AB 20.02 Asterisk Intelligence Presents: Analytics Booth Release Training

Special Events Training


Join the Asterisk Intelligence team as they review the enhancements within the AB_20.02 Analytics Booth release.  Join the session on the 19th to see a sneak peek of the new features, or join the session on the 26th to follow along with the recently implemented updates. In either session, hear our take on new features released and the value they can add to your organization, and see first-hand how these new features can integrate into your operations and improve your data driven strategies.  Ask, See, Act, and Profit with Asterisk Intelligence.


Data Analysts, Database Administrators, Marketing, and CEO


Review the most recent Analytics Booth release enhancements


Analytics Booth, data analysis, UI updates, future enhancements in the pipeline

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.