5.50W Interactive Online Collections



This class concentrates on the CU*BASE interactive online collections system. This tool aids credit union collectors in all facets of delinquent-member interactions and communications.  Through completing the work, the collector actually builds a historical database of member issues, problems and promises to be communicated to all credit union staff in their collective efforts to work with the member. This historical record- eeping is paramount to good disaster-recovery, and other collection processes.


This class is designed for loan collectors, loan product developers, and loan officers.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

  • Reviewed CU*BASE tools for gathering, maintaining and reporting collections information
  • Examined collections types and processes
  • Reviewed follow-up tools


  • Configuring collections-system levels
    • Automated delinquency freezes and
  • Working with delinquency notices
  • CU*BASE collections system
    • Delinquent loans
    • Negative-balance shares
    • Overline line-of-credit loans
    • Follow-up practices
  • Working with delinquency comments in Tracker
  • Show Me the Steps bankruptcy topics