8.08W Internal Controls Best Practices

Enterprise Risk Management


This course will offer participants an open forum in which to discuss issues and questions related to internal controls.  The course will also cover CU*BASE tools that can aid credit unions in building sound internal control structures.  Additionally, the course will cover current events that revolve around insider abuses and employee fraud.


This course is designed for internal audit professionals, CEOs, and CFOs.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Developed a better understanding of CU*BASE features and reports that help uncover fraud
  • Learned what controls must be in place, including system security best practices
  • Gained an understanding of how current events related to fraud could have been prevented using a solid set of controls



  • Menu security best practices
  • File maintenance and the important changes that need to be made
  • Activity that needs monitoring such as suppressed transactions, loans on dormant accounts, ACH activity on general ledger accounts
  • Suspense and settlement accounting
  • participants will have Internal practices that lead to a stronger control structure