RM.2021 Risk Management - Managing Your Plastics In Today's Turbulent Times

Enterprise Risk Management


Debit and credit cards continue to be the preferred payment method for today's members. But rising instances of impostor activity can also lead to risk and in some cases, significant loss. Do you wish you had an easy way to manage the threat? Join us at this 30 min. web conference to find out how.

Join CU*Answers authorities Jim Vilker and Heather French as they discuss what credit unions can do to protect themselves.


Credit Union Executives and Managers responsible for Plastics, Security, Auditing and Compliance


Provide information credit unions need to mitigate risk due to fraudulent activities related to the credit and debit portfolios


*Introduction to Heather and Jim
*Brute Force Bin Attacks - What we learned on Presidents Day 2020. (A CU*Answers Whitepaper)
*Best practices to reduce your credit unions risk and protect your members

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.