AI.2019.01 Data Warehouse Product Overview - Storing Data Analysis

Asterisk Intelligence


Join the Asterisk Intelligence team for a 30-minute demo and discussion of Data Warehousing focusing on the brand-new native CU*BASE Data Warehouse. The CU*BASE Data Warehouse is as a low-cost solution to customize and manage data storage for analysis. Two primary strategies are ideal for this Data Warehouse product:

  • Store 3rd party data in CU*BASE. Bring non-core data into the same system as the core data! Link vendor reports, excel tracking sheets, or specialty data tables to member and transaction data already living in the core.
  • Store CU*BASE data with specialty rules. Put copies of data we normally purge into your Data Warehouse. Store marketing contact lists for future ROI tracking. Activate special data collection services like Phone Optics for analysis projects.


·         Hear about how you can incorporate the Data Warehouse into your credit union’s goals for using and analyzing your data.

·         Learn tips and best practices for managing the Data Warehouse

·         Review the tools designed for accessing and managing the Data Warehouse and the data it will hold.

·         Identify resources for further information about the Data Warehouse, including technical specifications and instruction guides.

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.