5.70W Centralized Underwriting: Inquiry for Loans in Process



How does your credit union communicate the daily goings on of the loan department to other staff?  How frequently does a member want to know the status of a loan request and must be put on hold until the individual loan officer is available? Is your credit union considering expanding its lending functions to locations in which you simply want a loan interviewer rather than a loan underwriter?

By investigating the CU*BASE Underwriting Codes and related features, many of these issues can be addressed during this class.  This class is a must for loan supervisory personnel and upper management.


This class is designed for all loan personnel but is especially geared to lending managers in developing the lending process and communicating that process to all credit union staff.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

nReviewed methods to increase productivity, accuracy, and efficiency of the credit unions lending departments.

n  Investigated the improvements in staff and member communication that centralized underwriting provides.

n Investigated the independent steps in selling, approving and processing a member loan request.


nUnderwriting Codes

nApplication Status Inquiry

n Approvals and Denials

n Modifying Loan Requests

n Auditing Underwriter Approvals

n Approval Security

nReport Review

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