SE: 0620 How to Leverage Virtual StrongBox for Secure Document Exchange

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Virtual StrongBox and CU*Answers are getting questions from your credit union peers on how to use the standard version of VSB digital vault to collect documents from members during these challenging times. This webinar will refresh your memory on powerful document collection, protection and exchange platform integrated inside It's Me 247 online banking. We're not just an eReceipt digital vault, members can put their documents in their personal strongbox and easily share them with you, 24/7.  


•CEO, CIO, COO, Operations and Marketing
• The person at the credit union responsible for the oversight and marketing of a current program.
• The person at the credit union responsible for implementations 
• The person at the credit union responsible for marketing


This brief 30-minute session will introduce participants to Virtual StrongBox and the value each service brings. Sessions will include a discussion of what’s new in the  and help participants plug into key resources within our network. 


• What you can do with the Standard Version digital vault you have (or can have) now.

• How to Securely Collect Documents From Members and non-members without a username and password

• Premium version -  exchange, advanced search and multi-file download capabilities transforming remote interaction

• Current use cases by your peers

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Future times and dates are to be determined.