5.85C Participation Loan Servicing: Understanding the Settlement Process



The CU*BASE Participation Lending software was created to assist credit unions on monitoring the status of commercial loans which were partially sold to other financial institutions.  The system tracks investing financial institutions and the loans which they have purchased. It automatically settles principal and interest as well as keeps track of the accrued income you owe to the investor between payment cycles. There is no other core data processing system which handles these types of transactions with such thoroughness.

This class will focus on the process of settling your participation loans with the investing credit unions, and creating appropriate reports.


Credit union CFOs and Accounting Team Members


By the completion of this course, students will have:

  • Been introduced to the updated Participation Loan Processing menu 
  • Reviewed daily and monthly processes associated with servicing a sold loan
  • Discussed the investor settlement process.
  • Examined how other CU*BASE clients are using Participation Lending


  • Configuring Investor and Investor Types
  • Setting Up a Participation Loan and Using Configuration Options
  • Reviewing a Sample Settlement Work File
  • Daily Processing
  • Monthly Processing
  • Related General Ledger Entries

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.