Mae SURF fileScient FCU (ST/359)
61491Custom Request5/26/2023CompleteBuild Standard DEX for Family Focus FCU on Site-FourN/A5/30/2023
61493Software Enhancement5/26/2023Pending ApprovalOLB: Enhancement to the Digital Wallet Web Module to support PSCU cards.N/A
61494Warranty Adjustment5/26/2023Waiting for Quality Control ResourceCorrects an issue where tool 981 wire notes cannot be properly accessed or editedN/A
61496Custom Request5/30/2023Waiting for Programming ResourcePublic Service CU would like to have CU*Answers begin sending the standard file set to VerafinPublic Service CU (PS/223)
61502Software Enhancement5/30/2023In QC TestingNew printer validation - Brother 6300 DWN/A
61503Program Modification5/30/2023Pending ApprovalWhen restoring libraries on CUADEV & QC makes sure Field Encryption is restored tooN/A
61507GOLD Screen Modification5/31/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceEliminate skip key on GOLD CU branch configuration screenN/A
61508Custom Request5/31/2023In DevelopmentCorrect path of GA project in custom Sageworks transmission programJeep Country FCU (JP/349)
61512Custom Forms5/31/2023Waiting for Programming ResourceProgramming for a New Membership Application (99MAPP)Element Federal C U (WV/213)
61514GOLD Screen Modification6/1/2023In GOLD DevelopmentGOLD Development for Calhoun-Liberty EmployeeN/A
61515Program Modification6/1/2023Pending ApprovalEnhance Loan App viewN/A
61518General Research6/1/2023Pending ApprovalResearch - APY Calculator Is Returning Different Rates than What Displays in the APY column of CD forms printed from Tool#261 Configure Misc. Member Account FormsShell Western States (3900)

1528 Projects Sheets displayed.

November 3, 2022

The CU*Answers Monthly Monitor Recap is Now the Owner’s View Monthly Recap!

The CU*Answers Monthly Monitor Recap is Now the Owner’s View Monthly Recap!

The CU*Answers Monthly Monitor Recap, which details feature improvements, vendor enhancements, and other changes to our core software, will see its final installment with the recent December 2019 publication.  Starting with the January 2020 edition, this document will be rebranded as the Owner’s View Monthly Recap, to more accurately reflect the input and feedback our… Read more »

Apr 5, 2022